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6 minutes @ 200lbs is pretty damn solid. If youre interested in getting back into running, AMA, ive trained with many pros and a couple olympians and have a lot of good training plans and workouts i can suggest thatd work for you.

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Didnt think so. You will never experience the feat of physical accomplishment by pushing your body to its highest limit. How sad.

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Keep your dignity.

Can you run a mile in 4 minutes and 5 seconds? Didnt think so.

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Gonna watch the video tonight, but I'd have to agree with your sentiment. Thanks for sharing.

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B-b-but Yuanhui-chan tried her best! We must give her our support! R-right guys?

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Also, who is to say this is my only account and who are you to deem whether the content i post is of value or not? Did i not capitalize certain words like the wannabe purist? Did i not remember my aryan heroes? Who made you the content police, kike?

The issue is that youre insufferable and a poser and its easy to see through people like you. For what its worth, ive waited a while to call you out for your kike-like tendencies. Keep calling me a stormfag. It makes me stronger.

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Im 100 percent right about you. You sound like the MIGAtards over at patriots.lose

"Everyone that disagrees with me is subversive, fed, shill, glowfag"

Seriously, fuck off with the rules for thee, but not for me bullshit.

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What if the infrastructure of our increasingly technologized society was geared more towards women and thus infantilizes men as theyre forced to live in society built for women and weak men 🤔

We do live in a society after all...

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How about try establishing yourself as something more than a faggot that purity posts and circlejerks with teenagers on a niche forum. Keep thinking youre (((doing))) something.

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Oh, so now im not worthy of asking the wannabe elitist faggot questions. Youre full of shit, kike. All you have is your cringey rhetoric and purity spiral. Reminder that criticizing your faggot self isnt glowing, its simply calling another faggot out.

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Not that impressive, but Post a phsique pic if you feel comfortable? Catbox will do. Whats your workout regimen like? How are you using your intelligence to its full potential by purity spiraling on ConPro? Do you have a 9-5? It seems as if the entirety of your day is spent on ConPro

Srs questions.

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You probably dont even have an athletic bone in your body. Only LARP and purity posting from you.

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This has happened to tons of marathon and ultra marathon runners lol shit i pissed my pants during a 10k once, what are you gonna do about it?

Still more fit than you, faggot.

HELP by sn33d
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Whatever helps you cope, ConPro Jester.

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Kinda sad that you have to remind young men on the internet not to jack themselves off to feel more like men, but duly noted.

HELP by sn33d
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Ma'am this isnt reddit. You cant use post and comment history that i voluntarily post myself against me.

For what its worth sn33d, you're the ConPro jester and everyone is laughing at you, not with you.

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