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Thanks you! but....

Not a drama queen.

In over 6 years, none of my acting personas ever linger more than 90 days ever on any site. I have to use different computers and elaborate digital access paths to 8 other sites I am on. Its tedious. I have too much to lose if ANTIFA Jews doxx me, my work site(s), or my house at night. I don't even click many suspicious links on sites I am on.

FUN FACT 939 : I am a simulated affectation to avoid Doxxing by Leftists and Jews


Today is day 89 for 'then' as you can see :


joined 89 days ago



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You are a subversive, u/1776today_realnews/

You keep smearing me, like a kike or fed would.

I never run overlapping alts on the same site, and never lie, and never downvote.

I am leaving this site today (day 89), then who will you next claim in a sn33d alt?

Gas yourself.

FUN FACT 939 : I am a simulated affectation to avoid Doxxing by Leftists and Jews




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My meme is meta.

The meta is ...

" The USA probably fought on the wrong side in WW2 "

You missed the whole point of the meme.

My version one text , without the flags, emphasizes Race (White) :


anyway, all memes I label "my" means I welcome criticism for edits and changes. The version one of this from me hours ago did not make the german side visually look german enough, thus the period flags.

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Its ontopic, you paid leftist shill Jew.


Have you ever fucking contributed to this site, you leftist shill.

Who pays you your shekels here, u/ChimpChomp?

You are a cancer on this site.

Patriots.win, the Chans, Q, and even this site, are over 20% infested (and rising) by no less than millions of dollars a month, funded almost 100% by Jews , from these seven PROVEN :

Those seven are proven. Those seven often downvote my statements regarding this.

Paid Leftist contractors infest this site for being "Free Speech Hate Thought"!



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5 years ago, this site mocked spinster 35 year old and older in 80% of its topic threads:


Now its hyper over-moderated, but still links to some good spinster angry women videos and magazine articles.

Now, https://np.reddit.com/r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen/ is only 2% spinster posts.

OVER 45 females? = PLANKTON WOMEN!


Hundreds (yes seemingly hundreds) of updates for years of a 40s women failing to find a single man ever EVER EVER for years, always looking for men way out of her league :


That site, if you dig back years and read forward is pure 100% schadenfreude



Pleasure at reading of that bitch suffering as she blows years of chances!

A 30+ good women with a low N count CAN snag a employed white man for marriage, but she had better open up her dating age range to 53 year old men, if she is seeking higher income males.


If kids are not an issue you can snag even 22 year olds (or any woman) when you are 50 years old.

This is based on hard science.

Autism (NOT RETARDATION) , real autism, is very very rare so even 400% higher of negligible is negligible.

Children of men aged 50 or older are twice as likely to have autism as are those with fathers under age 30. The risk of having a child with autism is four times greater for men older than 55:

2010 Advancing paternal age and risk of autism: new evidence from a population-based study and a meta-analysis of epidemiological studies

So even if you're 80, its NOTHING compared to actual retardation like 42 year old women spew out.

MEN HAVE NO BIOLOGICAL CLOCK, sperm is at most 23 days old or so, vs eggs which are created before a female is born.

Lucky for men, a man with money can date over one third of all hot looking 25 year olds, even at age 53 according to science papers.

SCIENCE PAPER of "inbox attention measurement" shows :

Men Peak at 50

For Online Daters, Women Peak at 18 While Men Peak at 50, Study Finds:



OkCupid Says Men Are Most Attracted to 20-Year-Olds:


The science paper at https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/advances/4/8/eaap9815.full.pdf ignores income, but the higher the income the more of a catch the age 50 man is.

Remember, a 50 year old man gets MORE ATTENTION from all women all ages than any other age male (49, or even 51). Some say its because women over 34 all desperately seek the same tiny pool of men age 50 who are on the dating market.

If you are age 50 and TALL (Whites are tall) , or RICH you can date far more percentage of age 25 women.

Whites (blondes) are very tall

Half of all Caucasians from Netherlands are 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m), or TALLER.

Half of all Caucasians from Denmark is 6 feet (1.83 m).

Those are solid facts from science papers. For above 6'3" (such as 6'3") it eliminates 85% of Caucasians though.

Caucasians in USA 70 years ago were taller than modern Netherlands or Denmark, but most science tables for 2019 are "all races" and include all the very short hispanics, Indians, and Asians that now inhabit USA.




Women who state they pref tall men, merely do not want to "appear racist" and are using height 6'+ to filter for white people, or the very small percentage of black basketball players.

15% of Caucasians in USA are 6'3" or taller! And 70 years ago it was far more than that!

A 50 year old man with a house and a job, and tall, according to science studies is in highest demand based on dating site communications studies.

TL/DR: Women over age 36 "hit the wall hard" and are unwanted by any man. Men have no wall to hit.

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Its ww2 german.

Here is other angles. Its authentic, I wanted to add patches or swastikas, but then it would lose authenticity. It is not a SS officer, and not SS.



HERE: BACK SIDE of doll:




had 40 other images I considered, that one was optimal, others carried only pistols or held no weapons

I wanted a flame thrower side angle view, bot only located backs and front sides.

Oh well


The only thing I would complain about is a POSSIBLY repurposed non german helmet, but I do not know ALL the helmet shapes they used in all divisions and years, plus the modeller fabricated fancy leather glove stitching look and hundreds of hours on that doll so I DOUBT the expert "fine modeller" would make a single error, even on a helmet shape.

Any helmet experts?

= = = = = =

EDIT UPDATE: I made the NAZI side far more clear in this revised version just now :



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I agree!

Russia for a short time was allied with Germany (during invasion of Poland, for example, Russia took half of Poland).

If American and British WW2 service members had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future they would be first in line to join the Wehrmacht. Hell, even Soviet soldiers probably would

Especially if they could see the current world in 2021 and the chokehold Jewish media and Jewish big tech has on White nations. The list of evils the Jews (socialist Jews) subvert and undermine us with is so lengthy, most forgot dozens of vile Jew-promoted evils that would stick out glaringly to a person from 1940.


Thanks, Jews!

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Done (version one done) : Very high resolution version!

Here is my updated masterpiece meme with the wholesome text inspiration by your post.



= = = = = =

EDIT UPDATE: I made the NAZI side far more clear in this revised version just now :



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Kike, I never wrote "my" on this meme title!

I NEVER CLAIMED I MADE it, despite the joke punchline being 100% mine.

Also, kike, you do not know if I did or did not make the version 1.0. BOTH could be mine! Yet I claimed neither. You found no link proving anything other than you trying again to get other sock puppet alts to print links to 'Andrew A' dossiers comparing our sometimes-overlapping sentence structures.

Like a doxxing kike shill.

So shill, begone with your inept clumsy efforts to doxx me. I dont have to claim all my memes, but 10 out of 10 times I was accused by Jews of not being the sole author of a meme, I furnished ALL THE COMPOSITE interstitial hirez art files to prove I was the real author to kike shills.

By the way, shitloads of your favorite memes for over a decade in many styles and compression setting resolutions, were all from my works. I am probably a top 30 meme author. I shared countless dozen to this site to piss off Jew shills like you. I wonder if your paychecks glow?

I am wise to you "fake" u/blumen4alles !

I will capitalize Jew because "jew" is a fucking verb.

Jews like to jew the Jews by jewing even the Jews. Jews jew. It what Jews do.

Also it seems to trigger the kikes more.


Go and make some memes, or at least enhance some.

Do something to help out, besides backstab patriots like me, kike.

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I have a many personas, unrelated to this FUN FACT SCIENTIST, though I enjoy this one the most.

Southern macho guy, MAGA loyalist, asian college dude, highschool kid pretending not in high school, focused nigger hater, suspicious fed dude, gun and hunting fan, my bookish overly read historian, the two sides devils advocate, the hands on craftsman, gender unknown possible rare woman, NatSoc guy, Religious dude, WP fan, Netherlands guy, etc etc etc.

All dislike jews though

I am NOT "Andrew A", despite some clever text comparison dossiers some posted online.

I have to do it as you can see, I am relentlessly hunted by ADL/SPLC/JIDF/ShareBlue Democrats.... they all want me dead. You can see how I bring out those shills even here.

read about this acting persona here :


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Thanks, OP!

I WILL MAKE A GREAT MEME from this Idea!

Mark my words. My word is my bond.

My greatest meme made in 2021, out of maybe over 700, (many on this site exclusively), will be made on this OP theme!


It will be my last and best meme posted to this site under this persona, and in my mind I see a masterpiece forming.

It will be goddamned spicy , juicy, multifaceted, and above all top-notch composition.

Thanks for this inspiration.

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Duck Duck Go will return SOME sites with the FBI redacted report on the arrested and let go MOSSAD.

Google only gives these "dancing Israelis":


[ray-ID GPT-3:#B009CB4A:req:cluster-174=2021-12-28T21:44:24Z]

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Speaking of those two kikes. I tried watching Santa.inc

"Thank you for your service."

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I sometimes posted GORE and though my gore posts sometimes got nearly 200 upvotes here, people sometimes were upset that they felt tricked and erroneously thought it was going to be FUNNY

memes i mark (memes)

all my memes have the MEME button pressed for site search, but so does each of my funny memes, this site does have gore flag, but no funny button flag to press or sort with, other than text title search.

gore I mark (gore)


So admins can filter me from default view if ever needed, and because those words also work in your favor. Try a site search now for the word "funny" in post titles and you can get a list of hundreds of FUNNY memes.


'my' means "original content", a button that this site still lacks.

"O.C." = "my"

= = = = = =

Why are you this month acting like some sort of sniveling cunt, after being a good boy for so many years? If you were merely being curious as to why I do what I do, then I apologize for insulting you, but I've observed you nipping at my heels more and more the last 4 weeks.

= = = = = = =

You all should read my "goodbye speech":



happy new year

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I sometimes posted GORE and though my gore posts sometimes got nearly 200 upvotes here, people sometimes were upset that they felt tricked and erroneously thought it was going to be FUNNY

memes i mark (memes)

all my memes have the MEME button pressed for site search, but so does each of my funny memes, this site does have gore flag, but no funny button flag to press or sort with, other than text title search.

gore I mark (gore)


So admins can filter me from default view if ever needed, and because those words also work in your favor. Try a site search now for the word "funny" in post titles and you can get a list of hundreds of FUNNY memes.


'my' means "original content", a button that this site still lacks.

"O.C." = "my"

my on all posts on this site means they were EXCLUSIVE offerings my my loving hands for this site, so that this site had exclusive content.

Others will have to pick up the slack after I am gone.

You all should read my "goodbye speech":



happy new year

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nicknames for this FtM abomination :

  • "sprayer"
  • "front butt"
  • "no dad"
  • "punching bag"
  • "throws-like-a-girl"
  • "0 pull-ups"
  • "tampon boy"
  • "42%"
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I spent 10 times longer than any prior person. Not a single pixel is the same, all heads, all text, all of it reworked, as well as thematic emotion progression on right. I could go on.

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I think the nigger realizes the new gun might be used on non-Jews too!

Lawdy Be! Shucks! Sakes alive! I do declare! Hebbens ta Betsy! My oh my!

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Why bother? It will only get downvoted like my factual high effort reply above got downvoted.

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Good find, OP.

THE MANDIBLES describes USA turning into Venezuela over the same 18 year time frame but using future tech to make it more miserable, all from democrat money printing:

The Mandibles: A Family, 2029–2047: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/27064345-the-mandibles

great scifi.

Bernie supporters on voat downvote anti Socialist hard facts, but...

The only problem with Socialism is that you eventually Run Out of other people's money!

Venezuela will soon make a Trillion BEF (Bolivar) note, but they will do it by removing more than the 8 zeros they already took off and remove another 5 zeros.

In Venezuela

  • 1: 10 million per cent annual inflation from socialist money printing (10 million percent!) :




2015: (left leaning) BBC - Why are Venezuelans posting pictures of empty shelves?:


2018 (left leaning) HuffPo - Photos Of Empty Grocery Shelves Show Dire Situation In Venezuela


2015 - (left Leaning) NPR - The Nightmare Of Grocery Shopping In Venezuela


  • 4: Food trucks are illegal in Venezuela. All food trucks are 100% controlled by the government, if any food is on the truck. Food warehouses are all 100% government seized too.

  • 5: Grocery store owners MAY NOT set their own boss wage, and in fact they must work for poverty wages officially or be arrested and their supermarkets seized. Venezuela seized over 75% of supermarkets, looted them, and shut them down. Most are looted husks with no power anyway.

  • 6: Picking coffee from your own plants and moving them by automobile is a crime. Cars may not be used by private citizens to transport raw green coffee beans, all resources belong to the socialists.

  • 7: You may not close a mall store down or fire the workers, even if your store has no goods or customers in socialist paradise venezuela.

  • 8: There has been not a single roll of toilet paper for sale over 2 days in a row in Caracas in 7 years.

  • 9: There has been not a single doughnut from a bakery for sale in Caracas in 6 years.

  • 10: Most hospitals ran out of soap and bandages many many years ago.

  • 11: Doctors at hospitals make less than 100 dollars US per month. Most drive cabs now, like in Cuba, or are prostitutes sucking dicks for far far more money. :


half the nation makes minimum wage per month.
half the nation makes $1.39 US per month. PER MONTH!

500,500,000,000 Bolivars (VEF) for One US Dollar (USD) Oct 3 2021.
5 zeros taken off "VEF" in August 2018 making a new "bolívar soberano" VES.
$5,005,000.00 (VES) for One US Dollar (USD) Oct 3 2021! See yourself :

This represents 8 zeros taken off since 2008, because 3 more zeros were taken off the Bolivar for currency in 2008.
Eight zeros taken off in total, and talk of taking 6 more zeros off soon!

$7,000,000 VES/Month / 500,500,000,000 Bolivars (USD to VES) = $1.39 US Dollars PER MONTH MINIMUM Wage. 45% of workers earn minimum wage. This has been like that for well over five years.

Some big streets are covered in paper money by protesters.

New 2021 $1,000,000 dollar bills are 100,000,000,000 VEF, or (5 zeros stripped)... 1,000,000 VES:
$1,900,752.76 (VES) for One US Dollar (USD) March 6 2021 means the largest million dollar bill is worth 0.526, or 52 cents.

Starving, sold to paedophiles or simply abandoned: How Venezuela's children are paying a terrible price for their country's failed socialist experiment :

Thanks to Left-Loved Socialism, Venezuela Sees Children Selling Sex & Straight Men Selling Gay Sex

  • 22: All oil countries on earth buffer and average their oil income over 5 years minimum to keep expected income stable. But socialist venezuela is the lone exception. NO BUFFER at all on oil gov income! HAH! Insane! hand to Mouth! All the engineers quit and military took over the seized oil fields. Military took over company board seats too : https://www.foxnews.com/world/oil-workers-flee-venezuelas-crisis-for-a-better-life

  • 23: The maximum you can spend per day on a Phone App is 20 USD to 5 total recipients of about 3 dollars each maximum, by law. And cash cannot be obtained at banks in values over 6 US cents.
    You can't get $1 out of the bank in Venezuela. I tried. Four hours. Four banks. Six cents.

  • 24: Snowden wikileaks reveal Venezuela arms Iran with massive amounts of "Yellowcake Uranium, and raw uranium ore" though most NOW goes to China and Russia for safety, not middle east.

  • 25: Political prisoners in prisons, if light skinned, ARE FORCED to eat other human prisoners, and some videos on internet show light skinned prisoners forced to eat their own severed hand and fingers !





  • 28: Medical Doctors often ORDERRED to KILL non-Socialist party members! Doctors forced to promote voting socialism, withhold needed oxygen, withhold treatment, and other vile acts! :


  • 29: Graves are dug up everywhere by Venezuelans looking to yank gold fillings from skulls, or steal jewelry! Sickening! :


  • 30: Though CIA had a shady past in prior decades in thwarting other socialist hell holes cozying up to Iran, Russia, and China, the US CIA has not once been shown in any way to be interfering with any of the above on the list.


and the classic r/Socialism rebuttal :
"That's not Real Socialism! Venezuela is not Socialism Enough! They did not try Real Socialism! ™ © ®"


Venezuelans voted for socialism 5 times: 3 for Chavez and 2 for Maduro!

#TL/DR : Venezuela is enjoying their Socialism their revolution brought and their Dominion voting machines brought. Now, USA women voters want AOC & Bernie Sanders to make USA like Venezuela

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You obviously use a WHITE DONOR EGG, from a tall smart White egg donor.

A HAPA male son would hate you and remain undatable in a White nation for being short. Obviously you use a White egg cell donor.

USE A CAUCASIAN EGG CELL DONOR if you are in Sweden :



"a White nationalist male & Asian girlfriend Life Hack"


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