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Yes, but fasting is super difficult if you've never done it and are addicted to sugar.

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There is nothing sustaining about most of the food we have available in the modern age.

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That's not how it works. Food is an addiction at that point, a particularly nasty one because you cannot stop eating cold turkey.

The problem with self-control like this is that it is a force you have to fight against, like pulling a large piece of rubber. Your strength to fight against this force can be larger or smaller, you can hold out for days or weeks, but it is never infinite. Meaning losing self-control is always just a matter of time unless you can somehow lessen the force that you have to push against. You can skip a meal, or ten or a hundred, but the rubber will snap back as soon as you're tired or stressed or just can't hold out anymore and you're right back to stuffing your fat ugly face with garbage.

With things like drugs, the force lessens once the physiological addiction is over and there are methods to lessen the force of the mental addiction (avoiding certain situations and people etc.). With food, this means changing everything about your diet and how you think about food. There are resources that will help you with this, but most people don't even know they exist let alone where to find them. All while everything around you from cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, TV to government guidelines is geared towards making sure you remain on the hook and dependent. Like you can't run 24/7 cocain adds or sell cigarettes in appealing packages, but you sure as hell can do that with sugar.

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The ones that pass through the flames tempered, yes. The rest are going to be burned into nothing.

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I think you guys are missing the most important point: his tweets are probably tolerant and not mean.

Mean tweets are just the worst.

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I'm thinking maybe the USSR was ended because it wasn't under control or becoming less so.

You know the iron curtain? Guess who it didn't really apply to and who could emigrate to Israel?

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The history of the Soviet Union is one of a group of cosmopolitan ethnic minorities taking over an empire in a violent, globalist funded coup and then raping and pillaging said empire and its people for 70 odd years before falling apart as soon as it had its first ethnically Russian leader.

Which I guess explains why those parasite minorities are still so butthurt about the whole thing ending.

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No matter how bad things are, it is always in your power to make them better, even if the effect is very local.

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But that is also the exact reason everyone eventually comes to dislike the Jews.

I mean, it's a good strategy, being a parasite. But it might not be the best one, longterm.

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Sometimes I think that the great savior of humanity is our own propensity to become completely degenerate when placed in conditions without want or adversity.

The only reason we aren't living under the bootheel of a 10,000 year old aristocratic families is because the children of whatever cabal takes power quickly become Hunter Biden and worse and are unable to hold on to power even with infinite resources.

And the same goes quicker for institutions. The FBI and other alphabet agencies kind of control the country, but they are more focused on office politics, degenerate sex, moral grandstanding and general one-upmanship than they are on keeping their privileged positions. Now it's still really, really hard to beat a guy with a tank if you don't have one. But it at least becomes feasible if the guy with the tank is preoccupied mainly with getting more dicks into his face.

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Even on a just the philosophical level, judgement is the thing that allows us to differentiate between good and bad. Which is what allows us to make things better.

If you abscond your responsibility of a just and righteous judgement, you turn everything around you to shit. Literally to shit (because of entropy).

And not because of religion, but because that's how the universe works. Things that are not actively improved decay with time. And the only way to improve is to first differentiate between what is better and what is worse -- i.e. to judge.

The point Christ was making is that this process is so important it cannot be frivolous or based in the self. It can only be based in God

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Americans were conquerors who conquered the land. With all the connotations this phrase implies.

Question is -- does the progressive ideologue want the migrants of today to also be lowkey conquerors?

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That's a lot of words to say "I support mothers killing their own children in a satanic ritual"

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Well the outcome he wants is for some guy to genuinely consider him as a woman.

Which is never going to happen, because the guy is not a woman and reality is what it is even when you really, really don't want it to be.

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They wouldn't be killing themselves at a such a rate if they weren't

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Every winter is white boy winter. Kind of.

The reason white people are white is because of winter, the harsh mistress that scours the earth clean and makes men strong should they survive her tempering touch.

It's not the only reason that different white peoples came to such positions of dominance in the world, but it is an important reason.

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Yes, yes, but it's simply not for you to judge when this happens or to be cynical about it. Our wretched nature is exactly we must not act like wretches instead of giving us license to do so.

Like everybody dies in the ultimate end. We are all doomed. That changes nothing about how you must act in the meantime, and these actions matters more than the ultimate end.

The point is all the satanic thought folks like you hold -- full of vainglory, despondence, cynicism and pride -- cheering on the destruction of this world in advance and reveling in its wretchedness and thus unwilling to put in the effort to make it less wretched aren't getting anywhere near God's kingdom.

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But then you're also a retard because you haven't realized that despondency is a deadly sin and God isn't bringing your despondent devil ass anywhere except hell.

If you're not fighting this to your last breath whilst praising God for his glorious creation, you're part of the problem.

The redemption of the world is just not for you to judge, and any thought in that direction is like text-book Satan worship.

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When Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, the despondent fucks lying in a gutter of filth saying "burn it all down" were not saved.

They were as much the devil's own as the sodomites if not more so. Sodomy is a sin, but despondency is a grave sin.

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Why? That's retarded.

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I mean it must be since all these people are out here talking aboutthe right to kill your unborn child.

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It's not just the elite cabal getting you to say lies.

There is a significant percentage of people who prefer Chaos over Order. Or call it a dislike of borders, both physical and conceptual.

There is nothing bad per se about this preference. Borders restrict you. Impermeable, unchanging borders are literally death in all senses. You need the gate in the border, the change of states and exchange of information across lines to thrive, and so nature has created people who crave the breakdown of borders.

But these people have been given too much unrestrained power and the proper balance is all out of whack. These puerile chaos-bringers forget that, while borders too restrictive bring death, lack of borders is lack of existence in the first place. As in for something to exist, you literally have to put a border around it.

Anyway, man and woman are fundamental conceptual borders. If they can break down the border between the definitions of man and woman, they can break down any conceptual border. They think this will create some sort of vibrant utopia of creativity where anything is possible.

They are idiots.

It will, in fact, bring about a gray morass of uselessness, where nothing of any value can be created at all.

That's why this fight is important.

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I mean, that's usually why the cabal fails. They become degenerate fucks a la Hunter very quickly, but consider normal, wholesome people as some sort of animal beneath them.

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