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Burn it and throw it into the eternal pit of flames.

kek by Lean
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Didn't some black rapper he pardoned in Sweden that raped and attempted to sell some Swedish girls to sex trafficking decide to convert to judaism or something?

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Optics will never work because the overton window will never be in our favor ever again.

by Samurai
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pretty funny one but feels more like a shit post lol

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White South Africans were actually the majority back in the day, they even had an unique culture, society, and developed their own language. However it is with upmost disappointment that there is 100% no way for the White minority to become the majority in South Africa once again. These white South Africans should emigrate elsewhere. 😢

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Wigger been hate posting about Eastern Europe. Instead of crying that Eastern Europe is somehow our last bastion, point out that Ukraine and Russia are ran by Kikes and Shills.

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Warning this comment will make Jews and Glowies seethe

Technically, even believing in Judaism. The modern Jew does not even have any actual claim on Israel since most Jews are foreign Khazarian people larping as Jews that intermixed with Pharisees.

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Emerson was okay but I think he larped as a primitivist.

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Literally sounds so kikeish lmao, good goy race mix

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It's very difficult to find because I don't believe he actually published a book but his political philosophies were written in Spanish to friends and family. Many are lost to time and history.

However, Augusto Pinochet attempted in his own way to use his vision calling himself a "Portalesist" as Pinochet temporary halted democracy to purge the state of communists. However to this way, he was unsuccessful because in my opinion Pinochet war by far too free both socially and economically. However I do like his quote of

Sometimes Democracy must be bathed in blood

What I sympathy the most with Diego's political philosophy is this

Politics doesn't interest me, but as a good citizen I feel free to express my opinions and to censure the government. Democracy, which is so loudly proclaimed by the deluded is an absurdity in our countries, flooded as they are with vices and with their citizens lacking all sense of civic virtue, the prerequisite to establishing a real Republic. But monarchy is not the American ideal either; if we get out of one terrible government just to jump headlong into another, what will we have gained? The Republican system is the one which we must adopt, but do you know how I interpret it for our countries? A strong central government whose representatives will be men of true virtue and patriotism, and who thus can direct the citizens along the path of order and progress.

In addition, I favor GLR, because he advocated for a sort of national socialist republic of sorts. However we will never know the true end of national socialism whether if Hitler wanted to make some racial republic or nominate successors.

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I really like the Diego Portales's philosophy of dictatorship as well as George Lincoln Rockwell's. The idea that degeneracy and corruption overruns a republic would require a temporary dictatorship to clean up the nation and in how long it takes to fix that so-called country, shall a republic be restored. In the United States, the constitution would probably have to be revised for it has grown feeble and developed tears upon its flesh.

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Honestly it's really retarded that people think Paganism is the ONLY answer for White Europe. Europe has been Christian for thousands of years and just now they have been preaching for multiculturalism when Christianity is but a shell of itself. To say that Paganism is the solution is foolish since it is no different than pagan religions like hinduism. Funnily enough, the people that are pagans are extremely sympathetic to poopy eaters.

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my thoughts exactly, these monarchists are too naive.

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No he wasn't, only people stating so are Jewish people spreading black propaganda. Same people that say that Hitler has a fart fetish and eats poop

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