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Of course they did with mail-in ballots. You need to be retarded to think that Biden got record high 83 million votes.

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You're optimist :) Jews control country for 120 years. Now they have problem because left side (democrats) don't have purpose. BLM movement caused all time high crime rates. Green energy - all time gas prices. LGBT - all women angry for trans taking their jobs.

So as of today democrats have nothing to fight for. Open border? Border is open but nobody is happy.what else?

Equality? More niggers on tv? There are no one left to replace. No whites only kikes left.

So now kikes overturned old law so democrats can be back in the game fighting tooth and nail for Americans.

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I doubt. For 2020 riots everybody blamed niggers even most people knew that riots were orginized by kikes. Niggers don't ride 100s buses around country to riot. They just use opportunity to loot and steal localy.. All fags shot in Kenosha were traveling kikes.

This time will be hard to put blame on niggers.because abortions are jewish rights.

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You call them "Karens"