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Theres 4 stages of communism.

kikes and their puppets murdering the ethnic population > the ethnic population trying to salvage the situation and trying to make communism work since they're already knee deep in it > America declaring the salvage team evil and declaring economic war > collapse

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Gun Safety is on a long list of oxymorons of conservatives, like peacefull protest for example, that only serves the opposition.

Theres nothing safe about a gun and theres nothing safe about its purpose. Handling something dangerous with care is intuitive and you repremend those that dont.

Why would you try to gatekeep and create qualifiers for something considered a right?

Why turn a right into a "recreational hobby"?

I need a gun in case I need to blow someones brains out. Thats why I support gun rights.

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Before kikes prison used to be the most diverse place you could end up.

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"If canada tells you to shutdown a video for misusing pronouns per their laws, will you do it?"

"*so complex We will follow the law, I dont want to go to jail."

"no one does it like us because were so smart were still on the app stores"

"Our terms of service are just like twitter but dont worry Im in charge guys"

"i want the internet to be free like it used to be"

"Our platform has no racism and we will not tolerate it"

"cHiNa banned us, i dont care, Im so based my fellow migas"

-Faggot rumble founder on tim pool.

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He's the like everything Varg Vikernes tried to be and more. Were undeserving. Have you seen his wife?

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worse, its imbeciles who still worship zion don after 2 years of the darkest timeline. If he wins in 2024 theyll probably find him od'ed in a bathroom mainlining vaccines within a week and the former ceo of pfiser "maga" VP will take over.

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You don’t understand the problem.

The destruction of the white race is a cultural problem, not a political one.

Joining any identifiable group at this point is basically registering with your local police station as a suspect.

You’re suppose to look for every opportunity to subvert the system like a thief in the night.

You join marches unannounced.

You break the law masked and unannounced.

You help your white brother out in the dead of the night escape the law.

Become ungovernable.

Once the system is overwhelmed others will join.

The mafia used to be smart enough to understand that they’re a secret society. Not so successful now are they?

Why martyr yourself as your own neighbors call the fbi on you and later testify?

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Why are you using communism as a catch-all phrase?

In case you haven't noticed the kikes have completely abandoned spreading communism; the political system.

Communism is a failed political system created and used by Jews to overthrow white aristocracy, intentionally or by proxy, and the only relevant place being Russia. The sociological ideas of various communist proponents are just that; ideas. China, whose not even communist any longer, has not implemented many of the extreme ideas you find in commie writings and commie Russia was fairly normal socially as well, the only notable exception being commies shutting down any notion of racial identity and gender equality; which would make America commie in spirit much earlier than claimed.

The problem with this emotionally charged language is that someone whose young and doesn't know anything can not conceptualize what exactly you're saying except commie = bad, and neither can I frankly.

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My path was fairly easy. Ive tried to understand why and the only thing I can think of is I was very pro-white [i loved people and was drawn to my own kind] as a child and felt bad knowing so many white men died in the war and didnt really understand why the camps took the spotlight considering the utter devastation the war had. Im convinced the holobunga is the gateway drug to the subversion.

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Not sure if im in too deep but it feels like a lot of people are borderline hinting at the jq, they just dont want to be the face to try to get it rolling in the mainstream. Heard some guy mention coin clipping the other day.

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The faggot behind odysee was on tim pool recently as well and confirmed he wants the sheckles and loves laws.

Were winning guys.

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Leftism is individualism and a fundemantally a self-centered, feminine approach to the world. So anytime the collective works against the individual, anytime someone gets too hung up on their woes, there will be immediate overlap with the leftist perspective. The problem of course is with human nature itselt and the fact that such an individual can not see beyond themselves and will have to rationalize everything as relating to them thereby creating an alternative reality with self-important solutions.

The problem with the collectivism debate is that the right believes theres too much of it because they already devote so much to it where as the leftist at his core believes the collective is not working as it should because he can only see how it disadvantages him.

by Wolfram
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Is this one of ours? I love it.

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Problem is its been commercialized.

Like some whore? well she wants to get married to later get divorced.

Some group not part of modernity? Well you can get a tour and watch them like animals.

Have some old school hobby? Ask permission from the government for when and how.

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I’m making a psychological point.

You haveto know when to appear a good old boy and when to advance your position. Similar to how muslims kill but yet take photo ops with dead kids.

The idea is that people don’t care about rationality or everything would have been rational already.

War is extremely irrational but uncertainty and fear forces people to beg for it when we’re “attacked”.

Ask yourself how do we make the average man beg for the Jew to be punished but not to go in direct conflict with tribe?

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I disagree. People don’t want to join some rational club that appeals to the intellect. People want to join someone they identity with. The only way to consolidate power is through conflict which is scary and off putting to the average joe but like covid the goal is to force the conflict upon average people where then making a choice actually alleviates anxiety. Make the environment so hostile that people don’t feel like they can escape uncomfortable truths.

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If the masters wanted they could get the migas to stop being “racist” to China within a year and Trump would be the first to flip. Chinks are a literal socially approved scapegoat which undermines blaming the true culprit and makes this that much more pathetic.

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On a side note, short the company once the initial bull run peaks which will happen quickly. The market will correct the evaluation.

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It kind of looks like everyone over there gets put in office based on anti-soviet and anti-nazi sentiment so I fail to see how you're helping considering your attitude is the same as the one that gets them into office. Interesting nevertheless.

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I've yet to try to redpill anyone.

People will either tell you what you want to hear or feel superior from the fact that you're trying to sway their opinion.

Faggot shit like that isn't for me.

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Not only you people love rewriting history but somehow still crying about ww2. Poland was cleansed of the tribe. Show some appreciation.

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