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Probably not married and simply because not muslim

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Even worst: they come to white countries and do the same

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They didn't really closed the shops, just changed the name

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this is reddit tier cringe

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Fuck islam and muslims. They are a burden to western societies. """Multiculturalism""" is, was and will always be a lie

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Great king. Now the gardest is yet to come: when you stop smoking you stop for your whole life. Godspeed

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The same thing happened to me many times.

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He and I care, that's why he asked. Explain us why you seem this convinced about it. We are listening

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Are there any hit piece about this or do the news simply ignore this ?

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No muslim would allow that

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No you shouldn't as long as it hasn't killed any of your chicken

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I cant believe someone could be that of an hypocrit. But after all that's what most leftists are

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In Paris, more than half of rapes are commited by foreigners https://factuel.afp.com/52-des-viols-commis-paris-en-2014-lont-ete-par-des-etrangers-letude-ne-dit-pas-cela

Our politics hate us because they let it happen

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Are we sure they voted for it ? In France we voted against immigration countless times and it keeps happening.

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What does Europe needs to become african ? I can't stomach that everywhere you go you see africans people. It's all the time, everywhere. Honestly after some time I dont see any other goal than to replace the White population on purpose

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Fox News is cringe to be polite

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honestly watching porn is gay
like you seat alone in front of a screen
you watch some other people "fucking"
and you masturbate alone to these people "fucking"
you watch a women you find cute being fucked on screen by someone else
and you touch yourself until you orgasm
then you feel wrong because you know something is wrong with this behavior
remember that your enemies get more powerful when you do this because it makes you weaker

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Thanks for the advice fren. I was actually thinking about this since a while.

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In a real community (not a mix of people from different continents) these people would be hanged and the ones trying to excuse them as well

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And many brainwashed whites thinking it would be """racist""" to do so

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Awake to Fox News and facebook memes

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Interesting. That's true. Here is the reason

There is a particular urgency for more donors of Black African and Black Caribbean ethnicity to treat people with sickle cell. Sickle cell is the fastest growing genetic blood disorder in the UK and mostly affects people of Black heritage. It requires regular transfusions – most often with the specific blood sub type Ro. Most patients are children, and demand for Ro blood is projected to double from 2016/17 – 2025/26. Fifty five percent of Black blood donors have the Ro subtype compared to 2.4% of donors from other ethnicities.


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Reminds me when my national subreddit banned me years ago, not because i was breaking any rules, but because i was asking too much open questions and pointing out too much things

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