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Oh ok my bad, I hate him then. FUCK YOU BASSAD!

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Hmmm, yes... I see your point.

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He went in a nigger and came out a chink twink.

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Ukraine's jewish president is a jew? Fuck off with your lies, nazi!

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I am 100% on the same page, except for the kids part. I want at least 5, but will accept however many the Lord gives me. My wife and I will never use contraception.

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A tranny jew redditor lmao. Peak clown world.

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I've used it on occasion quite a few times, but I don't really think it's a good thing. If you manage your consumption and don't become a zombie cuck, it's fine imo.

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No, what will kill gab is the "groypers" that are constantly spamming gab with "rape White women" posts. That place is a hellhole. Now Torba even sponsored them with 20k. Good bye, free speech platform.

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That's cool man, I still love you like a brother. We don't have to agree at everything. Also, I do feel bad for the guy's death, don't get me wrong. I'm just angry so many good people fell for this psyop shit/

by Spoonks
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How the fuck are actors, influencers, music producers etc NOT contributing to society, when they're the shabbos goys used to promoted degenerative messaging? Your friend is braindead.

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I’m married, so I’m not MGTOW. In fact they’d call me a cuck for being so

You just answered your own question. Go to any mgtow group and tell me with a straight face what they're doing is good.

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