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Very beautiful pictures in her gallery, thanks for showing.

the "fluorescence" and many other nature pieces have incredible displays of chiaroscuro/lights well used to inspire life.


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Yeah, there are some videos i wanted to watch but had to give up given this shit.

Thanks op, didn't think about it.

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The meme with the edit on the r of "mr" into "ms" adds a touch of class to this though

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To some it will show about the content,

to some it will show about you.

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I don't hate niggers.

I hate their geophysical location.

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As a disclaimer i don't share the view necessarily, i just think it's good to entertain this anon thought for a little and also a very good mental stretching exercise.

Take it as one of those mind-opening fiction writeups, and you'll be happy you read it.

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He looks a superchad but behaves like a gay, idk

jujimufu, yes

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Can i get a review of the kike thing?

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Under communism,

your body not giving you the same muscles of a bodybuilder is forbidden.

You shall now ask compensation from your body for not being a good anti fascist.

I suggest public execution by harakiri

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Tbh that's based compared to other solutions.

If the man is guilty of war crimes then anything goes.

If he isn't, he can walk away with his balls intact.

I mean, it's not honorable, but better than the alternatives.

Compared to ballkicking to death for a guess....

Btw a good point to make there is how similar this is to witch hunts.

In past times, someone suspected to be a witch would be thrown in a river with a rock tied; if they drowned they were cleared of charges, else they were executed.

Similar to how these men either confessed crimes wether they did the thing or not, or were ballcrushed.

Also it's funny how any nazi would be guilty of the holocaust (let's pretend for theory sake), when in 1942 when it started they would already all be hang or made prisoners for life for defending their country.

"why didn't you die in battle or become our slaves? criminals!"

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I wonder how many soyboys would be ready to confess they are the fusion of Hitler and mao after 1 kick

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According to FBI knowledge base, that's the symbol most used by pedos to signal "boy love".

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Yes and no.

I guess that's common in mainstream games,

i can remember atleast Dragon Age in which the main good guys preached "the light of the creator" and most cultists were deranged lovers of some weird shit life form (dragons or demons).

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The context is surely interesting.

With conspiracy lens, i'd guess it is virtue signalling for the masters that he's playing their game.

But yes, it's hard to know what comes first and what is the co-optation,

Without the chronological who's who one could go to an ancient eastern temple and scream nazis when he sees a swastika.

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Know (well, not really "know", but have met) lots of people that wanted the "chad lifestyle", getting a super nice car as soon as the bank would make them a loan, get the nice apartment, first swing society took at them they are now well dressed slaves.

The more this goes on the more i can see in my future just some land and a hatchet and a tent for some time and be perfectly content with that vision.

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I wonder if this symbol meant more historically?

It would make sense for pedos to co-opt an already popular design, but i never found any hint in this direction.

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The point i guess is that at some point everyone has to take responsibility.

And since those migrants want to claim utterless other chance than to immigrate, they shoud defend unborn rights given they are in the same situation,

and thus should those who agree to bring them in.

Nobody can defend abortion while defending migrants.

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Italian here.

Italians have been subjected to communist-antifa propaganda since end of ww2.

Imagine that my grand-grandad was a partisan (one of those people fighting the fascist army alone with a couple buddies on a mountain) but my mom (his nephew) is absolutely adamant about the rightfulness of all this.

Basically they just needed to weaponize (fascism) to promote fascism, also said - nomilalism - and gaslighting, but after 40 years it is quite effective.

The anti-fascism movement was born out of a freedom instinct, it is now ended in an anti-freedom one. They needed some time to pull it off, but they did in the end.

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Sort of, yeah.

That is truthy imo but doesn't really contain all the relevance.

Earth was colonized long ago, prob some space shit, prob has more going on underground than we think (much more), prob there were giants, prob they thinkered around with mankind dna to make better slaves, prob they got in a fuss with each other, then history as we know starts.


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  • We have to put a white man in or they will notice!

  • Quick, fetch a down syndrome guy

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