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Lick my european balls, faggot

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I think the same in some respect.

Personally i solved the problem with going full salad, cabbages, cauliflowers, tuna cans and eggs.

And 50% of my diet has become crudites carrots which is great.

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All i know about it has been out of oral discussion with my qigong teacher, and what everyone heard about which is what propped said discussion.

But considering what i learned from him and oriental ancient medicine at large, i wouldn't put it in the impossible side of things.

Much like the Shaolin are immune to roping because they do it to themselves for hours on end, gradually, a similar system could exist to extend fasting periods until those teach your organs to synthetize primary substances from air and sunlight. Although i'm sure the energy balance to do so will not allow for 100 pushups a day etc.

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I know some people that are great graphic artists and they are full of tattoos, but they designed all of them.

That's perhaps the only exception i make for tattoos.

It's a cult of aesthetics and it's retarded.

Frankly if i meet a nice girl but she has a little heart tattooed on her forearm i immediately call myself out. Girl has committed, even if very little maybe, to the aesthetic cult of living in a way as to impress others, and it's a malign form of cancer destined to stay that way or grow larger.

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It has been that way since 1960-70 or so.

Europe just lags behind USA, but eventually the globalists who owns the media can weaponize the USA consensus enough to persuade the european masses in atleast thinking there's consensus around that.

Astroturfing 101

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Ah, you named a great reason for which, although i'm european, i'm ont the win network.

America precedents set the reasoning for future european laws. Our winning "progressives" will take that as excuse to push it as lawful, and they own the media.

Right now in my country, Italy, they are pushing a law to make misgendering a crime.

Trans population in Italy is about 0.005% or smth. Imagine worrying about that. Only the most hardened commies ever agree about that. And yet, here we are, because USA has deemed it right, so now it is possible to coerce consensus that way.

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I prefer to see it as free gengiskhanism

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Not everybody can be jesus christ, but we can help by not being part of satan.

I'm not a christian although i have similar values. For me this is metaphoric talk.

I think by the values of "jesus christ" and "satan", through an energetical perspective, this is what makes sense.

Everyone has their demons, fighting them instead of letting them try to feed on others is already a very good step.

It may not be enough, but let's not pretend that if you don't allow yourself to become evil then you have to obtain a shining armor, a sword capable of sundering governments, and a will that makes you die happily for the sake of others in order to be good.

"either saviour or evil" is a very evil thought in my opinion. I cherish people who try to simply steer clear; it's already a lot.

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The premise for america was really good (founding fathers, atleast some of them... Franklin was a masonic faggot).

But it was so easily infiltrated, and there was no boundary against in group betrayal.

You guys think your guns are proof you are free, but the system around you evolved to make it useless to keep freedom.

You won't make it against a droning with bombs. You will not trade life for life, you will trade life for your own taxpayer dollars.

If you don't act to regain control of your government (which i think by now is very unlikely to succeed), i think you should fuck out. Maybe Montana or Alaska are safer than the rest. But still.

I don't want to doom, i like bloom, but i see no possible blooming in America for now.

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Compare is wrong word. Isn't that the exact definition?

ugh by Lean
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We are not joining the far right.

We are getting as far away from the leftist hivemind as we can after assessing it's toxic to us.

For a political identity minded person, that means going to the "far right". For me there is no such continuum.

As i say sometimes, the reason most people with a brain go right or atleast non-left is this:

Me: i'm politically indipendent.

Leftist: Damn you must secretly being a right winger!

Rightwinger: Cool, i like independent people!.

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Her obvious fake breasts basically destroy her entire look

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breatharianism is based, not on practices that the west is rip off though.

All taoist schools take it pretty much as fact iirc

My oriental teacher told me it is something about "developing polmons" (teaching them to synthethize substances from air into sustenance) and also about slowing down metabolism together.

You'd be amazed how much there is in chinese medical lore that the west cannot even begin to grasp.

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Hope that's intended to be a midget!

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My very real girlfriend atm is the pack of carrots i eat every 2 days, and it makes my skin glow

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No, although i wouldn't exclude the chance without knowing the poster (as in your case).

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In response to many here, jewish mysticism is very valuable.

You cannot approach it in a straight forward way tho, and you have to forgive some kinks along the way (the ones we all know about).

The zohar is a nice idea, that instead of adam and eve leaving the garden of eden, god did so and the garden transmuted into the actual world of sin (presence of god as the difference between eden and mortal sinful world, not physical place); it just states what is in the bible, but lifting some arcanes on the meaning.

Kabbalah is not a bad study depending on how you face it. It's from jews to jews and has nothing to do with being jews, but more about understanding the world.

Those very jews (orthodox) are today a minority and aren't even what we call "jews" anymore. I think this is a cultural wave very different from the talmudic one, much more rooted in understanding the world than promoting self importance.

My 2 cents

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No, proof DNA tests are retarded as it gets (and perhaps the creators put in some cameos for laughs)

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the calisthenics park is the best invention ever

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Same, and most likely.

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The whole rock industry has always been fostered as (((rock)))

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