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I would definitely add whole milk to that list. It's cheap and can be consoomed quickly.

Walnuts aren't as cheap as peanuts, but they have proteins and better fats.

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yeah, I'm talking about the admin, not elvis. u/C is unwilling to fix the daily pornographic and occasionally pedophilia-friendly spam we get, so any user here can potentially have their life ruined by the FBI and the likes once they have some of that illegal shit saved in their cache.

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Dude, tying DNA to internet access is the wet dream of any FBI agent and completely unnecessary.

you have to close the border

There are much simpler ways to achieve that.

For example:

  1. all posts made by handshakes should require mod approval;
  2. handshakes can only make xxx posts a day;
  3. have some filter in place against pornographic pictures.

Unfortunately, the admin here is either unwilling or unable (doubt) to implement any of that, so this place is going downhill.

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It's not just about Germany. Our ancestors had the Beowulf, the Iliad and the Aeneid. Those have been replaced by the holocoaster, which became the origin story of the White race. A negative, self-hating origin story.

I wonder if this victimization & guilt tripping mechanism may be native to some ideology

Excerpts from this great post by u/TallestSkil :

"Instead of the origin event being one of fertility and new life, it was a conflagration of death and destruction. Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story, that slot is occupied by “ultimate evil.” Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler, the “personification of evil,” is the centerpiece of the WWII story. Each of his beliefs, taken individually, is held to be a component of “evil.” As such, belief in them is forbidden today. Instead of that which is held sacred being something mysterious and sublime, the holocaust is an obscenity. Having a negative origin story means the thought processes of Westerners are poisoned. [...] Jews have successfully imparted their worldview–which comes from a position of self-hatred and existential negativism–onto the West."

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will steal your food if it's left unattended

I don't doubt that.

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okay jew

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Grug no need funnyspeak. Grug no smart. Grug strong. Others learn Grugspeak.


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Imagine being such a pathetic faggot that you create an alt to defend your niggerdogs because you're too scared to get downvoted

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newsflash: you post pornography and pictures of monkey dick, you're a faggot.

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They can be mostly white.

Or they can be mostly half nigger half aztec abominations.

I doubt you're even 100% white.

Oy vey goy there is no such a thing as the White race, everyone is a mongrel.

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Speaking spanish doesnt make you non-white

Nice pilpul. Nobody said that.

Stop pretending latinos are White.

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I have no foreskin, and I must kvetch

by Timmy88
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is it over


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then why are you so scared to look in the mirror, faggot?

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oy vey goy you have nothing in common with people you share a common ancestry and compatible genetics with lol have sex with a christian ooga booga instead whoops i hope you didn't want your kids to look even remotely like you lmao

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That's unfair. They would definitely look better without the clown makeup.

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Filter your picture more.

That's a fatality, right there.

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dude, why did you nuke your account

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High quality posting "Kris1488". You're glowing.

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