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Hello everybody, this will be my final post here. It has been a good time here, But, I have decided to leave. After this I will scramble my password and mega_chad will be no more. I type this out for closure incase anybody wonders where I have gone. (If anybody has noticed me as being a distinct mind here) I do not like it when people make posts like this as individual posts so I make this a comment on my very first post here "How to stop consooming politics." It is quite poetic. I have cut twitter, 4chan, reddit, and most every site on the internet with this being the last site I regularly visit. I have created an archive of my saved posts so I will not lose anything by doing this. Farewell everybody, may we meet again at a better time. I have much to learn and to do and this site does not help me to reach my goals. It has been nice. Goodbye -Mega_chad.

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I don't get it. Why defend such works? It harms the maker and the viewer.

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Let me guess, r/animememes?

That sub is terrible. It is 70% just stupid teenagers going: "porn! so FUnny!"

Sometimes you get a post about "Boohoo! I am soo sad!"

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I am pissed at both modern males and females. Neither of them are doing well at filling their roles.

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This is true. Consume retarded niggers as rage bait and get excited for next rage bait.

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I HATE dykes.

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This site gives good advice unlike 4chan or reddit. But, there is only so much advice you need before it is just an overload and you end up only searching for advice instead of doing.

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Reporting in now, I have completed them.

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Exactly, I do not know why people insist on posting these retards here. I do not need proof to know that everybody on twitter and reddit are completely insane.

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Brainwashing in schools to hate themselves.

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Nogs are very fat. Of course food is always on their mind.

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Yeah, I like their s/t album because it is quite groovy. The vocals are terrible though, I wish I could get it instrumental.

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  1. Get rid of the internet and all smartphones

  2. Bring back the patriarchy

  3. Get rid of every non-white

  4. outlaw faggotry

  5. Get rid of every single three letter agency/corporation/whatever, if it has an acronym it's gotta go.

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Why why why is it always with the "being (((sexy)))"? It is perversion of the highest order.

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Put NSFW on that are you kidding me.

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It's either "wow I planted something today" or just dumb memes. Both are useless.

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The internet is beyond hope. It is quite boring.

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