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I don't have the exact translation but from what I could gather there was a protest for traditional values against the pride parade which they were protesting against. I hope this could help.

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Apparently this was held up at a Romanian pride parade which makes it even better.

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So they're using disabilities now to get out of consequences?

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While I am quite critical of the welfare state (for various reasons but they're to long to list here) it is quite hypocritical to also give billions to a developed nation that can fend for itself while claiming to be against welfare.

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Imagine thinking it's a good thing to have women in politics. Couldn't be me.

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<calls themselves ""conservative"" <is a pornstar <gets kicked out of "conservative" event <gets mad and calls them a "religious cult" Truly the face that conservatives need

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Honestly I'm now thinking of dropping the paleolibertarian thing and just calling myself a reactionary/monarchist. When you give people to much freedom without any moral guidance the culture will simply crumble to dust. While I do still support things being done mostly locally the people need to be taught what is right and wrong for this to properly work. When a person is a drug addict they affect their family and their community. It's not just drug addicts. This goes with other degenerate behavior. To think you can let people do what they want and there be no consequences is preposterous.

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Ngl this is definitely me when I drink to much soda. In all seriousness thou stuff like this adds up over time until it reaches a breaking point. As bad as things are now things have been far worse in the past before things got better.

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The thing is almost none of them look even remotely like this character. They always draw themselves to look the most ideal in their minds dispite being as far from said appearance as possible.

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" I support my freedom and my rights but if a private company takes them away it's all good."

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If it was some commie like Stalin it's perfectly acceptable but say a guy like Franco, Mosley, Mussolini, or Hitler then we have a problem.

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This is the type of guy who unironiclly used incel as an insult.

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Don't worry. That will come around soon enough.

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I remember a field trip I had to take in elementary school to this holocaust memorial museum. They were going on and on about how terrible it was and how it should never happen again. Even then I was confused why people were so obsessed with the event. I thought to myself it was a bad thing but that's about it. There were other bad events that didn't get anywhere near the attention so why bother giving the holocaust all this attention?

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Pretty much. In just about every representative government bureaucracy ends up becoming an aspect of life. Ironically enough under these absolute monarchies of old this was essentially not a problem since the government was actually smaller.

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I mean by that logic if I willingly let the car exhaust of a person run and they end up dying painlessly in their sleep it can be justified as well since they didn't feel pain. Also this justifies the death penalty as long as they don't experience pain but interestingly enough most leftists don't support the death penalty.

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Yeah it still needs some improvement. A guy like Bill gates could rise to power and corrupt the system. Maybe if a man starts doing harm to the community or abuses his powers the power they gained can be stripped from them as a way to lower the amount of abuse a person could do.

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Lmao they literally look like the image on the right.

by Wolfram
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I'm really glad that I get to know my tax dollars goes to propagate this degeneracy.

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How do you become so fat that it appears you have a but when you face forward?

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"My fellow whites"

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More like acaf(all cops are faggots).

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The fact this is most likely made unironically just makes it that much better.

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