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Are you back home yet? I'm still waiting for those "original" translations

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Actually my ideas involve a LOT of killing and public executions. And ethnic cleanings.

Fantasies irrelevant to you on a personal level, yeah.

In other words nothing.

By working for others or trading resources, you are a productive member of society by the very nature of what is needed to survive and prevail. Only if you gather enough resources through work/trade you can attract females to have families and reproduce.

Serve the race and nation on whose territory you're squatting.*

Tell me when a peasant who produces food that can feed an entire village becomes a parasite when he doesn't pay taxes.

The peasants produce that food on their overlord's land. Their literal overlord. In your libertarian society he owns all rights over that land as an individual with zero obligation to the village or anyone else, and only produces food if he wants to, and if he wanted to turn the land into a shitty fairground and make a fortune off fat retard tourists from hundreds of miles away, forcing the village to go broke importing food from elsewhere, he could.

You are aware that the master-slave mentality go hand in hand? There is no master without slaves.

The slaves don't need to be your own people, or the dominant force in society. But you're a slave so you're incapable of thinking in any terms other than slavery, which is why you automatically assume the identity of the poor individual having his make-believe rights oppressed by the mean national socialists, instead of taking the position of one of the national socialists looking after his people.

Because it is humiliating to be a parasite

If it were humiliating to them, they wouldn't accept government welfare either.

and the good will of the few people willing to "help" will reach its end.

Of the masses of people willing to "help", because they're brainwashed by a jewish religion to feel compassion for the weak, so mindless dysgenic charity makes them feel good. They've been doing it for millennia. Government welfare is barely a century old.

Private entities can simply say "no."

Which they wouldn't, because having a population dependent on you gives you enormous power

The first instance you will be trying to run to is your parents or friends - and you will have the status of a loser, and them too. This is no different from how it always was.

In other words they'll be getting bailed out like they always were.

Needlessly. The price of governments doing things is exceptionally higher, and goes beyond mere resources. The price is also freedom, sense of community and (self-)responsibility.

"The thing I said was valuable is suddenly not valuable if the people doing it work for a government instead of a corporation"

Of course it is. It's a group.

A group isn't an entity. It's a collection of entities. The point is that your entire stance revolves around you nonsensically assigning traits to a non-existent "Government" entity. The traits belong to the people in the governments you're complaining about.

Out of curiosity, about the national socialists that you expect to "cure" your problem for you and then magically disappear so you can have a White libertarian society; why wouldn't they consider you one of the enemy and just "cure" you at the same time?

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I uphold national socialism to denounce your foreign jewish myth.

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And poodles and pomeranians aren't distinct.

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That comment shows you don't understand force.

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How the US is super weak and we'd be able to win by just being goat herders and posting more frog memes, I think.

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no argument; deflects

posts more pictures of Christian Germans accepting the NSDAP's authority over them

We don't want to look at post-war memoirs anymore?

https://files.catbox.moe/seunel.PNG from Albert Speer's "Inside the Third Reich"

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Maybe you just failed to convey your thoughts properly?

"Properly" meaning so that someone who's fundamentally incapable of grasping the concept would be able to grasp it; in which case yeah.

There is literally nothing I can do beyond spreading my ideas.

And if you spread your ideas to a special magic number of people, they'll stop being individuals who all have their own lives just like you, and morph into some collective "mob" entity with new magic powers to create a libertarian society for you?

Or in reality, certain people (not following a slave morality) would accrue resources/power, use it to impose their will on others, to accrue more resources/power, to impose their will on more others.

There's literally nothing you can do because your ideas themselves offer nothing to do.

Assuming it's a natural back-and-forth that spans generations

It's not, it's natural selection.

when the corruption becomes enshrined in the government, it becomes irreversible. The cycle escalates to a point where revolution becomes necessary to have the improvement-phase. The government (and its usually wealthy allies) will use everything it has to fight it - police, propaganda, military, indoctrination, economic means.

"The government" is not an entity.

What you just said was "You have to do something to make an enemy submit. It becomes harder when you've been mindless retards for multiple generations, more worried about individualism and personal liberty instead of enforcing the values and cohesion of your side or suppressing the enemy."

Of course there are answers, and I already gave it.

No you didn't. You said it was a challenge.

Tell me the differences in how that government will act if I:

Refuse to pay taxes or don't play along with its bureaucracy,

"Become a parasite on the nation and try to usurp land and property for himself"

The usurious jewish government would continue plundering money from other Whites to fund your incarceration while continuing to genocide the rest of your race, the national socialist government would force you to stop being a worthless parasite (assuming you have worthwhile genetics in the first place)

"Do not want my children to attend public education,"

The jewish government would continue brainwashing your children with genocidal propaganda anyway and the national socialist government would direct you to a citizenship office or something equivalent where you can arrange your move to a different country.

"Refuse to pay for a fine crafted by a corrupt police officer."

The jewish government would use it as an excuse to arrest you and continue genociding your race while the national socialist government (probably the local party) would arbitrate based on your standing and history in your community to see whether you have more credibility. E.g you'd be expected to pursue it in courts, with evidence, and use any other means to uproot the traitor including organizing local "coups".

Obviously, you rely on yourself, OR ELSE if that shouldn't suffice, you have to go to other, local people and ask for help. And NOT the government welfare agency handing out gibsmedat money <--- that is the point.

I know the point is that you think that's what they'd do. I'm asking why would they suddenly decide to start relying on themselves first and others second? The government welfare agency doesn't hand out gibsmedat money, people freely choose to go to a welfare office and apply for it, rather than rely on themselves.

Ah, let me introduce you to the concept of "prevention." If you know that people are not bailed out for the negative consequences of their bad actions, you will tend to cease to do the bad actions in the first place. The point is to make the process of getting bailed out less attainable.

But you're not doing that. People will still be getting bailed out. You're doing literally nothing to prevent it. You're just contracting the bailout and all the associated profits and benefits to non-public entities.

(instead of getting bailed out by a government* you're getting bailed out by a charity/corporation)

Because it is people who do actually valuable things. It is them who detect a demand for various goods in a certain area, it is them who maintain electricity, gas, internet. Whenever there is a problem of any scale, it's just people dedicated to solve them.

And it's people who run governments, more often than not administering those things.

The government ALWAYS consists of the most lazy, most incompetent pile of subhumans, who cannot be fired and tend to be promoted AWAY so that their replacement can actually do they jobs they were too stupid to do. ZOG or not - this is the DEFAULT for bureaucracy, and if you have EVER had to do with bureaucrats, you will know this. This is due to the very nature of government and CANNOT EVER be changed.

"The government" is not an entity. You're describing the government your lazy, irresponsible, individualist libertarian culture yielded.

The only universal statement about government in that sense is that it is the most effective at organizing and wielding power even in those pitiful states. Because there's not a single instance anywhere in the entirety of human civilization where a form of government hasn't been the axis of power in a society.

Should be a list of past millennia.

For jews as a whole, not particular communities, it was. It doesn't make a difference.

Yes, the Cure.

No. National socialism.

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Oh, the White race doesn't exist but White "familial genetics" do.

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Nobody is forced to play along with it.

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it's literally impossible to raise someone to not use a smartphone

it's literally impossible to raise someone to reject unworthy/negative influences

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We do know the situation. She's willfully disobeying him, and he's trying to lecture her through text messages.

Both of these are concrete proof that he failed.

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Many worry we're in hell because they're demoralized cowards who prefer comfort to survival.

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They definitely don't have anything to worry about then.

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This is "Memoirs of a Confidant", written by a comparatively minor party member after the war was over? Want to check Albert Speer's memoirs in that case and see what he remembered Hitler saying about Christianity?

What you said wasn't there, btw: "Hitler said the Church would enjoy protections from the state as long as they stayed out of politics and didn't act against the state."

It's from a public, documented speech Hitler gave in 1941, which I quoted to you.

No priest has ever been persecuted in the German Reich because of his doctrine of faith unless, because of his doctrine of faith, he interfered with the doctrine of state. But this only a very few did.


Don't want to say anything else about Hitler and the Vatican?

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No, he didn't. You could probably count them on one hand, and Alfred Rosenberg wasn't one of them.

It's a German name first because it was created by Germans with the German language and jews have zero claim to it. But of course the Christian argues otherwise.

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I didn't ask if dividing humanity was evil, I asked if it matters whether the White race goes extinct

That made me think of another good question though

Does the White race exist?

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Why do any of those three have to play along?

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No, it was so absurd that I don't know what to respond to that other than pointing out how absurd it is.

Being absurd would make it easier to respond to. You don't know how to respond because you either can't grasp it (which was the point anyway) or you have no counter to it.

These are personal accusations that aren't true.

You proved they were true in your past posts deflecting responsibility to "duh gubmint" and literally in your next sentence:

You are right. I should take responsibility and... place bombs? Because voting is entirely redundant. When I was born it was already deep into the course it long took.

Again deliberately using the most retarded example you could come up with to avoid the thought that YOU have any personal responsibility over the state of your country and government.

Big government implies that power is taken from the population, the individual, and centralized in the hand of the few, the government.

National governments are comprised of individuals from the population.

Another factor is that over time governments will naturally become corrupt

This is a libertarian fantasy. CULTURES and SOCIETIES become corrupt when they neglect the enforcement of their original values, and all of their institutions reflect it.

(HOW to do this is a big challenge btw)

If your ideology has no answer to it, there's no reason for anyone to take it seriously.

Does it really have to be a "meet the new boss, same as the old"?

Libertarian thinks a national socialist government would be the same as a usurious jewish government.

In other words, they're thrown away after they fix your problems for you.

These are just platitudes, hollow words. "Take care of their nation" - A grandiose expressing, but totally devoid of meaning. So HOW can a person do that? Apparently doing your job, earning your money, and thus contributing to a part of society, while having a family is not sufficient, right? So WHAT does one need to do, to fulfill your task of "taking care of their nation"? I was intentionally sarcastic about that due to its vagueness.

It's literally no more vague than you saying "doing your job" or "contributing to a part of society". In your mind, making $$$ for yourself is just the centerpiece and it's nothing more than a bonus if you happen to benefit others in the process, and even then only because that benefit would come back to you again in the future.

What did I say "Take care of their nation" in response to? You blaming the problems on all the jews and communists infiltrating us. So try walking through what could've been done differently to prevent that.

Without welfare, people have to rely on themselves, their families, their neighbors, their friends.

Relying on families, neighbors and friends isn't self-governance or self-responsibility.

If you are a woman and get pregnant with a womanizer who is gone - it's your problem for being hedonistic.

It's your problem either way. So instead of getting bailed out by a corporation you get bailed out by a charity or a corporation? That's not self-governance or self-responsibility.

And if something mid-scale needs to be done within a village or city - do it yourself. Either personally, or organize, or pay to have it done by professionals.

So exactly what already happens?

Ideally, you have a better economy, pay less taxes, thus have way more money left for spending.

Why is giving way more money to a private corporation so its shareholders/owners can buy more worthless luxuries and expand their business for more profit to buy more worthless luxuries ideal over a government reinvesting it in public works? And why would the economy be better if everything you're doing besides that is functionally the same?

Remember you're arguing against the concept of government itself, including national socialist governments, not just corrupt jewish governments.

It could be simply our relatively peaceful nature as Whites (compared to others) plus changes of behavior over time (as technology progressed). The Bible could explicitly say "kill all jews" and yet it may still be taught in a "peaceful" manner and widely ignored, or dismissed as outdated. Would you still blame Christianity then?

It doesn't say that. It says there are no jews or Greeks because all are one in Christ. And that they're not fighting against flesh and blood. But if it said kill all jews, and Christians were still the main inlet of jewry despite it, yes.

We're naive moreso than peaceful.

Today we have modern technology that can allow us this level of spread of information, which we didn't have in the past.

Spreading information isn't the same as people believing it and realizing anything. The jews can still spread information at a far higher level with that technology. The gap is higher than in the past.

And the reason why jews were expelled and never dealt with seriously was because people always lacked the context - 20 years is enough that a generation is in charge that didn't have to deal with them, and they didn't know.

They did know, though. Decades' long lists of past crimes is usually what they used to justify the expulsions in the first place, otherwise they'd just punish the individual jews they caught like anyone else. Every civilization who has jews builds up a record of their offenses that stays in public consciousness unless jews gain enough power to suppress it (which they never really did until the USA).

Today we could break that, and maybe go full Hadrian on them.

National socialists or other authoritarian collectivists could, yeah.

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The other thing left out is they don't care about the White race, just their "salvation", so it's fine. Of course you can be happy if your mind's absorbed by your ego and you brainwash yourself with comforting ideas of an omnipotent protector who loves you, and getting to live forever in paradise with all the other "good guys".

If you want to be happy but still have a healthy view of the world and the strength to compete in it, you need beliefs that affirm the world. Stoicism and most other Greco-Roman philosophy, Nietzsche, national socialism, etc.

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Good, and if I ask again whenever I run across you in other threads I'll assume you'll deflect and redirect in the same way.

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He's not who wrote the Bible, but why was he named Yeshua, spoke a non-White semitic language, and subjected to the jewish ritual of circumcision?

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What was the book? You don't mean Mein Kampf, right?

Keep kvetching that National Socialism was Christian

"We will have to deal with Christianity in a tougher way than hitherto. We must settle accounts with this Christianity, this greatest of plagues that could have happened to us in our history, which has weakened us in every conflict. If our generation does not do it then it would I think drag on for a long time. We must overcome it within ourselves. Today at Heydrich’s funeral I intentionally expressed in my oration from my deepest conviction a belief in God, a belief in fate, in the ancient one as I called him—that is the old Germanic word: Wralda."

  • from SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler's speech at the funeral of Reinhard Heydrich

Hitler working with Mussolini

He had nothing to do with it lmao, Mussolini gave the Vatican its own state years before Hitler was even in power.

Keep trying.

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