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Mr. u/like please don't think what I meant was that you should stop the giga walls of text. Obviously, many do appreciate them. It's those that dislike you that are the loudest and those you focus on the most. My recommendation is to focus on positives more and be more supportive and appreciative of the good users and good content we have. And seriously if you are getting sad or upset due to your postings or because of those that don't like you. I truly hope you do take a break from the internet in general so that you can bring yourself back to balance. Whatever that balance is for you. Seriously, looking at a screen for hours and hours browsing the internet every day is a waste of our short lives. I hope you and all ConPro users realize this. So, you will take advantage of the short time we have to improve ourselves, find ways to be happy, and enjoy the world we live in despite it being a truly fucked up place because of evil people.

THEY can only break you if you let them.

ConPro is just a website. But ConPro isn't simply a website, a forum, a passing meme. It's a way, a path, a virtue, a challenging journey striving for self-improvement to an end that only the individual can define as success, yet we all know what this "success" is. Meaning it's you, undertaking the gauntlet of insanity and depravity to come out better at the end. Sure, you can go in kicking and screaming and try to drag others to a clearing you see. As you do this many lambs to the slaughter and wolves in sheep's clothing will tell you to shut it and mock you. But know in the hurricane of the clown world not everyone sees the clearing you see. Some may sell a mirage as an oasis while others may have truly found the land of milk and honey. It's not easy to know, but that’s the challenge of it and in a way, what makes it fun. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself and, maybe a few others on the same path.

I hope this helps you and isn't just stupid ramblings.

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Literal demons!

I'm angry. I've had enough of these people. They're a bunch of christian murdering scum that run giant death factories. Keeping babies alive and selling their body parts. What more do you need to know about these people? I go out and face these scum. They literally crawl out from under rocks. They have green looking skin. And they run around screaming "We love Satan, we want to eat babies!"


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Unironically, people appreciate being sent postcards.

Try it. I send post cards to friends and family. It’s weird at first because you think you could just text them. But something about being physically sent something makes it mean more.

Also you can make anything into a post card. One year I cut up random boxes into post cards. Then like a school used paint markers to decorate them. On the cardboard side wrote quotes or jokes ended it with a “Thank your X for being my friend. -Happy”

It was neat getting a text messages pop up days later thanking me for the cool postcard.

To my surprise every now it gets brought up like ”only post card I was ever sent I still have“, “coolest post card I’ve ever seen”. And it’s a nice feeling getting a postcard sent back. Not to many do it since like anon says who knows how to fill out a post card in current year.

Also totally worth it to send people mail on holidays even if it’s not a gift or money.

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I’ve been told by a few older folks that they are sorry because they think by the time my generation is their age we will not get social security.

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Yeah I imagine it’s actually higher. 8.5% is what they are currently saying it is.

I like the site https://www.in2013dollars.com/ for checking USD inflation throughout time.

Another fun wan to look at is https://www.usdebtclock.org/

Beating inflation is really hard. But I’m starting to think investing in commodities like gold is actually worth it in the long run.

Are you suggesting that being a landlord is the way to go?

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HUM? 💉 ??????


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Ayyyyyy's will be hit with a DCMA

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Dude weed LMFAO

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I'll bite. What the hell are you talking about. Are you saying radiation doesn't do harm to people?

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Don't you get how meddling in foreign countries is D E F E N D I N G our fReEdOms anD dEMoCrAcy!11!

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Bombs sent through federal mail is a huge no no in the eyes of the man.

Charles Manson is in for life and he never killed anyone. Not defending his character or anything like that just thought I'd point that out.

But what is really weird is how both were supposedly touched by MK Ultra early in their life. I find that really strange.

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I agree. I think the point is in terms of manifesto Ted's was better.

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Mr. NiggerPete, this is not what the weekly theme is about 😂

I admit I did like Win better.

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It's nice they are giving the bomb some water.

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