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I'm annoyed by the fact I know what both of those things are.

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Wait, wait I got drafted?

So your telling me I have to quit my job, everything in my future is planned for me, I get 3 meals a day, a exercise routine, and AND I get to kill people legally for my country? Did I win the lottery?

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added Soyence™ to our flairs.

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Someone probably has a book on it.

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So are flat earthers for some reason.

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Agree. Clearly the Earth is cubed. Fucking retards.

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I really enjoy how the ending had such a positive message. Funny ass song lol

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"Don't Ask Questions, Just Consume Product and Then Get Excited for Next Products"

It is the first rule of this place. Use to be very enforced back on reddit.

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A lot rule 1 breakers these days... tisk tisk

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Not consume product related.

Rule 1

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What do you think made them that way in the first place?

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Stoners and alcoholics should be mocked. No one should make a vice their cope their identity. However a joint or a drink wont kill you. Just my two cents.

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Bro college is a scam.

But you can also scam it and save money.

  1. Find community college in area that is near the college you want to go too. Take their shitty math and reading test. Doesn't matter if you pass or fail you will get accepted lol. Just means you have to take their retard classes nbd.

  2. Get 2 year degree AKA High School diploma 2.0

  3. Automatically get accepted into the college you want. Classes transfer over and you only pay for 2 years of full price school.

  4. ???

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Yeah I'm a big fan of the open market place of ideas. That was the best part Reddit. Now it's just a lefty normie echo chamber.

Why don't you slowly let your friends into your world view? It's gotten to a point where my friends "get it". While we don't always agree on political issues we talk freely about shit and have little filter when speaking.

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Very true. It's hard to inform the userbase from reddit that Consume Product is here. And when it comes to keeping things on topic it's hard to make judgment calls on what should be removed sometimes.

A problem with the r/consumeproduct was that people use to create question threads which derailed the theme. This was fixed with rule 1 and the enforcement of needing to tag with the meta post flair. But we didn't have flair post until recently and haven't been enforcing it heavily.

Things might change in the future. But also a larger question is "why bother upsetting already happy users"? From what I understand from other mods is that we are not thought police. And in most cases if a post doesn't violate our host TOS we should let the free market of ideas decide. That is let the userbase handle it.

I will say this thankfully since coming here there has been far less reports compared to r/consumeproduct. There use to be daily messed up shit that really should be removed and was removed. But the majority of reports was grey area content that really was never that bad. It all just kind of got mixed up. My point is with less speech restrictions users can post more and mods don't have to worry. Which should in theory make it better for everyone. But I have noticed the culture shift. And I'm not sure what should be done to address that, if anything.

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Lead by example!

This is still Consume Product. The brotherhood never left we've just been quiet.

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Because feds purposefully blur the difference between satire and what is clearly a threat. And they glow in the dark.

We get uncle ted but normies think ted bundy.

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Wait I can finally I go out into public in black face and say the n-word? If not hard pass.

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