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Because feds purposefully blur the difference between satire and what is clearly a threat. And they glow in the dark.

We get uncle ted but normies think ted bundy.

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Wait I can finally I go out into public in black face and say the n-word? If not hard pass.

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Seriously make sure to report glow post. thx

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Yeah it happens from time to time and on thedonald.win (which is the Admins of the .win platform) made a post about it a while ago. Basically it's just they are getting far more traffic then they expected. Which is why sometimes the .win sites are down.

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How much money do you get from goats? Do you need to work side jobs still? What do people even do with your goats? Meat or milk?

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Thankfully no. And I've decided to never fuck with opioids because I learned that they can cause morpheme and anaesthesia to NOT work if you need it. Also I've seen someone in my friend circle die from it.

I can't imagine the pain you've had in your life because of the opioid crisis. I hope you are in a better place today and pushing forward in life in a positive direction. Try not to dwell on downers buddy. Most normal people have some fucked shit in their life they deal with or dealt with.

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Premium bug menu and outdoor experience, please.

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should want to have a diverse corporation

Wait you mean choosing people based on their skin color?

I don't know that sounds kind of racist to me.

Shouldn't the most qualified people get the job?

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American Dad. Season 13 Episode 15.

kimcartoon to watch it for free.

I don't care what others will say. American Dad imo is funny af. The early seasons are cringe. Nothing more than HAHA stupid republican jokes. But the show has really changed and pretty much season 4 and onward is hilarious.

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b-b-b-but bajesus like you know made it cool. He was like you know a African-American who smoked weed. Ever hear that he was called the anointed one? He used cannabis oil to cure cancer and made being gay ok. I think I heard that on the TV or it was one of Joe Rogan's podcast. Either you should read the bible.

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Fire but mostly peaceful protest

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I mean, I don't think there is much to remove. I kind of just lurk these days. Most of the funny stuff I would post has already been posted. u/happybillmoney and u/Elvis_Interstellar are pretty active.

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yeah I pop in every now and then. Not much to remove. u/sheputster