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I got that impression dueing trump times too when they went full white supremacy narrative and the word "banker" disappeared.

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I thought they sometimes encouraged mixing. Usually if your mother is jewish, your jewish according to them. It depends on the group, there is a lot of inbreeding however they keep records of it in such a way it justifies it to them. Like, you can marry this girl because her lineage separated from yours a certain number of generations ago. And depending on your family they might encourage it or plan it while your still a kid.

TBH I think this is not an entirely terrible concept. The inbreeding is obviously terrible but there is something else there that is worthy of my envy. How close their communities can be. We can do this too, I read a post about someone who started an alliance among 8 liked minded families with children during lockdown. They all work together to provide the kids education and socialization, and they joke about arranging marriages for them.

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How about another perspective?

An angel in heaven's office is finishing up some filing work when his boss approaches his desk and says, "God needs us to file this history for the 2020s."

"2020s?" the angel responds, "but I already filed it all for 2020."

"You filed 10 years worth of history into one year?"

Okay dumb joke hooked you now read the whitepill

We are indeed approaching a revolutionary period in history. Realize they have won? Since when, Biden? Lol like Trump held them back as we all lost our jobs? They technically won a very long time ago. I don't think what is happening now is about that, not yet anyways. Instead, the alternative perspective is that they have lost.

Sore losers who flip the game board over once their losing fate has been made clear. It's a big loss, like getting really close to the sun. That doesn't mean we were ever winning. The goal was everything listed, but the original plan probably wasn't to kick it into overdrive recently. What we have seen all the way back since before Trump era (BTE) says one thing, PANIC. They could have quietly taken down the statues and encourage division and teach kids to be antisocial slowly over the course of a few years but instead they're rushing. Why now? It's been a slow game for so long, they were supposedly winning the slow game, so why end it suddenly? I believe there are at least four reasons:

They're dying with no heirs. Crazy old vampires don't trust their kids to carry on their legacy and feel brats don't deserve to rule the world. I saw a thread on pol that went into detail about how many of the top banker's sons are degenerates, faggots, disowned or considered to be an embarrassment. They know they failed so these old guys decided to pull the trigger before they die and at least they can watch it all burn.

Too much information has been compromised. Heard a bunch of intel agencies are cleaning house (murdering and replacing spies). They are scared that they have lost control of their puppets, too much information is out there and the truth can and will take them down. So they flood us with misinfo because the truth is out there and can't be erased. Or at least, too much knowledge is in the minds of too many people for the slow game to work. A lot of us got into politics and then truth seeking within the recent era.

They are sore losers who want to take us down. They know they lost but they are still playing the game to make a final stand, because there is still a chance for them to win. The only way is to take out anything that holds power beyond their control, churches, small businesses, community groups. Simply too many of us. Too many guns. Too much power.

Last reason is decentralized cryptocurrencies. It can't be stopped and it's going to destroy them unless they take over our entire infrastructure before mass adoption.

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Hypothetical question, if for some reason your only options were that or nothing what would you choose? Would a stained legacy left with inferior hands be worse than not having a legacy at all?

You dont have to give it any thought if you dont want to, that situation is highly unlikely.

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Its hard to go by just appearance since they subvert and shapeshift. But this tweet is confirmation enough.

You've seen hundreds of hours and they never once showed his side profile? LOL

At any point did you realize that all the videos are just paid advertisements? "Tech tips" really means sponsored shopping guide.

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Idk bro there's something about blondes and redheads that makes them far beyond any other level of attractiveness. A whole new tier. These are the women who without makeup look better than the others who try hard. They are also more likely to have that golden ratio (1:1.6) of waist/hip. And when going by facial features alone, literally everyone finds their own race the prettiest; this is proven among multiple studies.

If you won't date white girls because their asses are tattooed, I don't blame you too much. But maybe you can find one that doesn't have a repulsive attitude. It'd be better than a retard.

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I've been looking for a new apartment. I checked out one and it seemed great, but the landlord had a big nose. That season alone made me not move in.

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fourleaved 8 minutes ago +2 / -0 If everybody is a nigger/gook/spic then nobody is a nigger/gook/spic

I like the condensation. Jews are not the same. I honestly think white should ally with other races against the joos.

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When Pete Buttigieg (idk the spelling) and his husband adopted a kid, they posted a photo of the two of them IN A HOSPITAL BED as if hed gone through labor lol

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There isnt a single WW2 game that lets you play as the good guys

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I tried to find it on the website but I couldn't so youre probably right

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Vandalism is such a minor crime that affects the community so much. I used to preach the 3 Ls that make or break a neighborhood: Loitering, Littering and Landscaping. But graffiti should be added to that list. I live in a blue city where "BLM" and "ACAB" is painted over the place. Worst ones are the pro-lockdown and social distancing ones. There is an especially disgusting one on main street: a full sized skeleton with the words "6 feet apart or 6 feet under". Sometimes I just want to go out at night with a can of white spray paint just to clean up graffiti in my city, but that would ironically be considered vandalism and could get me in trouble.

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No i think it was actually 3 locations and 11 million customers.

Scratch that, 13 mil

No, ONE BILLION customers

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Good point lol

My thoughts was that the timing is great because they lost their communities and are rejecting the troons; and dot win would use that momentum to push lefty women to be more based. But you're right, it'd bring lefty faggots into the other forums. Not just lesbos but troons too, c/Lesbians would definitely get infiltrated by trannys on day one because thats what they do.

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Next forum that asks for my race I'm gonna write "racialfluid"

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Someone make a c/Lesbians right now!

The timing is perfect.

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Obviously the racist white people are lynching blacks and then pinning the crime on other blacks under the fake term "gang violence" in order to keep their population down


During the first wave of BLM the police all around the country started wearing body cameras. That afro NFL dude (forgot his name) who first knelt during the national anthem helped make that happen. And then without a doubt the reported cases of police brutality reduced. I've heard that cops are now more likely to harass a white guy because they probably won't face any fallback. Likewise, cops are now much less likely to harass black people in fear that their lives, their reputation, and their family's lives will be ruined. During last year's wave of BLM, my city's mayor ordered police to stop pulling over black people in unregistered cars or motorbikes. No joke, my mayor told the police to give preferential treatment to black people and then crime spiked.

Think about that, cops won't respond to black crime. There is also a law that prevents employers from doing criminal background checks on prospective employees. Without background checks, the only thing employers can go by is statistics. That and the risk of being robbed without legal protection means employers in my city are rolling dice whenever they hire a black person. So one of my old bosses made sure his business was always too small for affirmative action and he never hired non-whites because of actual systematic oppression he's had to deal with in the past. His business got robbed and his girlfriend was threatened, the perp didnt do anything to conceal his face and the cameras caught everything. But the cops didn't do shit. If it'd been a white guy his face would've been all over the news. Instead, nothing happened.

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I quit reddit a long time ago and gotta admit it has improved my life. I was banned for fatphobia of all things lmfao! That site only made me angry with people, this is a much better place to share random thoughts and the feedback isn't always retarded.

Now I view reddit as the most damaging porn websites in existence. The content being illegal and underage should be enough to hate them; reddit also specifically targets children and teenagers in hopes that they'll enjoy mindlessly scrolling through video game news, cartoons, comic books, all their interests, all their hobbies and hardcore sexual degeneracy all on the same page. It should be banned. "But what about free speech" there is no free speech on reddit.

If anyone here still has an account than you go get banned right now. Tell a tranny to dilate. Post crime statistics. Hunter Biden photos. Drop the jew pill. Whatever it takes.

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Correlation does not equal causation lol

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With the increasing numbers of black and women officers I gotta disagree. Most police forces strive for at least half black (over)representation. I would hate to be in a situation where the authority believes they live an oppressed life due to privileged people who look like me. Sounds ridiculous and paranoid but that's literally what CRT teaches and CRT training is mandatory for cops.

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It used to be something taught by racist upbringing and "we are all yhe same on the inside" yakno cuz we all bleed red. Not anyone, white people are born racist and hold it in there genes without knowing. Okay lol whatever.

But cops are definitely dicks.

Years ago I decided to look up what it takes to become a police officer. Like what kind of education is required or certifications like security, first response etc. The results were things like "can I be a cop with a criminal record" and "do I need a GED to become a cop or prison guard". My mind was blown. The police force encourages recruitment of ex-criminals!

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I've heard this before a few times lol

Once i had a redditor elaborate. He said that the stats are fake and the crimes are committed by white people instead. Or that racist cops target black people while letting white people go. And on the rare occasion that blacks do commit crimes, the crimes are in retaliation to white supremacy. Theft and drug dealing is because of financial inequality. Murder, fleeing the scene, resisting arrest is really just self defense.

We wuz framed

edit/addition: I just noticed that this is similar to the pro-abortion argument. They have so many little crap reasons to justify their crap position

Its just a clump of cells, baby doesn't have a heartbeat yet, baby can't feel pain, baby is only potential life, babies are expensive, stretch marks, she doesnt like babies, YOU are forcing her to ruin her body, she's not ready, career is more important, father is gone, father is not ideal, not sure if she loves the father, body autonomy, 9 months is a long time, she wants to drink and smoke and party, this isn't fair, its not really a baby, the environment is dying because humans are bad so having kids is immoral (fucking rich), stem cell research will cure cancer, stretched out vagina, hasn't even considered adoption because foster care is bad (better off dead)

An army of weakness vs one single reasoning: It's murder

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