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FFS. I Don't expect you to understand this, but YOU are the reason most of us left Reddit. This teenage edge lord shit is going to ruin this board too.

Go back. Go back now and take your cringe infested bullshit with you. Fuck reddit, but more importantly fuck YOU for bringing reddit tier low effort content. You just hurt the universe fuck stick. Now begone.

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The Duluth Model. Look it up.

Men: Rule #1. Do not answer the door for a drunk woman - not your mom, not your aunt, not your wife or GF. ONLY if it is your daughter and even then use good judgement.

Rule #2: Call police. Let neighbors call police. Shut off lights as if nobody home - preferably leave via the back door. She gets taken in for D&D. She sleeps it off. Problem solved - for now.

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You are right sweetie. Your value as a human is not based on your sexual history.

But your attractiveness as a partner most DEFNITELY does.

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Without quoting any scripture whatsoever, it is as simple as considering who killed Jesus.

The Pharisees when to Pontius Pilate and told him to try Jesus for "crimes". He claimed to be a King, which was a threat to Caesar.

The Pharisees are smart. They do not kill, they get others to do it for them.

Pilate said, basically "NO" So they threatened riots (sound familiar?)

So he washed his hands and "let the people decide". (You know who) and they chose Barrabus and the Roman Soliders did the dirty deed.

That should make every single Christian VEHEMENTLY Anti-Semitic.

But Christians absolutely worship the chosen ones. It is a magical and scary thing to behold in the wild.

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OOH! I love this game. Here's one....

"I am a Liberal, except for human rights, good people, babies, puppies, breathable air, the environment, and old ladies"

Wait. That sounds like completely made up shit like OP's post. Let's do this the right way...

" I am a Progressive... except for progressing humanity, kindness, peace, stability, families, children, happiness, beautiful traditions, men, good habits, health. I am just talking about Progressing MY agenda"

Or this one...

"I am a Feminist and I think men and women should be equal - except equal in suicide rates, industrial accidents, death and maiming in war, prison rape, selective service, homelessness, child custody, child support payments...I'm just talking about making some people MORE equal than others."

Or this one..

"I'm a democrat and I am for Democracy, except when it comes to voting systems. I'm just talking about MY side getting Democracy. Oh yeah, Fuck Drumpf!"

I always enjoy these.

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I am embarrassed that I know this reference.

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Dear Jordan Horowitz,

You first.


All the rest of the "white men"

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Bro. I read a few of your posts to see who I was dealing with.

I am pretty sure we are in agreement on most of our political views. I didn't pick this up at first.

Let me say this whole thing another way. Anyone who names the jew gets banned immediately. To name them is an amateur way of handling this issue. You MUST know better than this.

The insane list of people who have, directly or indirectly, confronted Globalist Jewish power only to be erased is staggering. From Hitler, to JFK, to RFK, to Malcom X, to Jesus Christ himself, the list is epic. That is not to mention the people who were just fired or cancelled or reputation tarnished (Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson, etc.).

Sure, one could make the argument that one or two do not belong on this list, but every single one of these people went after jewish people or their sources of power (banks, the Fed, etc.).

What I think has been happening for centuries is people going at this problem obtusely in song and literature (Orwell, Neil Peart, Huxley, George Carlin, and even the Jewish writer Ayn Rand). The problem with this approach is that only intellectuals and critical thinkers can read between the lines. Those who can are often referred to as Conspiracy Theorists or AntiSemites.

Hell, that is why I am here anonymously. If I were to publicly share my thoughts on all this shit - and believe me, my views are TAME compared to others - I would lose my job and the people here would never even know it. No one cares.

What is needed is a global awakening. And once that occurs, we need global leadership to step up and say "Enough" and take Israel's weapons, remove them from power in any country that is not Israel, deport and ban them and try them via due process like any other criminal in those cases where crimes have occurred.

We need to get away from genocides and final solutions and start thinking about justice.

That is about the only way this shit will end for humanity once and for all. Permanently ban them from power anywhere they are not welcome. it is that simple.

Getting it done is NOT simple.

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Moooommm! Somebody is making fun of me for liking Sailor Moon!

Oh, that's okay sweetie. Just tell them. "sticks and stones with break mybones, or something like that"

Can I call them a faggot and then zhir to neck zhirself?!

Of course you can honey. Now answer that bad guy and come upstairs. Your tendies are going to get cold!

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I am white and my ancestors were raped, tortured, enslaved, had land and belongings stolen, and faced global (at the time) oppression, the likes of which you can only imagine. Many times throughout all of time.

And I most certainly face institutional racism on a daily basis. If you do not see this it is because you refuse to. And still I refuse to turn to animalistic tendencies. This is my choice and I stand by it daily.

If your HS social studies teacher told you these things, then I cannot blame you. But now you know that what you have been told is a lie. What you do with this information is up to you- but you can never say "nobody told me!"

Ignorance is now your deliberate choice going forward.

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The word "Race" is a sociological term mainly used to group people of similar ethic origins. The term Race is a made up term and does not relate to anything other than what can be found in HS social studies textbooks.

The proper terms to use would be Species and SubSpecies.

Modern "Humans" are all of the Family Hominidae, the Genus Homo, and the Species Homo Sapiens. What many academics refuse to do is to extend this taxonomy to humans - as it does with every other living being on the planet.

Early Cro-Magnon, Australopithecus, Neanderthal, and Homo Erectus evolved separately for millennia, and then started interbreeding in various combinations for several more millennia. That resulted in the mix of humans you see today.

What we have now is a species, with various sub-species.

If we were discussing wolves, elephants, or crustaceans this conversation would be over. The evidence for all this is in the fossil records and our very DNA. The science is out there, it is simply too dangerous to promulgate to a family of primates who would gladly engage in genocide over who has more shiny rocks.

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They ARE naming the tribe.

(see what I did there?)

Only simpletons do not understand why they do things the way they do. The people in this photo are not for you OP. Move along now, nothing to see here.

Besides, your mom has a plate of chicken tendies for you and Sailor Moon is about to start. Get after it.

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Race IS a social construct.

What is NOT a social construct is the fact that various human "races" are actually subspecies. Some descended from Cro-Magnon humanoids, some from Australopithecus , others from Neanderthals, and yet others from Homo Erectus.

Our DNA contains this evidence and most scientists understand this. But it is, sadly, not something for public consumption.

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But I wasn't trying to be antiSemitic.

That reminds me once of a guy who listed a very long list of undesirable human behaviors that are reviled in cultures across the globe. Then he said "Imagine these traits all existed in one group of people" and his post was removed for AntiSemitism.

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**The media DID do their jobs. **

They did what they were instructed to do and their owners compensated them for it.

You and I are NOT their owners.

Why is this so hard to understand?

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When boys grow up with only their single mother as his example, he learns a few things.

One of those things is how to please men sexually to get what one wants. In fact, pleasing MANY men sexually gets you even more stuff.

Why is this not a basic understanding at this point. How many more examples are needed?

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This has been tried before over 100 times. They only turn the rest of the world against you, cancel your entire country, and force reparations. Ask Germany.

by Wolfram
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Fuck me. I knew the commies would come here sooner or later and infiltrate. Fuck off back to reddit OP. You are truly a mighty bundle of sticks.

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We are on Reddit and TRP.Red

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I have seen this countless times:

I see a new person on the social media scene talking about "free speech" and "Fuck corruption" or whatever else I like to hear.

Then slowly over time, they slip in "yeah, and how about those Palestinian terrorists. They need to die, Amirite?"

Every. Single. Time.

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