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Watch it with the antisemitism there bud

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I think we're just a tad below 78% atm.

Last time I checked it was 70.3% overweight or obese.

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The talented tenth might be functional in society, other than that I agree with your comment.

IQ isnt the only difference tho. Black people were literally designed the way they were because run long time and throw spear is all you really need in Africa. So the Talented tenth would still probably enjoy superior atheleticism.

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Im gonna be honest. I've had simp moments before, I think we all have at least once until u realize that it's retarded.

I just want to understand how this college aged male kept his attention to ONE female for SIX years as a single guy. If I see a pretty girl I might remember it for awhile but there's so many attractive women that you shouldve at least been exposed in a 6 year period... idk how you can simp for that long for ONE person.

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Thomas Hobbes Leviathan's legacy lives through Saudi Arabia, the only absolute monarchy left

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We went too far. Can we return to monke now

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Im gonna walk into a jewish school, and commit the antisemitic crime of making their addition arithmetic more universally recognized

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Alcohol specifically sucks donkey cock as a psychoactive substance in general.

Only psychoactive drug in society with an active dose of 14 grams (one drink). Ethanol is a carcinogen, turns into an actual toxin in the liver, and takes a ton of it in respect to other substances to achieve psychoactivity.

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The developers of some old goom mightve been scholars in counter-semitism

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Im a 20 year old, looking for employment. This post gave me hope for the future.

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Goy you forgot to account for all the Jewish intermarriaging that went on after WWII oy veyyy

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What a responsible jogger! He looks like he could use a claritinD tho. Those red eyes look painful! Allergies suck!!

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Well I mean, this is an altright community. Did you expect Marxist ideation?

What's wrong with idealizing the Nazis? You're such a massive faggot that you didnt even attempt to do some moralizing bullshit, you came to this forum, said the Nazis lost ---> Nazi's are garbage.

Did you expect to change minds with the revelation that Germany lost WWII?

Perhaps not a jogger lover... but a jogger your mental abilities reflect such

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I am humbled before the Grace of God

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What's the whole story? Did she take something vaguely based back?

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What's a beta male black name?

Chad names: Tyrone

Beta names: Lamar???? (

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Bro what are you gonna do? God is on my side.

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