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Pictures on 4chan already did that...

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Doesn't end but every time you open a file you get a pop-up to buy it. Annoying as fuck.

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Oy Vey! 90 million!

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Anything right of Karl Marx is a conservative / fascist / Nazi to these people.

Hope they never look into prominent communists and their public opinions on the black and brown people...

Would explode their brains...

Let's not kid ourselves, they'll rationalize it away like they do with "wasn't real communism™™™™™"

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In the 90s he would of just been known as a crossdresser.

He clearly is interested in women and sees it as a "way in" to there circle

Something like 90% of young people grew out of it by adulthood back in the day. Like kids who were goth or punk, they grew up.

Today it's embraced, encouraged, and perpetuate by the cult.

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"Tacticool" is the term for those kitted out LARPers

LPT, the more bullshit you slap on a rifle the shittier it's accuracy. Throws off the weight and balance it was designed to have

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Or just block them.

The internal drama of this sub reminds me of middle school girl drama.

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The ConPro community has more internal drama than a group of middle school girls.

Please stop. It's childish and gay, and most of us don't give a shit.

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What I Learned has a great video on seed oils

The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient making your Food Toxic


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IQ is declining.

About 10-15 points since the mid-1800s. And estimated another 10-15 by 2100.


Pre-industrial revolution infant and child mortality was 40-50%. And the lower classes had 2x the rate as the middle/upper classes. The sickly and stupid died off. Income and intelligence directly correlate.

Post-industrial infant/childhood mortality rate now is 1%>. With modern medicine and social welfare programs the only groups with replacement value in the west are the bottom classes subsidized with tax dollars. Single mom IQ is an average of 91 btw.

We are currently at the IQ level comparable to the 1600s.


The 100 IQ is the average at the current time. People 150 years ago would of had an average off "100" but todays tests they would score 110-115.

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Why even work in a place like that full of passive aggressive drones?

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Remember polar bears and bees going extinct 10 years ago?

The polar bear population is higher now than it was before the decline.

The bees dying from "colony collapse disorder" were domestic bees with very little genetic diversity leaving them highly susceptible to disease and parasites. Wild bee populations were just fine.

Why both were memory holed.

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In the 70's we were "heading into a new ice age" because global temperature had been dropping since the '40s...

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"Gary's birthday gangbang"


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"Rapefugees" get 100 hours of community service

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I have over 200 of those in a Rubbermaid tote.

I was a little kid and liked playing with them. I would organize them into armies and they'd battle it out.

Now a grown adult collecting children's toys is a different story. Like beanie babies, Pop figurines will be worth nothing in the future. Everyone will have a box of them in the garage.

Anything sold as collectors items, limited edition, etc. will never be worth anything. Ten years later everyone will have a box in the garage of that crap.

by Wolfram
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Benedict Cumberbatch needs to shut the fuck up and stick to making movies and TV shows.

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This is usually the case with these rabid feminists.

Like gross fat women in tinder saying "I'm not here for hookups"

No one is looking to hook up with them. It's an ego defense mechanism.

"I'll reject them before they can reject me"

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Same 👍🏻

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I see OP has also been on Reddit

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