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They should be shut down and demolition crews brought in within the hour and the owners get the woodchipper on the spot.

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Men intentionally dressing up as women either for fun or as a requirement for a dare/lost bet should be thrown in jail.

I had to look up who this was. Pretty cringe.

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EV owners deserve the bullet.

I'll never own one, I'll never sit inside one.

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Ukraine isn't winning, Russia isn't winning. There's literally no war happening whatsoever.

Everything we see is green screen Hollywood fakery.

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Onlyfans money is proceeds of crime.

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Make trannies unemployable.

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Not just kids, adults too.

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I'm sick of people believing there is a "war" happening between Ukraine and Russia. Absolutely sick of it.

Its a fucking hoax.

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You'd be surprised how many UGLY AS FUCK light skinned aboriginal people exist.


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reddit turned from libertarian to liberal

so no change then

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HRT should be illegal. Don't change my mind.

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Canberra too.

Look for an aerial image of (new) (((parliament house))). Looks like a certain animal.

Old Parliament House was recently torched, the front door at least. That was the real Australian government. The new "government" is a corporation.

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Twink plays NV, ends up being trans. Trans Twink suggests other Twink to play NV, other Twink ends up being trans too. The cycle continues.

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Schrodinger's New Vegas. Best game ever made. A lot of trannies play it and use it to groom teenagers into transgenderism.

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