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FYI I'm Australian and we have no laws about Sunday trade but most shops until 15 years ago never opened on Sundays. Only essentials like petrol stations, supermarkets and newsagents.

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muh based Polish CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077 normalised this type of hair style back in 2018 and its consequences are disastrous.

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Alabama stays taking Ws.

Fuck I wish Australia was more based like American red states.

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Whores get Jack The Ripper'd

(in real life)

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Daniel Andrews is a communist and Melbourne is Australia's own version Los Angeles/San Fransicko.

And Jack the ripper did nothing wrong.

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Nothing wrong with the "drug war".

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Fun game when you're a teenager then you come to full realisation when you're in your late 20s that the game was actually grooming us to be okay with homos in vidya and look where we are now.

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Ronald Reagan did nothing wrong when he sat on his hands during the AIDS """epidemic"""

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Utopia for normal people, "Christian Dystopia" for leftists ?

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Star Trek first contact is commie propaganda

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Should be illegal

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SW is twitter slang and means degenerate child grooming sex worker.

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All Just Cause games are open world games and you work for the CIA which in the games is called "the agency" and the end game, you kill the anti-globohomo dictator in favour of a pro-CIA, pro-America dictator that'll fuck probably fuck up the island nation with "democracy" and "freedom".

All harmless fun playing the games as a teenager, pretty fucked up as an adult when realising the message the games are sending.

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Straight facts.

Actually, both libertarians and commies get the bullet, wall, helicopter ride and rope.

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Yeah and chock filled with communist propaganda

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I have a copy of cyberleft 2077, I didn't buy it but a friend gave it to me to play and try it out. Never seen this part but this image was posted in a discord server I'm in and I think I'm gonna give the copy back to him.

This image alone made up my mind about 2077. Thanks based discord user for posting this in the games chan.

Why the fuck is all cyberpunk genre media pozzed as fuck.