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Find a local business. There's no such thing as online anonymity.

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Comic books and movies are trash and always have been. Nothing really changed.

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Understand that all calories are not equal. You body is NOT 100% efficient at breaking down all types of material. But the combustion test they use to determine calories doesn't care.

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'are all the veggies that were going to go bad'

Because you ate cheeseburgers all last week and zero veggies.

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Sounds like embracing reality to me.

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3: those who realize pacifying yourself with 'white pills' is just ignite ignoring the coming doom.

Embrace reality. It's not nice.

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Who cares? Not America. Not my problem.

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By design.

And I'm glad you are noticing this. The sooner you realize your cushy life is worthless, the sooner you may be willing to risk it all to change it.

A fed and entertained populace will never rebel. Bread and circuses.

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That's not even true. Hundreds of flat earth proof videos just by searching flat earth.

They come up in your feed too. It's like Alphabet wants you to watch flat earth proofs....

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It's not evolutionary beneficial to never cum. Your body is begging you to stick it in a woman.

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At this is just an investment, not the super secret currency replacement that was promised.

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No idea. Maybe it's the butt parasites?

Some people live their whole lives in an apartment and are perfectly content to simply watch TV the whole time, and i simply cannot comprehend.

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Bringing them doesn't ruin a hemisphere. Giving them free stuff did.

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Chipolte peppers (aka smoked jalapeño peppers) are amazing.

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