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How is your garden going? Are you reducing your purchases from the ZOG ran stores? Are you living your life as a living example of what is possible?

If so, then begin to teach... We all can learn...

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what to do with all the hopeless incels that cannot be saved by self improvement?

As long as the hopeless incels keep being hopeless incels, the hopelessness only helps the ZOG. We need to give them hope that they can be saved. We need to give them examples of what it is like to be saved. The #1 reason to leave the system is to no longer re-inforce the system. When I learned this simple trick, to no longer use my brain power and my consumer habits to benefit them, I began to hope again. Then when I saw guys like Torba were doing the same, I saw who my allies were.

This is why the Parallel Economy and Parallel Society are so important. White people either get busy building, or get busy dying. Despite the threats of Ruby Ridge, we keep building out the Parallel Society the Amish have always shown us is possible....

I just want to help spread the White man across the cosmos.

And I want to help him out here on Earth today.

And don't the Amish get harassed

Sure, don't we all get harassed everyday. The difference is they keep having white babies. They keep growing farms. They keep colonizing Mexico above Chihuahua. When I talk to them, they tell me they will move at the drop of a hat if it ever gets too HOT.

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"community and technological advancement"

I have an Uncle named Ted who wrote a whole manifesto as to why these two things never go hand in hand. In fact, one happens to be antithetical to the other.

If you do not like Uncle Ted, Ernst Junger's Brother named Friedrich wrote a whole book titled "The Failure of Technology: Perfection Without Purpose (1949)" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Georg_J%C3%BCnger

If you want to delve into a more spiritual sense as to why the Amish are perhaps correct "Martyr's Mirror" was a good read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyrs_Mirror

Or I could believe some random rant on the Net claiming we will all be Ruby Ridged.

Meanwhile, while waiting to be Ruby Ridged, I have had over 200 Goat kids across 4 generations, 2 of my own kids, and I sit looking over my pastures with a Shit Grin on my face watching the daily Sunset while writing articles for Gab: https://news.gab.com/2022/05/12/the-state-of-meat/

I just hope when I am Martyred Ruby Ridge style I get turned into a Meme Saint by the users of ConPro.

by mu23
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Confusing nature with a simulation is odd....

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To ensure that the meat costs a lot more to keep his sorry ass employed.

Trust me, when he is not watching, they process the meat the exact same.

One time, I dropped off some goats to be USDA processed, and since the bastard did not show up that day, or they were missing some certificate for goats, not sheep, and I got "non-USDA meat" that day from my animals labelled: "unfit for human consumption" when in reality, it was the same damn meat whether he showed up or not.

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"You probably don’t know (because I didn’t until Miller told me) that all USDA-licensed processing plants are required to treat ALL meat (even the local, grass-fed, organic variety) with synthetic preservatives."

Huh? Have been working in the meat industry for 5 years and this is certainly not true.

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This is some interesting data I must say: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/deathsbyvaccinationstatusengland

Age-standardised mortality rates for deaths by vaccination status, England: deaths occurring between 1 January 2021 and 31 January 2022: 16 March 2022 .


Table 6 Whole period counts of deaths and person-years by vaccination status and five-year age group, England; deaths occurring between 31 January 2022 .


Age group 10-14 Unvaccinated death rate: 0.005 %

Third dose or booster, less than 21 days ago: 0.44% .

Comment: 10-14 years old are 88x more likely to die if they got 3 boosters? .

Age group: 15-19 years old. Unvaccinated death rate: 0.012 %

Third dose or booster, at least 21 days ago: 0.025%

Comment: Double the death rate for 15-19 year old if given 3 boosters... .


Here is the last age group I will look at: 20-24 year olds. Unvaccinated: 0.02%

Third dose or booster, at least 21 days ago: 0.023%

Comment: So even 20-24 year olds show slightly more deaths when triple boosted .


Final comment: Now to give them some credit, with old people you calculate the opposite. Old people, your more likely to die if you are unvaxxed according to this data.

Also, you only find this if you lump covid and non-covid deaths together. If you separate them, then it looks as if the vaccine is working, but the kids are dying of other causes.

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Kikos are a great choice my friend....

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With some training, I bet you could get it down to special calls for each action. Goats are kinda like Dogs...

by mu23
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Solid advice. Also check out Electronet fencing. This helped us get started before we had permanent fencing up. Now we have 4" square field fencing all over our property.

$200 is a good average price for a goat, but if you buy a bunch from one person, offer them $150. They might scoff because goats are selling for a lot at auctions now that the price of everything went up.

Also, never buy a goat at an auction, they are rejects.

Find a LOCAL goatherder and learn from them. Different areas have different problems.


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Wow, this was already the plot to my next book. Glad to see others are on the same page....

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What this article is missing is that, America, in effect, prints money, sends it to China, and they send us back actual material goods made with minerals, iron ore, semiconductors and such.

Who is actually exploiting who here? Sure, we destroyed our manufacturing base, our own culture, and any future we could have had in manufacturing goods, BUT, we get to keep our trees and landscape, while we just print fake $$, and send it overseas in exchange for actual tangible goods, no matter how crappy them may actually be, they are made with raw materials.

China is on to this ruse, so they plan on doing the same to Africa, and are actively trying to do this. They may end up realizing that Africans, cannot build actually merchandise with raw goods however, so the whole plan to turn Africa into China's manufacturing base will probably fail.

Meanwhile, America is filled with the most consumer of consumie folks you can imagine and people all over the world want to keep building us crap to trade us fake $$ with.

I am not saying it is a good strategy, or a winning one, but this article fails to mention any of this and sticks with the popular bromides that, America is stupid, when in reality, I think the elites in America and Israel know a bit more than we do.

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I should totally sell this shirt on my goat site.

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If not for Uncle Ted, and places like Unism and ConsumeProduct, and the new ParallelSociety group. I would not have given it all up to start a Goat Farm and write the last book I wrote.

These people inspire us to make the world a better place.

And I am sending Ted a copy of my book, in the hopes it gives him some comfort as he nears death.

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I sure as hell would vote for him! I would canvas for him door to door handing out literature and attend all his rallies non-stop until he made me part of his cabinet.

-Some author

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This is why I stopped posting quality Goat Content on ConPro.

The De-moralizing Doom-Scrolling Bot Crew Took this Place Over.

We all know who sperg-ed out this place over a month ago with his bots, it has become clear what their real intentions are. To De-Moralize you.

It is ok though, the ParSoc is where the real action is at these days. https://communities.win/c/ParallelSociety

We just keep tilling our fields and having babies over here, and imagine that. Have not been Ruby Ridged yet while drinking from the Keg of Glory!

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But then thinking about this some more, you also have the "Edward Snowden effect". Some people think of him as a the true patriot of our generation, and therefore, have sympathy for his new home country.

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I would expect, given members’ propensity to think independently as well as their ideological leanings, that we’d see more apathy/dissent.

Often people have a knee-jerk reaction to support the enemy of their enemy. It is like a 3D chess move in their mind, even if that "enemy of my enemy" sucks real bad too.

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Sure, be aware, but never let fear stop you King!

Also, never sell shotguns to randoms. In fact, if they do come, start praying on livestream.

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