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Goats obviously.

Computers are the destruction of mankind.

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Because they love Animals more than Humans.

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I can only offer advice, I cannot make the choice for you...

The hardest part is making the decision that you want to do it.

The rest is easy....

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Not gonna lie.

Ate Roo once, really tasty...

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lol, no.

I fear for your floors...

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One thing to note: Specific breeds add variability to this.

Here is another chart for you: https://ibb.co/3zWsYy6

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Helpful Chart for Picking Your Agrarian Adventure and choosing the right land & livestock type.

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Also one more thing to add. I would love to learn more about what you are doing.

Good husbandry (knowing the animal and giving them what they need to thrive), thrift, and planning is the key. In humid high rainfall areas cattle are superior meat animals (and vastly superior dairy animals) all things considered. Bottle calves are practically given away sometimes and I can turn one bought in april into rose veal by november or December. A 100 dollar or less calf into 1000 dollars of meat on no grain or hay...only milk from retired dairy cattle and ordinary pasture. If only I had more space. Never had any trouble selling them either. In fact, never enough supply.

Tell us more about strategies you could teach others that are interested in an agrarian lifestyle to earn a living from bottle calves. This sounds like an opportunity for some people.

And from what I hear in my contacts in the cattle industry: a lot of heifers have been slaughtered recently and there's actually going to be a shortage of calves this next few years? Any truth to this?

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Three years ain't nuffin. Come back in thirty and tell me about goats. Anyone can go make a business card and I don't see 200 unique goats there.

Sure, I plan on raising Goats until I die.

And I am glad we went from you accusing me of using stock photos to… You accusing me of not owning enough goats.

We have about 100 goats at the moment, but as you said,

They like to scatter, not flock like sheep and turkeys. 

So they are not always in the same place at the same time so it is hard to get a photo of all of them at once.

Anytime a person singles out one crop, animal, or system as wonderful rings my warning bells.

But that is the exact same thing you are doing. To summarize your point, Goats suck. Cattle Rock.

What is amazing to me about this is that, probably half the Cattlemen I meet, either have your point of view, or the other half is wondering what they need to do to get on the Goat bandwagon where I live.

Lots of demand in the Goat Market and much less turbulent prices. To bolster my point, Goats were completely absent of CFAP1, because Goat producers never saw a drop in Goat Market prices due to Covid. I am not making this up.

All it takes is one drought, one serious liability incident, or bunch of switchgrass (toxic to goats/sheep, harmless to bovids) and operations can get wiped out.

Sure, and that is part of the fun & challenge of being a farmer. This is not a Goat issue.

 In humid high rainfall areas cattle are superior meat animals

Agreed. Goats are not for wet climates. I hear sheep also do well in high humid areas too.

Many if not all the slaughter houses where I live refuse sheep and goats. Too small...waste of time. And no mass market. 

Every City in America is overrun with Immigrants, so I am surprised to hear you say this.

No mass market for Sheep? The Sheep processor which slaughters my goats processes 800,000 sheep a year. They seem to be doing well and I am glad they process my goats for me.

This leaves one to direct market, which is more profitable, but makes you salesman, whom I detest. 

I would make a horrible salesman, luckily I do not have to be. With computers you have: Automated e-mail sequences. Automated Ad Campaigns. I literally have never had to talk to one of my customers for my direct meat sales. It is 100% automated.

I've released goats into good pastures of red clover and good grass. 

Well that was dumb. They will eat everything else first. How come you didn’t read this in any of your goat books? Chart from OSU: https://ibb.co/GJ72Gvb

Only after depletion of the clover and palatable forbs and grasses (chicory, orchardgrass, etc) do these get targeted, and usually after they jumped the fence and girdled an apple tree or destroyed your garden.

Jumping a fence? How fat are your meat goats if they are jumping fences? I literally have never seen one of my fat meat goats jump a fence, as they are fat. They go under the fence or through it, maybe, but never over it. I have only heard of Tall Thin Dairy goats doing this… which I do not own...

You make some fair points, but some of them are odd...

And I guess my real question is, if you're into agrarian lifestyles why are you trying to discourage me or anyone else from living that dream?

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Also, yes, they destroy noxious weeds and brush.

That is why people rent them from me.

Destruction isnt a bug, its a feature.

Don't leave them in one spot too long and the soil is fine.

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I cannot believe I just learned of this wonderful parable by Uncle Ted just yesterday: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/ted-kaczynski-ship-of-fools

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"something other than the same stock photo."

Here is my business card with my phone # blocked: https://ibb.co/vDK9TKn

Note: The Goat on the bottom of my business card facing the camera is the same as the goat on the right side on top of this tree: https://consumeproduct.win/p/HXok0gTg/reclaim-your-destiny-goats/c/

Also here: (top left): https://consumeproduct.win/p/HXk3Lze7/kings-do-not-forget-the-goat-lif/c/

Also you will see her on the right side of my trailer: https://consumeproduct.win/p/HrKIlTvA/kings--goats-you-too-will-be-fre/c/

"On other people's land you say?"

"Love to see it."

If you look real close you will see her by the Barn here: https://consumeproduct.win/p/HYGlCKot/they-took-this-from-you-reclaim-/c/

btw this last photo was a rental gig, that is not my barn, and note the temporary fencing. Also note the giant cattle water troughs. Only a cattlemen who gave up on cattle because they waste money would rent my goats to clear out his weed infested pasture. True Story... and I have pics to prove it...

Seriously my friend, take less goat blackpills and some more goat whitepills.

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Raise them on a goat farm and it won't happen

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the price of Cattle is so low, I do not think I would ever make any money with a small amount of land & resources.

Sounds like a list of weak excuses to me.

Agriculture 101: If your farm doesn't make any $$, you won't be a farmer long.

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Also to add one more point. Meat eaters could care less about papers.

Only fellow Goat Breeders care. That market is small....

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