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I'm Canadian, so yes. There's 3 types of Native Americans.

  1. Fully assimilated and hate their culture. Seem fairly normal.

  2. Drunk criminals who leach off society and contribute nothing.

  3. Whores that pretend they are oppressed in order to collect as many benefits for being Native American as they can meanwhile they have more privilege than average white people but they always claim the victim in everything. Basically, typical leftist whore.

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Well, 2 years ago no one I knew was anti-semitic, now I'd say like half the people I know are aware of Jews and a quarter are against them. I've also just got more right-wing along with many of my friends. Perhaps it is on the rise or just anecdotal I guess.

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There's 4 types of black girls readily found in western society from my experience.

  1. Intelligent immigrant from a well off family. Generally, these women are fairly decent. They're never good looking though because their style and look is too African. You'll actually find these women have much more traditional values than western white women.

  2. Dumb refugee. You'll rarely encounter the women because they're likely muslim or regardless, they don't venture far from their own kind. Generally ugly and dumb. More trouble than they're worth because they're basically another man's properly already.

  3. Brainwashed liberal strong independent don't need no man black woman. Entirely intolerable. The worst of the worst. They're dumb, arrogant, crass, aggressive and they have a better job than you because they've been unjustly elevated in society due to their POC Woman status but these women don't realize it. They act like they deserve it all which makes them entirely intolerable.

  4. Ghetto black woman. Aggressive, arrogant, batshit crazy. EXTREMELY Black supremacist. They take the black angle on everything no matter what and no matter how wrong it is. Very tribal-like.

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The real downfall was not allowing priests to marry. When it was effectively made law in the 1100s, a few generations later and the church became full of beta males who ultimately made it corrupt and ineffectively leading to a schism. Martin Luther exposed some problems but created many new problems of his own.

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Meh, the marriage is already over if she's so easily influenced by people who aren't her husband and then tries manipulating her husband into doing something she knows he's against. Just delaying the inevitable.

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Tell her if she gets the vaccine, the marriage is off. That simple.

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You know what else is nonsense? Having every person think they can interpret the bible better than everyone else. Protestants are nonsense. The downfall of Christianity begun when every man with a bible was as good at interpreting the bible as everyone else.

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Because Traditional Catholics are decently based. The same can't really be said for any other denomination. Most protestants are woke faggots or cult members. Orthodox is pretty hit or miss in a lot of things.

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SSPX doesn't go far enough but it has the right idea. Way too many Catholics get caught up in the "traditional Latin mass". Even if the mass wasn't changed, modern Catholicism would still be an abomination. The issue is that the church is not teaching Christianity and is making modern adaptations to doctrine in order to appease modern philosophical beliefs. The mass is meaningless on its own.

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Nah don't blame that on him, they'd have found something or manufactured something.

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That'll get your a weight lifting routine to use.

I recommend running at least 2 miles a day also.

You'll recover faster in time the more you workout.

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The people who don't agree with being slaves are less agreeable and less intellectual when intelligence is defined by adherence to our mandate. Also, those who are in the minority show less ability to mingle with the majority that disagree with them. Crazy.

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Was he home-schooled? Did his mom work? Were his parents religious? Was the father the head of the household or were the man and woman "equal"? Lots of tell-signs. Hardly anyone escapes the degeneracy.

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I'm curious what you'd consider to be better books to read? I agree with your statement: "you only get from reading what you bring to it" for the most part. Life experiences > reading but I do believe life experiences + reading can be better than just one or the other.

I have read the above books and do believe by reading them, they've helped me improve overall. An understanding of things can help ground a person's focus where it should be as well as improve moral values in order to enhance behavior. This leads to different outcomes in life.

All these books are extremely applicable to the world today.

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Oh, I get it, you're black. Yeah, that'll affect your relationship outcomes.

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So you have herpes? Yeah, it'll affect your relationships dumbass.

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Kushner was always controlling Trump. Trump doesn't actually understand what is required to win. He tried to buy the black vote and he panders to women/non-whites. Trump is ineffective.

You'll never get a better society through a democracy in western society. Democracy is done.

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  • Nicomachean Ethics - Aristotle
  • Politics - Aristotle
  • Summa Theologica - Aquinas
  • The Bible
  • Beyond Good and Evil - Nietzsche
  • On the Genealogy of Morality - Nietzsche
  • Demons - Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • After Virtue - Alasdair MacIntyre
  • The Prince - Niccolò Machiavelli
  • 48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene
  • Bronze Age Mindset - BAP

That should cover all your basic needs.

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Whores aren't based. Anyone who earns a living from their popularity is a whore. Remember this, it applies to all whores. Whores can never be based.

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You can workout 7 days a week. Make sure you do cardio, it's important. Try https://www.bodbot.com for routine help.

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There won't be a storm in either of our lifetimes so the question is, do you like your life the way it is or do you want change now?

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Lots of people have been pressured into it. The CDC on their website actually gives tips to family members how to pressure people in their family to take the vaccine.

You shouldn't take the vaccine. You're actually increasing the probability of variants being created and are making things worse for everyone when you take the vaccine. Not to mention the wasted resources on paying for the vaccines that could be better spent elsewhere. If you're young, you should just catch the virus naturally and build natural immunity. That is the best thing for you and society.

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Have you ever met them before? I was friends with some hutterites. I found the young women pretty weird. It's not all a picture perfect traditional fairy tale. The women are still women. These hutterite girls I knew all thought they were smart, all thought they knew what was best, all had egos but they were extremely fucking dumb and knew nothing. In short, you're still going to have to deal with a woman who acts like a woman except who is absolutely much more stupid than the average western woman.

The quality hutterite women get snatched out quick by the quality men in the community. All you'll get to pick from are the excess women that no one in the community wanted. The reason no one wanted them is because they're dumb/bad personalities or ugly.

I think there's a high chance you're going to be disappointed with the women in these communities and without extremely high quality women, you won't find the lifestyle worthwhile at all. There's a reason everyone on here isn't discussing going to some Amish colony to pickup women, it's because it's mostly a fantasy and doesn't really work well in reality.

Anyway, I think it's best you check it out yourself. You never know. Good luck.

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I'd just ask what their experience was like. If they said they didn't want to talk about it, I'd probably crack a joke about how I'm actually a WWII vet but I never like talking about it either. The jab being that I'm clearly not a WWII vet so I'm calling him a liar.

If he understands the insult and acts insulted then I push him to tell me his experience because I hear so much about it, I want a first hand account.

If he finally tells me his experience then I just trip him up in his story and ask for specifics when I know he'll likely be unable to give me specifics. There's nothing easier than tripping up a person giving a fake story. If it seems legit, I'll press the point about how he wasn't killed and why he thinks that is. What kept him alive.

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