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First mistake: Race mixing. Should have never happened in the first place..

Not baste, sorry kiddo.

hmm by mp40
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wow biebo game is so funny!1!

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Dated a girl like this, kind of a rebound thing..

Turned out to be one of the most based women I had ever met. If it weren't for the constant raves and MDMA she used she would have been pretty cool.

I know "don't judge a book by its cover" is cringe but sometimes you will find a diamond in the rough..

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They're called eurocucks for a reason..

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It's reddit, luke warm IQs and niggers.

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People are too retarded. HOONTER IS ON WITH A FUNNY MAN WHAT A GUY!!

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Damn the FBI must be retarded if they have this stupid nigger trying to bait people.

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Thats 100% not him lmfaooooooo

Our society is ruined.

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I want to see the police pull out and let the niggers ruin their shit even more. It's funny to watch them chimp out.

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Damn you really took the time to type this?

Who cares, it's reddit. They're fucking retards anyway they will always be like that.

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They didn't used to be, they raised shitter kids and now go to church to try and save themselves for what they created.

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The act of watching porn and cooming, changes the chemical make up in your brain to only want to coom. Not wanting the real thing, just dopamine and coom. Don't do it fren.

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I have a family friend who has a 17 y/o. I am 24 and his dad asked me if I would take him out golfing and doing things. The reason is his kid plays with "weggos" and only plays video games.

He wants me to teach him how to get women to like him..

Sad dad, sad kid.

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What a good little goyim!!!

Make sure to support your local ATF, IRS and FBI agents!!!!

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Where do you think we lie on this chart, officer?

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I got the point, it's just retarded.

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Bibeo game funni hehe c:

Fuck vidya games. They're for faggots

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Pull out the conceal carry, "I'm afraid for my life" shoot said nigbull and call the police. Bang bang skeet skeet nigga now you're safe from shitter dogs.

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THE GOYIM MADE US IN TO SAUSAGES. They also said they were made into saddles for horses, Football (soccer) balls, soap, sausages and them made to eat them. They're filthy rats and lie about everything that happened to them. Fuck jews

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I get about three vodkas in, a rap song will come on at a party and I lose my shit and start telling everyone niggers are Jew pets trying to subvert white Americans into nigger culture. Then people give me a funny look as I Tism out in the back room. KEK

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I will drink and do cocaine as I please, nigger.

Jk it really does.

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