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Pssst, hint, Zion Don is not the super-genius TD.lose makes him out to be.

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What a classic piece of kike casuistry.

"Yes, the European goyim did indeed build a mighty and admirable civilization, but don't you see, that is only the result of being the descendants of those clever jews!"

Jewish nonsense.

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War on Drugs. But only one side takes any casualties.

Death penalties for drug dealers.

The US has 60,000 opioid deaths a year. If it were drug dealers dying, we wouldn't have a problem.

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Would be interesting to see the impact on passport applications.

And voter and drivers license registration.

And pension applications.

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It is a device that could have been used in some kind of medieval craft. We don't know how it was used. Putting up a picture with hands in it proves nothing.

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  1. You got any facts to back that up, stormfag?

  2. Banned for hatefacts, stormfag!

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You showed that they were being inconsistent and they still banned you?

My amazed face.

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Always good to check stuff out for yourself.

jews hate that.

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I've only been confirmed in mine, but I will say that I had not grasped the extent of the entire scamming network.

I think they have revealed themselves a lot since 9/11, and every year more than the last.

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I am waiting for her to ask him to be a cuckold.

"Won't you even do it for me?"

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I find it hard to believe that you would even consider falling for the "Won't diddums at least do it for liddle-widdle me-kums?"

Maybe it is time for your balls to drop and to develop some self-respect.

Marrying someone who would try this shit is the end of your life as a man and the beginning of your life as a doormat.

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Low trust societies.

You can't say it is irrational.

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It is very important in marriage to get someone who is sweet and easy-going and not manipulative. And hwo doesn't change with the wind. You don't want 50 years of that shit.

Besides, the vaccine may make her infertile.

And who wants to be married to a weak-willed midwit?

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This is an example of what I have been telling people for years. People talk about "learning self defense skills" and "what is best, Krav Maga or Jiu Jitsu?" and so on. when in reality the most important - the primary - thing you need to learn is what REALLY happens in self defense situations and the best ways to react to them. Useful, relevant figting skills" can only be developed in that context.

In this case, the weak white man should not have even got out of this car because it was only going to inflame matters and because he was unskilled and had no intimidation in him. And the coon was plainly touched in the head, so you have no basis for a rational conversation and things could easily go sideways. For god sake, the situation - always VERY important in self defense - is right beside a road, as commonly occurs. So if you engage the coon and he runs out into the street and is hit by a car, guess who is in trouble? You!

I have video of men fighitng over some road rage nothing. A punches B. B falls as a truck passes. It avoids squashing his head by no more than an inch.

And if you are going to get out, then have a plan. Do it and get it over with.

But it is all very situational.

Of course as matters go downstream you need basic skills, how to make a fist, how to throw your hands, how to grapple and trip, how to fight out of a head-protected position and so on, but if you are an afficianado of internet clips of violence, you will know that in any potentially violent situation you need to see and understand what KIND of potentially violent situation you are in and WHERE it is happening and how it will develop and how you can guide matters to a conclusion that will not fuck up your life.

Personally, I think any self defense class should begin with the examination of real life video clips and then building the lesson and doing the skills development from there. Just one clip will provide enough material for a few or even many lessons.

That is, lessons should begin with 'what can I do and what should i do" in this XYZ situation?

The answer a lot of the time is "see if you can walk away".

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So what do they conclude aout the people they are scolding and the process that got them there?

Because they are all leftists and commies, right?

And what about state-sponsored environmentalism in general, then? ? And what about state-sponsored anything

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If it's Enoch Powell, I am favorably disposed.

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