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If you have a highly controversial stance on a particular issue, and you don't want to potentially alienate those around you, I recommend coming out slowly. Start off noncontraversial.

For example, suppose you have a take on the Holocaust most would find offensive. When the opportunity arises, say you dislike people profiting from the holocaust, a sentiment almost everybody agrees with. Recommend The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein and see where it goes from there.

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One of the top comments ever posted here.

Though I'm moderation uber allies: I get more enjoyment eating sugary stuff sporadically than daily. Enjoy vidja more when I go extended stretches between playing them. Enjoy alcohol exclusively with friends and family, and not every time I am with them. I enjoy the increasingly uncommon times I scroll idly (my comment rate here has dropped for example) more than I did when I did for hours a day.

You get the idea.

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Glad you're here, king.

I at least have been noticing more self/community help posts here in the recent past than in the months preceeding it. I at least welcome them and find them to be a refreshing change.

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I find it interesting the posts in this series have seen the highest upvote total since this site's euphoric opening month.

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Good on you for kicking the weed habit. Quitting cigs is going to take much more doing, but I think you got this.

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A top 5 of all time starter pack for me, at least. Wanna say this exact one was the top all-time at r/starterpacks when it was fresh, proving that even redditors have some self-awareness.

by sn33d
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Good to have you back, king.

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I'll add my voice to the chorus saying the claims here are likely exaggerated, but the connections between hops in beer and depletion of all things masculine is becoming increasingly known. Take a look at the guy who recommends the famously hoppy IPA in this ad - very close to what pops into your mind when someone says the word redditor.

While they're not the same thing, IBUs and hoppiness strongly correlate. Here's a chart. Drink responsibly, kings.

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Love a good garden post.

Gonna keep this short and sweet: this is my first year gardening and likely did poorly, but I'm satisfied for being a first-timer. Had some results with blueberries, tomatoes and raspberries.

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If it makes you feel any better, I know two couples, all four in their late 20s-early 30s, who have conceived after being fully vaxed.

There's also this study that says if any correlation exists being vaxed and male fertiliity, it's positive.

I have a couple issues with this study, sample size is a little small and it doesn't cover groups at a higher risk for reduced sperm count/motility, but I've seen worse studies.

As an aside, people here will most likely react "TrUsT tHe ScIeNcE", but I prefer to be amused at redditors disappointed by this.

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Why do you continue to use Consume Product? What’s good about it?

I disagree, to one extent or another, with the vast majority of what appears here^, but I make a conscious effort to regularly expose myself to views I disagree with. I've long been fascinated by fringe/outlier politics, and this is about as outlier as it gets.

Not going to go into what originally drawn me to the subreddit, but I also come here for a bit of harkening back to those days.

On change: Has Consume Product changed from reddit for better or worse?

Worse. I have no plans on complaining about or changing here, but the old sub was more positively inspiring to me than here for various reasons.

To the future: Thoughts on the future of Consume Product, what would you like to see?

More self/community betterment stuff would be a good start: Godposts, gardenposts, artposts, natuerposts tedpill posts, life updating posts are all good. Yes, I'm aware of apparent hypocrisy in that I don't do much of this myself.

For those interested in growing ideologies espoused here, it might be a more effective way to do it than doubling down on edgy jokes.

^ In spite of this, I know that if I get doxed, and those around me are concerned, I'm getting the same memory holing as anyone else here.

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Great to see you back and thriving, king. Wish of have been there for your triumphant stride into your hiatus. But I am here to welcome you back. So hang around, but not too much. Don't consoom this out any other online hangout.

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I can go into a long spat on this topic, but we like oversimplifications here better than meandering walls of text: the left is less unified than many people think.

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See you in a moon or two. Enjoy your respite, and come back better than ever.

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After the George Floyd fallouts, the sub's traffic increased greatly. So did critical eyes upon it. Sounds like you joined at that, most active time for it.

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Although the sub did have right leaning overtones, many who don't identify as such, but disliked degeneracy and consumerism were there often. There were several posts to the effect of "I'm pretty liberal, but -". We were a diverse bunch of ideologies there.

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Agreed, old reddit sub > here. Not that I'm complaining about here, but the self-improvement stuff is more my bag than the edgy humor that gets voted up here.

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I love them both, but tart cherries are definitely underrated.

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Interesting post. Here's what I have to say on the issues in your post (fwiw, I'm decidedly less auth-right than most here):

Trad wife: I don't emphasize having a tradwife as much as most here. It may be nice, but you're really, really limiting your options if you're tradwife only. Plus, in my days of bartending, I was very surprised to see many normie women have more based tendencies and opinions than I at least anticipated.

Trad life/family: Wanna say they report the highest rates of happiness and satisfaction, and people have been reporting being less happy over the decades when traditional families have been lessening. Might not have much appeal to me, this is worth thinking about.

Homesteading: I'm fascinated by the topic, but I find urban living agreeable enough to not go headlong into it.

Organic farming: Very interested in it. The problems are the increased costs and the fact I am a little suspicious of large companies claims of cleanliness.

Permaculture: Haven't given this enough thought to have a strong opinion on it, but it seems cool.

Localism, antiglobalism: I don't think being local is intrinsically better than not, a locale should have a reasonably distinct identity.

Anti-consumerism: I'm more anti-consoomerism: don't be an idiot consoomer and you should be golden. And yes, general consumerism is bad and more people should strive to consume more intelligently.

No/Home/Small Schooling: I'm thinking - hoping - more are becoming aware of the downsides of public schooling and that could be salvaged to some extent.. Possibly wishful thinking on my part.

De/Counterurbanization: Haven't given it much thought.

Multigenerationhomes: Love my parents, but if I had to live with them past my early 20s, I'd go nuts. My grandparents are all dead. I could see myself living with certain members of my extended family for a while, but I don't know how that'd work in practice.

Neo-traditional religious awakening: I see it as a reaction to growing secularism/atheism among mainstream western nations, and as a result of said groups higher fertility rate. Haven't given it much thought beyond that.

Natalism: A population should roughly sustain itself naturally. Don't think we need to breed like rabbits. I have a hard time directly supporting pro life causes because the world doesn't need more sub-useless degenerates, and it doesn't take elaborate studies to prove unwanted children are more likely to become sub-useless degenerates. Sure attitudes regarding sex might become less caviler as a result, but I don't see that making up for this.

Anti-career: you are more than your job title. Remember that, kings and queens.

Home gardening/cooking: Gardenposts are best posts.

Great reset: I'm frankly unimpressed by this theory.

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Great post, I could ramble on with an absolutely enormous wall of text, but nah. Just a couple for now.

What life pro tip do you have?

I'll give two:

  1. In the spirit of the old reddit sub, here's my favorite tip to reduce frivolous internet time: if there's literally any part of you, no matter how great or small, telling you not to make that comment/post/social media update, don't do it. A substantial time saver for at least myself.

  2. Most agree will power is a finite resource. The biggest way to not lose to temptation is to avoid it completely. Dieting? Don't bring foods that violate it into your home. Going nofap? Don't look at anything made to cause arousal. A shorter term strategy I employ when tempted, physically distance myself from whatever is the problem, preferably to another room.

Have you ever heard a bad pro tip or been given bad advice? What would you recommend instead?

"Good things come to those who wait."

Sometimes, sure. But much more often than not, it's up to you to make it happen. Take initiative, kings and queens.

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