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Video doesn't seem that bad with what he's talking about. There is definitely a problem with men having way less sex partners, men are living with parents much longer and losing virginity later

What caused this is up for debate tho

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Sydney Watson seething the whole episode over Nicks jokes and views is funny content. Also use the live chat to look at what they say.

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Yeah very enjoyable. Sydney gets blown the fuck out around 2:05:00 when nick ask her to define right wing and she can't do it.

Then she starts seething

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They spend 90% of reddit post comments on post denying any YouTube comments about elves existed and thinking it's made up by media.


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Be whatever you want to be you don't need to conform to others. Find your own path fren just like you resisted being a COONSOOMER

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Welcome. Enjoy your stay

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Her reasons are really stupid it's not some logical based reason. Read her thread.

She herself was raised by white parents who treated her well same as Kaepernick and is all butthurt over it. Same as she's mad over amy coney Barrett raising black kids. Well were the black parents? Oh right they left.

She's just a really ungrateful person

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