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This is literally how I see crowds when I'm feeling depressed.

When I'm grocery shopping and it becomes too much to tolerate, I give myself permission to just leave my shopping trolley and quit and go home. Come back when I'm feeling better.

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FTFY: Who is it? ZOG.

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Untrue. I figured this shit out when I was 16 years old with no outside influence and that was in the 90s, well before the internet.

I wasn't even a legal adult. You can't expect me to believe that parents and grandparents with decades / generations more knowledge had empty heads.

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This is too simplistic.

Most God-fearing Christians are unable to comprehend the scope and potency of the evil of the Jew.

Most of us don't believe that (((demons))) walk among us, until it's too late.

This is a failure of our fathers and forefathers to warn us.

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Do they mandate an injection of Jewish-vaccine-AIDS?

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And now she has Jew-vaccine-AIDS.

Just look how happy she is.

Widespread skin lesions and rashes within five years, dead from immune system failure within eight... assuming the Jew-cancers and Jew-blood-clots don't kill her first.

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My racism has grown so powerful it can oxidize stainless steel.

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Thanks dad for warning us about the Jew.

Great job! Well done! /s

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New World Order Jews who are funded by Israel who pretend to be Nazis in the hope you'll be too distracted to notice they are New World Order Jews who are funded by Israel.

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Notice how she refers to demons and the next rebuttal is, "Are you antisemitic?".

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Perhaps all the ((( Academy Awards ))) needs is more black on black violence?

Perhaps they should set next year's show in a coliseum?

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They're Just Like Us™

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You can expect your entire comment history to be down-voted for having an honest discussion about the Star of Remphan.

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The six pointed Star of Remphan that Luke warned us about in Acts 7:43.

I get shivers every time I see it.

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No. It's just me. I'm writing an extensive preppers guide for beginners for people living in cities and suburbs that I'll post soon.

If you have any questions then please ask away.

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Says the person who did nothing but make No True Scotsman logical fallacies and throw mud.

If that's all you have then we can both agree this debate is over.

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Then you have no rebuttal beyond mud-throwing.

If you can think of an actual rebuttal rather than resorting to personal attacks or distractions then I'll be happy to resume this debate with you.

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Just because scripture refers to them as "beasts of the field" doesn't mean...

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That's blatantly untrue because all Jews follow the scripture of the Torah and many follow the Talmudic teachings of Judaism's most respected religious scholars who have shaped Jewish law, culture and faith for over 3,200 years - long before the spoken Talmud was transcribed.

European Ashkenazi Jews, Khazarian Jews and Hebrew Jews have all been mindful of the Jewish culture and the importance of their bloodlines when breeding with each other. I mean no disrespect, but this is a truther community and you can go to any Jewish gathering and you're more likely to see a Sasquatch than a black or Asian Jew.

Also your emotional argument is the definition of the No True Scotsman logical fallacy.

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Why do African-Americans behave exactly like Africans?

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The Apostles who became Christians were good Jews. I suspect Andrew Breitbart wasn't a bad Jew. I'm almost certain there are others.

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My plan is to stay in the suburbs and try to help defend my community.

I have farming skills, farming equipment, seeds, two massive water purification systems enough to purify 50,000 gallons of water, weapons and very good solar panels on my roof. I know how to compost human waste safely.

Firstly, I will protect my family and see how "72 hours to animal" plays out.

After that, I will offer assistance to my neighbors in the form of clean water and a safe place to listen to local radio broadcasts in exchange for working together to protect what we have.

I have bought a MASSIVE event marquee that can be used as a makeshift church / school / cinema / daycare center. I have a speaker system for broadcasting EBS messages and local radio to a large crowd that can also be used by a pastor for church services. I have also downloaded thousands of hours of interesting and educational podcasts, radio plays, short stories, classic stories, Coast to Coast AM shows, survival podcasts, children's stories. This can also be used to give the community structure with entertainment for everyone even story time for the children each evening.

I will attempt to expand this and hopefully convert backyards and then parkland into guarded farmland.

If we can keep our little community fed and working together to defend what we have and expand and grow, hopefully we can survive the joggers.

Wishful thinking I know, but I will try to stand rather than running and hiding.

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