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From what I gather, you have little issues in your life. You have a fiancee, are mostly content but you could do with living in a better area and a nice-to-have would be starting your own business.

It doesn't sound like anything you want "small business" or "civil neighbors" are blocked from you. That means you can get what you want out of life. The status quo is fine but you want a little improvement to make things easier such as less red tape.

It's easy to see why you don't like extremists one way or another because you don't need anything disrupted. Extremists are a risk to your way of life since you're mostly content with the way things are. It'd be nicer for you if everyone just got along and stopped fighting because then you could enjoy your status quo (that works for you) in peace and quiet without having to worry about any groups disrupting you.

Now, try looking at it from a different perspective.

  • Instead if having a fiancee, you are single. You don't want to be single though but you've spent years trying and had no luck. You did everything you were told you were supposed to do yet never got anywhere. You spent the better part of a decade thinking the problem must be you so you tried to improve yourself in every way imaginable but then every single experience you've had seems to indicate the problem isn't you but other people and the culture that we're in. In fact, you can hardly even find women you're attracted to in society anymore. You simply don't like what women have become. Trying to find what you're attracted to in modernity you realize is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  • You have some career success but you're very underemployed for your situation. You should be in a much better job than you currently are. Again, you spent years thinking there must be something wrong with you but instead you realize you're being passed over because you're a white male and most jobs are hiring or promoting/training women and POCs instead. The companies you work for constantly push Diversity and Inclusion. You start learning about ESG investing and realize companies are purposely not promoting/hiring white males because they need to up their D&I metrics to increase the marketability of their stock to increase demand and therefore price of the stock. You see women and POCs who are much worse at their job get promoted instead of you. Your linkedin is full of women posting about their newest job venture, women completed less qualified than you.

  • Now that you're underemployed because you're a white male, you realize your situation to find a fiancee is even worse because women are hypergamous and prefer dating "up". You're now disadvantaged in the dating market because you were oppressed in the career market simply because you were a white male.

  • Further to that, your Quality of Life keeps going down and was lower to begin than where it should have been because the government keeps making terrible economic decisions. These decisions seem orchestrated specifically to harm you. Things like helping to prevent climate change appear not to be in your interest, I mean you don't even have a fiancee so how can you have kids to care about the next generation? And that's presuming man-made climate change is real and not a fraud designed to enhance the wealth and power of the elite. Clearly, everyone else doesn't care about you because no one is doing anything to help you with your love life or career. Instead, at every opportunity you're being told that you don't deserve a woman or you shouldn't rely on someone else to make you happy. Also, apparently it's fine for your career to be oppressed because your great grandparents were white and therefore you're privileged, even though you don't feel privileged at all. Yet, you're supposed to continue to sacrifice your economic well-being for others who hate you?

  • Immigrants keep coming into the country to further take your job opportunities and depress wages. Worst of all, you don't find any of the women attractive nor do you have anything in common with them politically or value-wise so your country is being filled up with people who are your enemy and these people vote against your interests. How is that a nice thing?

  • So you realize the whole government and culture seems out to get you (because it is) and you aren't happy with the status quo of your situation. It's not good enough that others leave you alone because you're still not getting what you want out of life. You want what you want out of life and need a way to get it. How can you get what you want out of life? So you begin to unravel the problems you're facing and you realize the only real solution is an authoritarian dictator who promotes a racially homogenous society and traditional gender roles. You decide to latch onto Christianity, but the traditional kind because Traditional Christianity has the gender roles and moral values that would make the kind of life you want easier to attain. You realize you need a strong dictator to change society in the dramatic fashion you need because a democracy simply won't work to get what you want. There's just too many people who aren't like you and they can easily be manipulated to vote against your interests and then governments will bring in more people not like you such that people like you never have power in a democracy.

  • You start trying to piece together who the enemies are and you realize the Jews with money and power always do what's against your interests so they become enemy number 1. Who else put Jews as enemy number 1, promoted traditional gender roles and was a strong authoritarian dictator who promoted a racially homogenous society? Oh, that's right: Hitler. You start researching into him, realize if his ideas were met, you're probably be much happier than now so you decide to support Hitler and National Socialism and Christianity.

Now remember, in this hypothetical other perspective, you aren't happy with the status quo. How do you change the status quote? Well, through disruption and unfortunately, where you want things to be is radical compared to the status quo so you need to be an extremist and that means you don't care to get along with everybody and would be perfectly alright if the enemies preventing you from getting what you wanted died. Why care about others who have made it clear they not only don't care about you through their actions but they've actually gone and made life worse for you? From your perspective, riding society of these people at any cost would be a net benefit to you.

Now exit your hypothetical and go back to who you really are, the status quo guy who just wants people to get along with less government interfering so no one disrupts the good thing he has going. To the right-wing extremist guy in my hypothetical, you're promoting empty platitudes and a useless ideology to him. How does your ideology get the guy in the hypothetical what he wants? It doesn't, so he will never care what you say because you don't offer anything of value.

And there you have it. A good portion of right-wing guys. If guys were getting properly rewarded for the effort they put into society, they wouldn't have need for right-wing ideologies. You realize yourself that you aren't getting what you want due to a lack of effort on your part. People can accept this. What people can't accept is putting in effort and not getting what they want because of some sort of social barriers that have been put in place. When you get this, you get extremists who will stop at nothing to destroy those barriers so they can get what they want. I guarantee you'd hardly even see if a "right-wing" if you found a way to provide attractive women, high-paying jobs and a safe, low-crime society that had a homogenous feel to it. Ironically, the very things you say you want also but for the most part, you don't feel barred from those things. You already have them or feel like you can get them with a little more effort. A lot of guys do not feel they can get them though and that's how you get extremism on any side.

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I said "from what I heard". That's about as close as saying "I didn't read it" as I can get. Until I get confirmation it is actually his, I don't see the value of reading it.

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From what I heard, most of it was copy and pasted directly from the mosque shooter in New Zealand's manifesto. I mean, I feel like an 18yo kid would have wanted to write it in his own words. a Copy+paste job sounds like a lazy FBI agent.

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The way this reads may lead one to conclude that you believe Hitler had no faults and therefore are trying to engage people you disagree with.

If you're against Hitler, National Socialism and those who lean that way, wouldn't it be better to actually engage them the opposite of the way you're going about it? Your initial post is condescending, suggesting that you expect people may have a hard time disagreeing with Hitler and therefore are less intelligent by your own account(unable to look at the person as they truly were) or potentially brainwashed to speculate even more insidious ideas from your potential perspective.

Whenever you truly want to understand someone, I would recommend asking them these series of questions:

  • What do you want out of life?
  • What is stopping you from getting what you want out of life?
  • How would your beliefs, if realized, help you get what you want out of life?

When someone can answer these questions, you'll begin to understand their perspective and also understand just how little most people know.

You could try answering those questions, if you wanted to reciprocate.

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What are you even doing here? You some MIGA on a field trip or what?

Also, Hitler was a socialist. I don't care what kind of mental gymnastics the others on this forum will attempt to try and say Hitler's socialism wasn't real socialism and was actually just the best economic policy in the whole world. It wasn't. If you read some of the economic policy ideas Hitler had, you'd find out they were absolutely atrocious. The only reason we didn't see Hitler ruin the economy is because he lost the war too early to tell how badly his economic policies would have failed.

And the only reason Hitler had any sort of "economic recovery" that people here overblow is because he built up an army then stopped paying his debts and the creditors couldn't do anything about it because Hitler had too much military strength. When they employed punitive trade policies on him in response, he conquered new territory in order to gain access to more resources, then he used the farmers in the new territory to feed everyone else, while he pushed most Germans in the core of Germany to the cities in order to industrialize. It worked great in the short-term but this was a one-time trick. Just like arguably, Stalin's 5 years plan of killing off a bunch of people so he could support his urban dwellers for industrialization also proved a success, but it doesn't mean the USSR's overall long-term economic policies were good. Over the long-term, Hitler's economic policies would have been atrocious.

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How did he post the manifesto? This to me is the most important part.

Did he reference it while on livestream and there's a video of him of the livestream referencing his manifesto? Did he post a link during the livestream for others to download?

If we have no record of this guy referencing his manifesto then how do we know it's real? If the feds just said they found one when investigating his computer or something, wouldn't you be suspicious as fuck?

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Lunatic like the Crusaders who killed the Muslims for invading their lands? Sounds like you're the lunatic for thinking it's okay for non whites to be here.

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Hate evil, you who love the Lord, Who preserves the souls of His godly ones; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10

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You're a moron and you should go back to Israel.

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Only awarding points for helping disabled and old people is literally communism.

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It shouldn't just be for seniors or people with disabilities. That's communist bullshit. Should be for anyone.

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My ex-wife was a family lawyer so I heard all the stories and yes, there's a lot of divorce rape. Ironically, the worst divorce rape was actually a man fucking over the woman (woman deserved it though but the man planned perfectly). Basically, he had her sign a prenuptial agreement where assets prior to separation aren't factored into separation. Well, the assets included a lot of investments and real estate. The guy was living off $30k/yr dividends. The woman was earning $100k/yr working. She had to pay him alimony even though he had a net worth of a couple million.

Still, usually it's the man who does get raped. I've known a couple guys that got completely screwed over. It's most common for business owners because usually the guys pour their entire life into their business and the women literally was a liability while they were growing the business. Then the business grows, they divorce and she gets half of everything he worked for that she literally not only didn't contribute toward but actually made it 1000x harder for him to build.

Most women are just bad with money so even if they raped the dude in the divorce, it doesn't mean she'll amount to anything.

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Possibly. What are the recipes and how do you think different classes were given diff advice?

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Everything goes in waves on this forum. The main themes though are National Socialism, Christianity, Jews, Negros, Self-Improvement, DIY/Parallel Society/Self-Reliance and Women all overarched by the degeneration of our society.

By the way, saying "you should curb speaking the truth because women might find it offensive and that'll turn them away from our side" is the exact same mentality cuckservatives use to justify pandering to the left. MY OPTICS.

Women don't belong in industry or politics anyway. If they can't handle men insulting them online and need to embrace feel good fake leftist politics instead then so be it. We don't win through majority opinion anyway, we only win through the use of force.

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This is why welfare and food stamps should be abolished.

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Midterms coming up so the kikes are out in full force trying to trick conservetives into voting for some uniparty shill.

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You're right here but your reasoning why is very wrong.

The NatSocs were destroyed not because of failed economics but because they were a threat and were squashed by superior forces. The demise of the NatSocs has no barring on their economic policy, yet you're right when you say NatSocs have no fundamental understanding of economics.

One of the biggest indicators of this is literally asking communists what economic policies should be enacted to fix the economy. Then ask NatSocs what economic policies should be enacted to fix the economy. What you'll find is that both communists and National Socialists often believe in the same ineffective economic policies.

The only reason it isn't obvious to everyone that National Socialism has failed economic policies is because the government lasted such a short period of time. Had the NatSocs been successful in military dominance, it likely would have failed economically or it would have shifted to become more like the USA, similar to how China's most successful economic policies were the ones that made it less socialist and more capitalist in nature.

It also doesn't help that Hitler's economic policies aren't talked about as much as his social ones. A lot of NatSocs don't realize the extent of how socialist Hitler wanted to go. Some of his economic ideas were absolutely atrocious. What Hitler had right was the social policies not the economic ones.

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You misunderstand what he's saying. The "quotes" around the phrase mean what he's saying is like this.

Imagine a Jew tells you to accept that immigration is happening, that your women will become whores, that your civilization will be replaced by blacks and that white people will be replaced. That we need to get rid of O&G and eat bugs to save the planet. That's just the reality of life.

He's saying don't accept the reality being forced on you as how things have to be. Hence by suggesting their reality doesn't have to be the reality, you're being an extremist to them.

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There are studies that show 17yo is peak for natural beauty. So skin, wrinkles and overall natural look.

The thing is most teenage women today aren't taught what to do to be attractive. They figure it out usually later in their late teens and early adulthood.

Women in their early twenties who go to the gym, eat healthy, wear the proper fashion, learn to walk and act more attractive, learn to do their makeup better etc... do actually look better than teenage girls but it's because of gained skills/knowledge. Their actual natural beauty though already peaked.

That's what you're noticing. It's kind of like how a strawberry might have a peak ripeness you can pick it at and eat it but even if you pick unripened strawberries and make them into some sort of delicious treat the finished treat product might still taste better than the peak ripened strawberries but that's because of the extra work you did to the strawberries to make them into a special even better treat. That's kind of like the difference between teenage girls and young adults. The young adults are a better finished product because of the work they put into themselves but teenage girls are peak ripeness.

And for the pedos out there who immediately accuse everyone else as being a pedo in order to mask the fact they are a pedo because they feel guilty for being a pedo, I mean late teens so 16-19yo as peak not early teens (13-16)

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This is 90% of women today. Men like it? I better ruin it.

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