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We've ALWAYS been a flower pressing and dream-journal discussion group. Stormfags have ruined us! :(

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the defacement and destruction of public works of art that confront and illuminate racial and social inequality

Graffiti? They're butthurt about graffiti getting a flyer posted over it, yet applaud hundred year old statues being defaced? This whole article is nothing but disgusting feminine-penis-sucking jewish propaganda.

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Masked individuals on a "leaked" video from an (I'm sure) anonymous source, posted by a bottom-tier journo hungry to move up in the business? What's to comment on?

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Aw shit! People saw my nose and now I need to secure some easy brownie points D:

Why hello there, fellow gentile White supremacists ;)

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And it was their turn to host Passover this year! :(

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Yes! Thank you! They're not White at all, unlike us fellow Whites. Right Moshe?

-signed Mordecai Greenblattfrankbersteinowitz

sent from my EZ-Bagel Oven™

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Oy vey! What's with the rabid anti-semitism? Russian team is the bad guys which makes Ukraine the good guys. Come on! You know how this works. Just kill each other already and definitely don't look at who is funding this thing.

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Yes goy! Kill other Whites and die for Israel cus of Communism and stuff.

President jew will be gone in two more years and then finally no more interference, we promise. Who was the previous pm? Another jew? Why I don't really see how that is relevant. 👃👃👏👏🐀🐀🦂🦂🐍🐍🏦🏦🕍🕍🔯🔯🇮🇱🇮🇱

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Anglo American Corporation became the major shareholder back in 1926. The founder of AAC was Ernest Oppenheimer and De Beers has been another jew ran company since. There's a reason why they call it jewelry.

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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

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Well duh. How else are they going to get those diamonds? The jews used to force them to work, and we said "No, that's not right. You have to let them choose if they want to work." They haven't worked since. :(

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I like the speech better. Here it is.


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I find one thing that helps me push my thoughts aside is necessity: some extreme situation where I have to push everything aside and deal with it right now. I don't know how to simulate that without getting killed or becoming an adrenalin junkie, so maybe that's bad advice.

Maybe build up some vacation days and go way far out into the wilderness with minimal equipment. Survive a few weeks or maybe months on whatever you can forage, hunt (in season), and fish.

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Idk. There are about 35 countries and territories with a coat of arms. Seems about right to me.

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get laid

Inconsequential. How many kids do they have?

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Dey took fowty years to cross da desert cus dey on black people time frfr.

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Pretty funny considering he was the only m&m smart enough to not want to be eaten. Now there's a 50% chance he'll off himself. :D

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Tbh women are terrible drivers. Worse than Asian men outside of China tbh. I can't count the number of times I've had to cross a road and some dumb bitch has pulled her car all the way over the crosswalk, even though there's a very clear line where to stop.

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Pray for the Austrian people

This guy:

G'day mayte! Let's poot anahtha shreemp own tha bobbie! :DDD

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