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Awesome, it'd make a cool rock lyric

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Yeah to everything in this world there's notable expections, but for the most part in the US.Tattoos are trash.

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I heard he's the Ceo of based

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These's so many perspective on that. This was on a video about larry nassar, the doctor who sexually abused all those gymnasts.

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I hope you're joking

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As a meme thats fine, but I'm a race realist guy myself. Racist just conjures up images of a knuckle dragging small minded fool. Its a straw man, a caricature. I view it as seeing a problem then arriving at an incomplete understanding of it

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An article from a credit card company on how to operate on little sleep; How so?

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You'll never be younger than this moment right now so sieze the day. The idea of the verse from my perspective is to follow your passions in life but do so nobly because There will be judgement for your actions.

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Scientists are as easy to buy out as politicians. So many of them play terminology games

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Unfortunately in real life we have our careers, our support structure, properties, familiarity, obligations, it's very difficult to just get up and go.

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Yes, you have to fix your priorities. If you're a total loser the last thing you should be thinking about is sex. Get your life in order first. Its better in the longer term. Don't turn your life into some leech

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I agree with this completely, I've made a similar comment in the past. This is more about a test to see a girls behavior. Always say yes, so you can see their true motives

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I had no idea about this and i could've gone on never finding out

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So these are immaculate coconceptions or is she just being a retarded slut that doesn't understand contraceptives?

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Everyone would be better off

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My God you're a giant fag

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Thats an entirely different message than the meme is portraying

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