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Yep. As a society, we’ve been living in degeneracy and sin for far too long. It’s time to repent, and separate from the rest of society. God’s way of saying prepare yourselves.

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Keep your head up, King. Avoid Twitter. Literally nothing productive or useful comes from it. There are wholesome women out there, but it is going to be your responsibility to find her.

Look in church groups, around your workplace, neighborhood, or more reputable dating apps (If those exist?)

Social Media doesn’t represent all women. It’s a platform for the degenerate.

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Lmao, this is gold. Can’t wait to drop this in /r/politics, /r/politicalhumor, and /r/pics

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I agree that traditional western/Christian values are being dragged through the mud, but I would disagree that the Chinese are Marxist/Communist.

That’s why China is one of the only surviving “communist” nations; because they’re not communist. They recognized the benefits of state-controlled capitalism, and seized the opportunity to guide how their pseudo-free market operates. They have free businesses, and wealthy elites. They did keep the authoritarian control, censorship, and militaristic presence of the old Communist China, though.

Although, they do worship Mao & the Glorious Revolution to keep hold over their population and stop out religion.

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Tbh, we should’ve listened to McAurthur, nuked the Chinks, and then divided the country into a east/west. Ruskie backed Communist West, enjoying all the benefits of a shitty agricultural Soviet nation, and the the US/Japan backed East, with the costal cities and industrialization.

I agree with the other commentor here, that we haven’t succumbed to Chinese values. Although they are a legitimate force against western values, they’re played up as a distraction for the “right-wing” Goys to point at and distract from (((The Real Enemy))). Their main interest is only becoming a world economic superpower, and ushering in a new Chinese Golden Age.

How much Jewish influence they’re under is beyond me. Other enlightened minds can comment on that.

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Part of a trailer for a Russian movie. It’s fake.

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As a straight person, I have never said the O word for any reason.

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We truly live in a society

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There’s a good chance he was going to become President.

What could’ve been...

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Holy based!

Jewish Lawyer tells him it’s illegal

Long says, “Nobody asked”

Refuses to elaborate

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Seriously, less than 6 months ago it was “ACAB!” “Fuck them cops”

Now that the law is arresting their enemies? “God bless the police! Treat ‘em right! You Maga-tards wouldn’t be arrested if you just obeyed the law!”

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Comments are pretty based, too:

[In reply to a tranny seething] “You will never be a woman” - 26 upvotes

“Do I smell a flesh wound stinking of feces?” - 13 upvotes

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“I’m not a Christian, but my interpretation and opinion of Christianity is the most valid, and you need to listen to me.”

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decrease our population to prevent global warming

america needs immigrants from third world countries to stop our decreasing population.

Can’t make this shit up

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I live in the Midwest and hiring wage around me for local restaurants are $8.50/hr., and corporate, national brands are $9.50-$10.00.

I recently worked at a local fast food restaurant for a little over 2 years while going to school. Bosses were awesome, but started you at $7.50. Eventually worked my way up to $12.25 before quitting.

Now, granted, you can get Corporate Retail Wage Slave positions here starting at $13-$15 per hour, but I haven’t shilled out yet.

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