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Drivers tests aren’t very difficult. Like Leadforpeds said, remember your turn signals. Keep at the speed limits. You’ll do great.

Joshua 1:9 -

“...for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

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Don’t censor the name, OP.

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This Prison is on Louisiana. Prisoners here can make upwards of $1.00/hr. Not bad considering they, you know, broke the law and all...

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StoneToss is a webcomic artists. I’m not sure when the joke originated, but people won’t say StoneToss, and will instead say synonyms for “Stone” and “Toss”

(ex., pebble, granite, rock, and yeet, hurl, throw...)

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Purge Cabinet, all WH Staff

Replace with only people I can 100% trust, no (((politicians)))

Executive Order; illegal to Mandate Masks

Executive Order; illegal to require Vaccine

Assuming my party is majority in Congress: Pass legislation that any states that teach CRT, Anti-American history, faggot history, lose Federal Education Funding

Start with a 20,000 person yearly immigration cap, asylum only (Will lower amount)

Executive Order; Israel will not receive any more funding, and is no longer recognized as a legitimate state

Executive Order; Trannies no longer allowed in the military

Revise the budget to slash welfare by a large margin, no more $$$ to fake alternative energy, begin a massive push for Nuclear power. Hopefully have 50% of our total electrical output (currently 18%) be Nuclear power by 2040

Pull out of WHO, and Paris Accords

Begin work on establishing the Joint Chiefs of Staff as loyal to my office, work on making higher military command loyal... It’ll be hard work.

Quit outsourcing work to Pajeets and Chinks, bring our jobs back home. Boost American economy, hopefully smash useless American consumerism at the same time

Blow open the fucking Pedo Ring happening in the government. I’m talking witch trials, and people hanging from the lampposts.

Hopefully win a 2nd Term, if not, IDGAF. Politics is for faggots.

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Critical Race Theory

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Not a bad idea. A step in the right direction, especially.

Honestly, public schools in rural & red areas aren’t too bad, just monitor what homework assignments and lessons your child is doing.

Be proactive about their education, and what you’re teaching them as well. Don’t let (((The State))) teach your child right and wrong.

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He is. As based as you can be on JewTube, but based nonetheless.

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If feasible, homeschool your children, Kings.

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lmao. Yeah, it’s all a matter of how much you’re willing to trial & error. Honestly, if you’ve got the space, you’re willing to research, and you have a market? I’d say it looks like a promising investment.

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Looks like you’ll be put $85,000 in construction costs & material. Pretty risky investment if you don’t know wtf you’re doing:


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Kaitlin Bennet is also a massive faggot, and is a prime example of why even ‘muh based conservative’ can say and do stupid shit. Scroll through her Twitter feed and you’ll see what I mean.

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“gib me muh reparashuns whitey!!11! u took me from my homeland and destroyed muh ppl 😡”

Yet, I never see niggers flocking to return to Africa...

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Culture Vulture, ready for duty.

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