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Yes, and actual pedophiles started using it

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We should establish a gypsy ethnostate and send them there, we won't have to worry about them anymore

If it weren't for Israel much more Jews would live among us

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I don't see the checkmark, I don't think it's affiliated with TPUSA

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The grey check mark next to his username means he's certified

by tamyo
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I wouldn't mind visiting, although I'll try my best not to interact with anyone. Jerusalem is the only place that interests me

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True, I saw it coming from the beginning. I think Instagram was the first to have the ability to add pronouns next to your name and now everyone else has to follow their foot steps

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Tbf, the fürther himself wasn't Aryan so you don't have to be one to be a National Socialist

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"Muh free healthcares and no school" shootings tho

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The National Socialists were not actually Socialist, we need TD to understand that.

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What if sn33d is a prophet trying to warn us about the future and we are the TRUE schizos for thinking he's crazy?

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We can't openly criticize ZOG without the destruction of our mediocre lifes, it's much more difficult than you think

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im going to hell for this


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I appreciate nigs for opposing race traitors too

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KNEE- GAHR! KNEE-GAHR! Get ouwt of Chyna!

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Patrick Little hasn't been in the public eye since atleast August 2018 (IIRC). I hope he's okay where ever he is.

Maybe JIDF got him

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Spoonks is a word I made up in 6th grade, it doesn't mean anything

Some Roblox YouTuber I used to watched used the nickname "Skoonks" which is where I got the inspiration

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