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LGBT fags are no longer oppressed and gay marriage is now a thing

I could care less if gay marriage exists or not. The point I was trying to make was the SJWs keep oppressing faggots and giving them an advantage in life for no fucking reason even though gays have it better now than fifty years ago.

Systematic racism doesn't exist anymore. No faggots, George Floyd's death wasn't racism or systematic

That's pretty based homie, but it's the same as the LGBT one, Joggers, jews, spics, and chinks have it better now than fifty years ago.

I wasn't trying to defend Joggers, fags, spics, kikes, etc I was trying to point out how they all have it better now than years ago but the cucks keep oppressing them for no fucking reason.

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You're 100% correct

Hundreds of years ago you can get fired from your job for supporting gay marriage or criticizing Christmas.

Companies only hired straight-white-males, non like today where companies hiring people because they're joggers or have a cunt.

Modern-day media is always attacking whites, while a hundred years ago the media attacked blacks.

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Fat nigger bitch.

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Tbh I think no matter what anybody does racism would NEVER end.

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I bet my entire bank account this kid's parents made him write this.

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Important for society and communities, I hate how this year became the year of "fuck the police, jogger lives matter".

I agree George Floyd's death was wrong and fucked up, but we shouldn't pretend like he's a good person because some crackhead jogger died from the police.

People who think we should defund the police are fucking stupid, if the police are gone the crime rate is going to skyrocket and you can rely on somebody to help you anymore. A police reform would be better

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Hates gay people but watches gay porn.

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What the fuck? Why would you play online games if you're afraid of being called "nigger"?

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It's a cool wallpaper, but it sucks it supports an anti-American Marxist movement.

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Black fragility is the only thing holding society back from racial equality

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Ruqqus probably won't last much longer

Remember when everyone thought Voat was the next big thing?

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I'm not trying to criticize his opinion my fellow king, he didn't understand my criticism of Ruqqus and my worship of the .win network.

u/deaccount thought I disliked Ruqqus because "it's too right-wing" but in reality I feel like the Rightism on Ruqqus is just as annoying as the Leftism on Reddit.

I did agree with the "Ruqqus is better for conversation part" because the .Win Network wasn't made for conversation.

I did slightly agree with the King u/deaccount's opinion on us bitching about Reddit after an alternative was made but literally every "censorship free" website has this.

Have a great day my fellow king!

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I'm sure every "anti censorship" website like Gab or Bitchute has done censorship in the past.

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I don’t understand your criticism of ruqqus as being right wing, this website would definitely be considered right wing too in a two-party dichotomy.

I have nothing against the right-wing, I'm a right winger myself. 90% of consumers are Right-wingers. The point I was trying to make was Reddit is a leftist circlejerk while Ruqqus is a rightist circlejerk.

Ruqqus is better for serious conversation than it is for memes, .win is better for memes than for serious conversation

None of the .Win sites were made for conversation (besides TheDonald.win) what are you talking about?

That said, still talking about reddit when the last purge happened three and a half months ago is retarded, and that’s an issue that shouldn’t last long after the alternative is established.

Ruqqus was made back in February and Ruqqus users have been bitching about Reddit censorship since day one. You can't go on a single guide without seeing people complaining about censorship.

Same goes for other censorship free websites, bitchute is full of people bitching about Youtube censorship, Gab is full of people bitching about Twitter censorship, etc

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I change my mind, Jews rape kids and with all this money and power they can rape more kids

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How about "White people bad" or something BLM related

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Google "Three white teenagers", then google "Three black teenagers".

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What the? Sjw culture has been around for fucking ages

What I meant is that the SJW culture hasn't been around in the '40s and '60s and shit

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I thought it was just a joke, I had no idea these people actually exist.

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