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Fun fact: the art collection in this one man's confiscated property accounts for the vast majority of art the National Socialists 'looted.'

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"Imagine satanic child sacrifice"

No thanks.

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Take my word for it, don't become a teacher. Found a boyscout chapter, become a coach for the school, found your own charter school, but don't teach at a public school. It's the wagie mean times a million. Amazon will dehumanize and slowly kill you because it saves them money. The school system will do it because they're True Believers.

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Note that a (person in contact with a) demon would likely refer to Israel the way Christ did: Israel is the body of true believers. Israel is Christendom.

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Read your Bible, I recommend the New King James version.

For context, the majority of the OT is about how God chose a rebellious and wicked people to be His own and serve Him, to show that through Him, even the worst could bring good into the world. They screw up for thousands of years and God has to be repeatedly talked out of killing them all because of their wickedness. The He gets fed up and comes down to fix things Himself.

Read the talmudic story of rabbi Eliezer and the oven of Akhnai for a perfect example of the tremendous butthurt cope the jews went into after they rejected and murdered their Savior.

Then start in Matthew 21 and read until you get the picture. Realize the tribes of Israel were scattered and lost, by this point. Only (((jews))) remained. They've always been kvetchy and Jesus rebuked them, their forefathers, and their entire word-game religion and they murdered Him for it.

To directly answer your question, yes, some do think that. Others worship themselves, their blood (sound familiar?), or Satanic powers and claim or think they worship God. Of the second type, I bet most have a subconscious sense of the truth.

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Bike niggers get fucked

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Until now, religious exemptions were not supposed to be examined. It was common wisdom to grant the exemption and move on, partly in respect and trust that it wasn't being abused but mostly because there aren't legal guidelines and challenging an exemption could create a guideline onerous to business.

Just like how, until now, it was a massive breach of medical ethics for a medical practitioner to advocate for an elective procedure, which "vaccines" are by definition.

They threw the last remnants of civilization in the garbage for this.

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Agreed, though the wheels were already in motion by the 40s. It was a self-evident problem by the turn of the century, if not earlier. Maybe even the Civil War.

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Show they can meme. And give a reasonable explanation for why local law enforcement let them cover their license plates and ride around in uhauls instead of jumping up their asses.

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Congrats and do please follow up. I'm at the first steps of the process and have no idea what I don't know.

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See also, the Battle of Athens, Tennessee. Perhaps the only time since the Civil War that Americans embraced their birthright and watered the tree of liberty.

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→Christianity literally caused European nation-states to form

Christianity is incompatible with European nationalism

How's it going, rabbi?

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I'd probably put Ted first, with Mel a close second.

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Consume meme and get excited for next meme!

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First I've heard of JTG. Where do you recommend starting?

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Good Bibles will have commentary on the translation. If I ever find a cracked version of Logos, I'll let you kings know.

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Kids can die of the shot. Myocarditis has ~60% ten-year mortality rate. There's no justification, but if you want a 23rd term abortion, there is a reason.

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Germany is especially bad because it's basically never been a nation-state, unlike Britain, Spain, Italy, etc. The Germanic peoples have never been united into a stable state for any significant period of time. Even the modern German state is about thirty years old.

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I've come to realize the people downvoting you literally think a few 'strange fruit' will instantiate heaven on earth. The naivete is exhausting sometimes.

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