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Lmao, Palestinians just launching blank unarmed missiles to waste U.S money.

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at the heart of democracy

That's like saying that sapphism has an inherently phallic nature.

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Yeah, might wanna set up a consumeproduct gab group, the .win network might decide to take ua down.

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When have we ever brigaded them? Lol, absolute paranoid nutters. You disagree with them on one minor issue and suddenly you're a paid chinese communist shill.

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No... that's... that's impossible.... bas-... b-b-based... niggers?

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Inaccurate, Charlie Kirk's face is nowhere near that large.

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This reminds me of the time Gary Johnson said people should be required to have liscences to drive and got booed by the entire Libertarian Party at the Libertarian Presidential Candidate Debates. One of the candidates even said "What's next, requiring a liscense to make toast in my own damn toaster?". As if it were the two things were remotely analogous.

Lolbergtardians are wild.

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Well... yeah, if God's law were only capable of being comprehended by the elite than most people couldn't follow it.

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True, ironic of him to call others demonic with such a username.

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He does seem kinda queer, but my gaydar's been wrong before. Regardless he's done a lot of good work for White people and Christians.

Greg Johnson from counter-currents.com is an obvious homo but he's probably conviced thousands of people to start families, so I tolerate his faggotry on those grounds.

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Nothing quite beats a nice walk through the forest, admiring the gorgeous North American conifers, learning about genetic differences between the races, and amateur landscape sketching.

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I don't really think they can afford to suicide Torba, would be so obvious. Would confirm the biases of all the conspiracy minded people. Would enrage the entire gab userbase (something like 4 million people now last I checked).

I know people often say "they won't do x because it would make people snap, so they'll try to boil the frog instead", but in the case of Torba I think people actually would chimp.

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Why did this kill my sides lmao. Its literally just a screencap. Internet has ruined my humour.

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I love birdwatching, helping turtles cross the street, extreme theocratic fascism, and the sound of friendly buzzing bees.

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