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Cue Rhodesians Never Die lol

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Modern jew =/= Israelites.

The religion splintered because of Jesus, Talmudic Judaism is a response to Jesus, formed centuries after his resurrection.

I doubt that modern Jews even share that much blood with the old ones.

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One of the funniest inforgraphics from the DEI golems I have ever seen, they can’t make us look bad.

There’s a reason there is no good slur for whites.

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Harming Satan is anti-semetic

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“But communism is good, it’s never been tried”

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What they cannot contain is autism, endlessly multiplying autism.

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How the fuck are their wrists like that?

It’s like they’ve been left starving in a room containing nothing weighting more than 2 pounds.

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Reminds me of BAP talking about the Chinese and their complete irrelevancy towards nature - just a thing to be processed and used. Sounds familiar.

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They don’t, they’re just reusing the same rhetoric that made faggotry palatable to normies

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When I read that in high school, I thought the main character was being a bit dramatic.

Holy shit was younger me wrong.

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So it was one of those “tell the future you are planning for as a fiction” kind of things.

Damn, never heard about that.

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And if they Google it, there is lots of mental padding keeping them from looking for older translations.

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I can’t find it, but there was a study using AI generated male faces and measuring average female response to them.

Basically, apart from odd responses from gigachad-like faces, women correlate higher perceived attractiveness from faces they also feel angry towards. Once the face becomes more feminine and less masculine, they don’t feel anger but also don’t feel attracted.

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We all have to die fren, the true tragedy is never actually living.

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Just because meat shield Jews aren’t playing the game doesn’t mean the game isn’t being played Moshe.

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Whenever it serves them to be, they are white, when it doesn’t “I’m Jewish!”

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Funny how “anti-vaxxer” is now as schizophrenic in definition as “conspiracy theorist” in that it describes the completely insane and completely real with the exact same term.

How oddly convenient.

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And then one day, for no reason at all…

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“Men, we must take the estrogen else our sex will never survive!”

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