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This is surprisingly not as bad as I thought.

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They must’ve given me one of the fake shots because I had literally zero side effects.

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Watch the video. He’s joking.

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Nobody here knows what they’re talking about. You’ll just have to wait for a few months to see how all the pregnancies with vaccinated parents turn out.

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Lol at the comments thinking he’s on the side of the redditors and is just trolling the crowd.

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I’m only sixteen, I really don’t think that’s a good decision to make. The exercise thing makes sense, though.

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Does height even matter to dudes? That’s literally never been a factor for me. The only thing would be no girl who’s taller than me, but I’ve never even met a girl taller than me anyway.

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I think of the mental damage that it caused me in only three years from age thirteen to sixteen, and realize that there are people who have been on the stuff for upwards of maybe fifteen years. I couldn’t imagine what their minds are like.

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That’s true. When I was 14 I came across a “based” comment section on some Holocaust related video and it legitimately freaked me out.

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Why would such a great place have people risk getting shot to escape it? Also, are all those defectors who speak of what it’s like in there lying?

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Don’t fall for it. I’m sure the place is as poor and badly run as everyone says it is. They wouldn’t be hiding it so much if it was a great place.

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This one really isn’t that unbelievable, nor does it make any absurd claims.

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Are you some kind of psychopath, watching mass-murder footage multiple times?

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Over 65? That’s cool, I wouldn’t have thought there was anyone here even over 50.

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I find it hilarious when the Haitian revolution is praised, because you look at Haiti today and it’s an objectively bad place.

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Many of the young ones hate them as well.

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That’s what happened with me, only my parents are less obnoxious about their liberalism. Their beliefs alongside what’s pushed in school nowadays led me here.

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The estimates are 6-4 B.C. When you’re on a scale of well over 2,000 years, I don’t think that half a decade off between the switch from B.C. to A.D. really matters.

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