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Probably many White folks around. Niggers always hunt in huge groups. One prey vs half doze joggers.

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You can waste your time showing her stats about media, billionaires and Hollywood. You can even show some verses from Talmud, but remember no one can explain why people hate Satan than Satan himself.

Show her this short clip: https://cdn.videy.co/OubqfJ5p.mp4

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I disagree that only kikes can use symbolism. They took rainbow and made it fag symbol. 4chan made OK sign White power symbol. Youtubers associated goblins with kikes.

I think we can play this game to piss them all. We can reclaim whatever we want. Not only jews entitled to do this shit.

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Psychiatric Hospitals aren't profitable.

The disappearance of long-term-care facilities and psychiatric beds has escalated over the past decade, sparked by a trend toward deinstitutionalization of psychiatric patients in the 1950s and '60s

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Probably fake shit. But if this real why the fuck you waste time and bring ovens to cook bread. You have commercial ovens in every school, every pizza place every eatery.

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This is just another Jewish war. There is no good side to support. Just slavs killing slavs. when rest of the world divided by cheering for different side to exterminate each other.

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You're posting kike propaganda. Oh look is not Jews is White people killing each other.

by Spoonks
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You're wasting too much time on TheDonald https://files.catbox.moe/n3ymyt.jpg

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Why all businesses in Russia are owned by jews? Banks, oil, gas ,supermarkets ...everything? WHY?

Why Russia is number one in the world for Muslim immigration?
Capital Moscow had 50k Muslims 20 years ago now is 3 millions and bigest mosque in the world.

Why monthly minimum in Russia is $300 when kikes rips all benefits Russians are poorest country in Europe.

Why Putin keep all Russians so poor when he have oil, gas, all precious metals and shit?

WHY? WHY? WHY? Even piss poor China raising living standards

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You should tone down little bit. Everyone who mocked Russian kikes are banned. All posts exposing how Putin race mix Russia are instantly deleted.

You think you're safe because you're mod? Think again they will fuck you up for criticizing Putin and Russian kikery.

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"Nuck Figgers" sound like same energy.

Do you think this is legit news? Or just made troll account with buch of "sevens"

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If you're out of loop. Online creator Chris Chan arrested on incest charge.