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Do things things that allow you to interact with women while also beneficial to yourself. You won’t meet your dreamgirl in the warehouse, that’s for sure. Music or language classes, gymnastics groups, classic/Latin dance courses or something like social work in the community are your best bets to find girls that are not lost to drugs and nihilism. If possible make friends with women there and then tell them what you are looking for. The best way to get a girlfriend is and will forever be trough a network of friends or family, even your grandmother might be able to set you up with a cute girl if she’s well connected in her church and community.

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He’s a Jew. Name Bergoglio, Family migrated to Italy nobody knows from where, Father and Grandfather have been in Finance and the Bergoglios had to leave Italy during Mussolini times.

by antifem
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Lending at interest is not the problem, you have to get something in return for saving your money and lending it. The Problem is when (((central Bankers))) lend out „100 dollars“ for every real dollar they own, it is only a question of time until the sum of interest is larger than the actual money that is circulating.

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Depends on who the someone is. Feral niggers? U gotta be extra brutal to make an example out of them, it’s how whites survive in prison.

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Hope the BF dumped her so she could learn her lesson.

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It still is the top of their society leaving, so while not benefiting ours they are also not improving their own. I’m not saying everything will be fine when they stay where the fuck they belong, I just think both societies would be better off if they don’t come.

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Its a vicious cycle though, they leave their shitholes for something better thus ensure it stays the shithole it is so the next people that are able to will also leave it and drag down both societies.

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He’s probably Gay and rather wants to be the „effeminate dude“ than the warped mockery of a women he is now.

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Why would someone who hasn’t experienced puberty be convinced that it’s bad for his development? Couldn’t be that they got groomed, could it?

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Don’t be tricked into thinking you’re not good enough for anything yet. That’s a mental trap. You will never be where you want to be, such is the nature of man. It’s why rich people still want to get richer and bodybuilders still Push for more.

Regarding your other point you should make her tag along because you yourself are sure it is the right thing. You don’t need to have huge muscles or a blackbelt in BJJ to convince someone of training together with you, same as you don’t need to be a millionaire already to convince people of your business idea.

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Reading your other answers it looks like she lacks a male role model or even someone to look up to? Maybe talk to her about „random“ stuff like how you found out all this consooming is bad, started to work out, how you are actively trying to better yourself or something like this and make her Tag along before you can talk about deeper things and give her date advice.

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Tfw you let female relatives succumb to globohomo because muh women.

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Have you asked her why she feels like she hates herself and is not proud?

It’s your sister and she’s young. Not helping her is the biggest cuck move you could do.

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„I love what I do“

„My Job is to mutilate and groom kids“


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Probably both, the more it grows the more of (((them))) will appear.

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The sandpeople atleast recognize Jesus as a prophet and don’t believe he’s boiling in feces for eternity. It’s the one thing I can credit them for.

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We wuz sculptors n shieeet.

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Well I could argue for Muslim control over Jerusalem. After we Christians slaughtered everyone inside as we first conquered the city, Saladin offered to let everyone live if we surrendered the city. A move that earned him the title „The Wise“ and also was humbling enough for the Christendom to stop the crusades.

And in 1948 the Jews somehow get it because UN decides so, after leaving the city in 500 b.c. And not caring for it in the slightest ever since.

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Have holy river

Shit, piss and dispose garbage in it.

Have holy animals

can’t be touched, cow is strolling over starving people

Allowed to only eat the cows shit.

Have Caste system that leads to heavy inbreeding

River gives me inflammation.

Could we have angered the gods?

I better gangrape some girls in the next designated shitting area, that’ll regain me karma!

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You sure this will help us fight climate change?

„Climate change“?

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„The metaphysics of going outside“

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