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He's ok but his standing went way down in my estimation when I discovered he supports BLM.

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How quickly it turned into reddit

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It's not, Lol Most of them are ripping on the US for no other reason than it being politically expedient to attack their nemesis, however you can't deny a lot of them have a knack for sussing out 'Baizuo'.

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" micro aggression " this mean get yell at for spending office budget on spicy chip and gallon coffee syrup sugar ... 耻辱


too much k pop trash ! young korean no work hard ,. wear make up fashion clothing , effiminate male,.. not bare child .. womb barren , sad culture


dehydrated ,. smell bad ,. make weak people ,. not strong worker ! goodbye california


uncle live new york city, tell me cuomo stay home play with pierced nipple ,. creepy assault staff ,. allow many grandfather die in geriatric facility . he is hypocrite italian degenerate . hope cuomo see gun violence first hand ! 耻辱

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She's already gobbling other cocks

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Even worse, these clowns have normalized saying 'cishet' (cisgendered and heterosexual) and use it with no shame.

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Nothing on the right is a direct refutation. They're like politician responses. Slimy.

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For what it's worth I think neither gender should be compelled to fight for Zog, but women shouldn't get to pick and choose their 'equality' as long as men have to sign up.

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Because on the outside looking in it's easy to focus on the things you like about it in a vacuum. Grass is greener, etc.

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YouTube was ok once upon a time, before Google started algorithmically manipulating what is seen. Now it's a race to the bottom as everyone tries to game the system for that sweet ad revenue with their clickbait titles and thumbnails, mouth agape like dribbling retards.

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Really interesting, thanks.

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                        Here Lies 

"Wow, Imagine If The Situation Were Reversed."

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