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Walking on the sidewalk is acting too white for them.

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Back to faggit with you, gaylord.

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Glad I don't live in Germany anymore, now I can deny the holohoax all day long.

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There are some actual productive and serious uses for NFTs beyond speculating on the rising value of JPEGs, such as ENS (Ethereum Name Service), or Uniswap V3 LP positions. Also, NFTs could be used to implement digital driver's licenses, passports, property deeds, etc. (yes, vaxx passports too unfortunately).

However, in clown world it's the JPEGs that are making all the money. My guess is that eventually the hype will die down, and most of these will likely lose over 90% of their value.

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So literally the entire football team, subs, coach, referee, and all?

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Everyone who has dated more than one woman has an ex like that.

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No, he was just surprised after having collected several month's worth of data just how much the pollution levels fell off when you moved away from the freeway, and I guess he had to tell someone.

I think the context was that there were a bunch of luxury apartments being built right off the freeway, and he said he'd never get one facing the freeway because of the pollution (as if the noise wasn't enough already). But apparently, on the other side of the building was fine.

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He’s the last thing the vaxx gestapo sees when they come knocking at his house.

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Also, don’t plant any actual weed, guerilla marijuana plantations are out of control and the feds are on the lookout for them.

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Yeah, you should probably not plant them right next to the road. But even getting 20-30 feet away makes a huge difference, according my friend who is an environmental engineer and measures air pollution for a living.

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I agree, beets are delicious and vastly under appreciated.

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Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, Talichads throw faggots off a roof in their team building exercises.

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Don't worry, he'll be out on no bail soon because muh white privilege.

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LMAO we should make a line of cryptonigger NFTs, then we can get rich off of people's irrational love for niggers. Then once they're sold we'll accuse of them of racism because buying pictures of niggers in order to profit from them is just like slavery.

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Critical Jew Theory rolls off the tongue better

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