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Yum yum yup. Your tears nourish me.

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If they truly loved America then they'd fuck off back to Africa.

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I was worried the test result would be "Nigglet".

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Perhaps niggers aren't complete useless?

I'm imagining arena fights for gibs: one Congoid and ten yids enter and one Congoid leaves. I'd watch the shit out of that!

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I'll try it for lunch on the weekend. I like it already.

Have you ever tried using European cucumber as a replacement for lettuce? I love it and I can't get enough of it because it's texture is so much nicer: the very long, green cucumbers that never need to be peeled or seeded. I make Indian curries often and always serve them with sliced cucumber for the win.

I haven't bought a lettuce in over a decade. :-)

There's nothing nicer IMHO than a cheese and sliced cucumber sandwich with corn relish, mayonnaise, salt and white pepper. I make it for work lunches three times a week and my God, it's a joy.

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I'm a minimalist and I've never wanted to be anything else. I'm a very good, healthy cook and I cook every night... but almost nothing beats the simple blessings of God-food. Fresh seasonal vegetables, a cool glass of water when you're thirsty, a simple cheese and tomato sandwich made from home made bread and vegetables, plain yogurt with a swirl of maple syrup, supreme quality humanely farmed and butchered meat. The simple things.

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Fun-fact: Klaus Schwab is a filthy crypto-Jew. His mother is a Rothschild, the Jew equivalent of Jews.

The Bush family are also secret Jews named Scherff.

Bill Gates is almost certainly also a crypto-Jew on his mother's side (Maxwell).

The House of Saud are also Jews pretending to be Arab Muslims.

Not to worry because the Iran government are real Arabs... who are controlled by Jews.

Also, can someone please educate me about using an apostrophe of ownership against a name that ends is the letter s? I've looked it up a dozen times over the years and I don't seem to be getting consistent answers.

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I couldn't eat most of this shit without vomiting. I sincerely mean that. My body isn't used to gulping down highly processed, sugary, corn-syrup, oily poison.

Why would anyone want to feel sick, sweaty and greasy for hours after eating this fried shit?

The eggs and beans looks OK, but where's the rest of the protein and what's with all the fucking bread?

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Because I designed this for the Q community to consume.

I created all of these images, except the top one. I could redesign it to remove the Q stuff, I suppose.

Everything is still true.

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But the shit sandwich only has a thin spread of feces!

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I'm shocked by her description.

She's definitely also a Jew.