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me grug, me no need calculator. me dig tunnel with black powder. black powder go BOOOM, grug happy.

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Ah yes, m/w/d: male / white / deutsch

I check all boxes, hire me

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I watched Google talks from 2009, everyone uses "he/him" to refer to persons. "The user has a choice, so he can press that button". Now everywhere they (plural persons) use "they" to refer to a single person.

But for the German version it makes no sense.

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Well I'm German, so that's my natural answer. German has the benefit of having lots of poetry.

If you want to learn German, definitely don't learn it from online discussions / forums, videos or news articles. They are engli-fied as hell. I've noticed that when reading old Prussian writings, they often use French loan-words because back then France was the lingua franca, not English. Now it's English, due to the internet. In 2019 there was a proposal to make German the language for Germany in law - it was rejected. Imagine being so subverted that you hate your own language.

Get yourself Der ewige Brunnen (edit: don't order from the english site, it's overpriced as hell lmao, the German copy cost $12, the english one $55) - it's a standard collection of German poetry and the collected works of Wilhelm Busch. During the war, schools main reading material was poetry and old German songs - which are basically poetry in musical form. I also have a massive library of Goethe, Busch, Schiller, Hesse, Fontane, Brecht, Kafka. This list is a good start. Just exclude anyting from Lessing and Nietzsche.

Be aware that you might not be able to learn "old German" properly on the first try because modern teaching is pozzed. Basically learn modern German in order to learn the syntax and then learn old German by reading books, that's how I'd do it.

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My great uncle fought the Russians at the Ostfront, he didn't like Hitler mostly because of the censorship and surveillance. Not everything was peachy clean, there were a lot of Karens that would just report you to the government for absolutely nothing. Having a dispute at work? Well, you're probably a Jew, etc. etc. Same with the masks today, these "people" exist in any government form, but they become obnoxious in authoritarian governments.

In the 5th generation my grandmother was a violinist at the court of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, then she got randomly pregnant, likely by a lower duke that was visiting and having a fun time. It would be cool if I still had the documents to prove it but they got lost during the war.

It was just a lower duke but I still like to pretend that I have royal ancestry, so if you ever need a king hit me up.

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I know that not all christians are religiotards

it's just the "the LORD wants you to do X and if you don't you go to hell" version of it

my father once said that "some dogs need one leash, some need two and my son is of the latter kind"

meanwhile I even had to help this jobless faggot write his own resume because he couldn't do it and all he said was "are you done yet, I wanna watch a movie" that was the point where I realized I can't save my father

I often sperg out against my grandmother because she is too nice to me and I want to feel like I've accomplished things on my own

I wish I was as based as some people here