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Are they dead? At first I just thought they were knocked out but none of them even fidget a little. Where and when in Spain was this?

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For every Thomas and Sowell there are a thousand Quantavius Jones.

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It really depends where. Sicily? Nope. Not white.

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I actually heard a woman say that unironically

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They won't. In a just world, the court understanding the limits in the purview of the federal government with it's recent decisions would absolutely follow suit in order of logic, but they won't. Just like the gay shit and abortion, whether or not a society is racially integrated or not is solely a states right. It is not in the purview of the federal government. If a black SC justice voted in favor of segregation of schools he may as well be the anointed one of le based nigger.

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Dudes that do gay shit in prison had homosexual tendencies prior to going to prison.

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That's what the show is about? Imagine my shock the show all the hoes around me are talking about is some fetish film version of shitty erotica.