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I got professionally done photos for dating apps. Honestly, it's not worth. I uninstalled apps and am back on the organic way. It's harder to get dates but the dates actually lead somewhere. Online dating is a waste of time imo.

My advice. Be prepared. Picking up girls is like being in a job interview. First impressions matter. You want to seem like you came prepared. Have some conversation topics you know women like to talk about and talk about them, even if you end up repeating the same shit 100 times, just remember each girl is different and hasn't heard it before from you so it's new to them even if it's prep and "fake" to you.

Focus on being funny and easy going. The more the woman laughs the better. Women associate the feel good feeling of laughing to you and then she becomes attracted to you. Saying the truth isn't as important as saying something funny. Make her feel good about herself.

Do NOT under any circumstance discuss politics, philosophy, religion, the meaning of life, morality or any hard topics like this. This engages the part of women you don't want to engage when you're picking women up. Women stop feeling and go into thinking mode. Also, people are highly judgemental so you say one thing wrong and she'll think less of you. Avoid these topics at all costs.

Focus on making her feel good about herself. Funny, light hearted things. If you care about politics you can bring it up months later after you've heard her trust and she already has decided you're a good person.

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You seem to think I'm defeatist instead of realist. I don't sit around at home doing nothing bro.

I lift weights 4 days a week. I go to Muay Thai 3 days a week. I have 2 masters in specialized finance/stats fields. I have a job making $110k/yr where I only do actual work like 20 hours a week. I have a 2 bedroom apartment downtown in a major city. I go to church, SSPX Catholic. I go out to events in the city all the time and talk to girls all the time. I've gone on probably 100+ dates.

My views aren't created from the internet. They are created by observing reality and getting to know people.

You can call my attitude defeatist but it's not wrong anything I said. Generally speaking the most common archetype of woman against hook up culture I find are fat girls or attractive women ~30yo that got used one too many times by hot guys that are now trying to settle for a not as attractive man because they finally realized they have no choice.

If you want to fix society and our race, you first need to take control back so we can govern society in a manner that promotes our race. The current system is specifically designed to reduce our race's population and it's working because that is the system. You can deny the existence of said system all you want but it won't change the system. It's there and it's real and it works. Until you take control of the system we will continue our march as a race toward our demise.

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I mean, there is duplicity is in tradgirls. You can't gauge it entirely from the fact she's opposed to hook up culture.

A lot of women against hook up culture are ugly and can't get hot guys so they are in fact simply jealous and they would whore around if they could.

Other women did whore around for years and are now simply against it because they hit a wall and hate the fact men would rather hook up with attractive women instead of them. They understand they'd have better success if hook up culture wasn't a thing.

To find an actual attractive women who is a virgin or has only had sex with a very limited number of men that is in her 20s who is against hook up culture is actually quite rare.

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Anywhere free speech is allowed you'll find Jews trying to censor it.

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I'm not opposed to working out for aesthetics only. In fact, I think this is a good reason. We live in a community so an individual doing something not for themselves necessary but for the community is in fact a good thing. One may say it's their duty to the community. We all have a duty to look good for everyone else in the community. No one wants to have to look at fat slobs. If we go to war, we want men ready. Perhaps a man is working out just for that reason and not himself. Women need to attract a mate to reproduce which is important to the community so they should look attractive so men want to reproduce with them. The same for men. This is important to the community.

Don't undersell the importance of doing things for the community. Not everything needs to be about SELF improvement but also it can be about communal improvement. Sometimes the motivation for working out is others and that's fine.

The only problem is when women are whores about it and attention seekers. Both are negative behaviors that don't help the community.

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I hope all who are sad at her death die.

I have sympathy for the Russian whore who committed suicide. I have no sympathy for this kike subversive bitch.

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Against women makes sense in modern society because women have too much power. If we lived in a hard patriarchy, wouldn't would be a problem.

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Woman in politics. She's not as good as anyone thinks she is. Just another globalist who lured conservatives into supporting it under the guise of being free market. Libertarians love her and liberals hate her but in reality she didn't do anyone any good. Another product of the times just keeping with the status quo progression toward modern degeneracy.

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The MAGA community is really hit or miss. Lots of people like us browse the community so you can get based stuff. Occasionally some dimwitted conservatard dominates the discussion though.

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Nah, it's actually a much bigger issue than many realize. Women adhering to their tradition role which pants are a rebellion against, is one of the greatest fixed for white societies. Next to making the country white nationalist, reinstating the patriarchy and forcing women into their traditional role is like the next requirement.

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Mainly that fascists want the State to be the directors of morality. Religion should be. A State religion is superior to moral values determined by the State.

China's fascism also isn't as traditional and patriarchical as Hitler's Nazis for example. Mussolini's fascism given the power of the Catholic Church was also a little more religious which made it good imo.

China's fascism also has less individualism allowed within it than many western versions of fascism.

I'd still take China over the government in modern Western society for sure.

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China is closer to fascism than it is communism. As for socialism? It's closer to Hitler's Nazis than China is to the modern view of what socialism is.

Whatever China is, it isn't very good.

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Also if we're exchanging anecdotes. I know a woman who lost her virginity at 13go to a 25yo man and it is her fondest sex experience. She holds all of her new sex experiences up to this past experience. She told me she wished the 25yo married her and they lived happily ever after. She was in love with the guy.

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Nothing wrong with women who can't drive or who aren't educated.

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If I had to speculate. A lot of girls find men intimidating. The story beauty and the beast was actually based off the fact that it was quite common for older men of nobility to marry 12-14yo girls. From the girls perspective, this man with lots of facial/body hair was quite intimidating to her, almost like a beast.

This is why the natural relationship structures is such that the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. For girls, it is the man who "takes them" so to speak.

From a girls perspective, a trans male-to-female is far less intimidating than a man. The girl is still attracted to men but by dressing the man up like a woman, the man is like the Hello Kitty version of a man which in a girls mind is way more tolerable and less intimidating than the beasts that is a normal masculine man. In this way the little girl gets the best of both worlds. She gets a man but one that is cute and cuddly like her stuffed animals.

Over time as the girl turns into a woman she may learn to love men and not trans. You likely see this in a lot of these girls who likely do switch their sexual orientation preference as they mature. Unfortunately, some of these girls never mature and understand their mistake because our society promotes this degeneracy.

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The Jews in Israel are very liberal too. It's in their nature.

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I think we're arguing semantics. I agree with you that you shouldn't lock someone up who says they're a Muslim or atheist but it would also be acceptable for the society not to employ someone because they were outwardly admittedly a Muslim or atheist. Keep that shit to yourself. You don't need to go around broadcasting that and trying to make everyone else in society accept your differences in beliefs.

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I like this logic. Change the role and the fashion changes. If women are wanting to wear pants cause of their role then we need to change the role.

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I'm suffering every time a virgin woman loses her virginity out of wedlock, every time any LGBTQ+ person advocates his degeneracy, whenever a woman has an abortion, whenever someone advocates for higher taxes, etc...

But no one cares about me, hmmm... Oh wait, I know... It's because there's competing moral value systems at play here and communists tend to have an incompatible moral value system with my own and they don't care about anyone other than those who believe their own moral value system.

How many PhDs do I need before I figure this out?

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Okay cool, so let's not mark anyone and force anyone to worship anything.

Revelations sounds more like it's describing a future social credit score system in a secular humanist society. A vaccine passport but a future rendition of it essentially.

There is nothing wrong with making the State adhere to Christian morality. For example, we should make adultery a criminal offense.

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As a millennial, I'm glad this board isn't full of a bunch of immature Zoomers that think they're better than everyone else but clearly have 0 real life experience.

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I'm pretty sure no one ever got arrested for not attending church on Sunday... Though I could be wrong on that.

What do you mean by forced worship?

You can't force anyone to believe something they choose not to believe really.

All I'm saying is a theocracy does force certain moral values on society which is fine. Just adhere to the values while you're in the society. You don't have to believe in them but don't try to change anything.

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That is actually my sneaking suspicion. I asked the feminine girl when she knew she was a lesbian and she gave some story about some other girl teaching her when she was a teenager. My impression is that she isn't actually a lesbian but has in fact been manipulated into it. The masculine woman is older than her too which adds to this perception.

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Weird how nature just got it wrong with everyone in the family. You'd think at least one person was born in the right body... I mean what are the chances that everyone got it wrong?

It's almost like trans has absolutely nothing to do with being in the right body and is nothing more than attention whoring....

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Love how of course they're fatherless and that's accepted for all coal burner situations without question.

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