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Was Hitler Aryan? What does it matter then.

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Fair on the Russian women thing but I was trying to be hopeful in that regard. They at least tend to hate homosexuals, they do still respect gender roles to an extent but yes they are the most materialistic girls around and actually very cold but having money does keep them on a leash and they more likely to give you what you want if you keep providing them what they want. I find western women to be worse in all metrics. Perhaps less materialistic and less cold but what they offer in exchange is often far less.

Vietnamese seem to be the best of the asians I actually find attractive anyway. If you get a job in Russia, it's cheaper/easier to fly over there. Point is that improving yourself does still give you options which is better than none. It's like having 2 or 3 lottery tickets instead of 1.

Do take a break from the improvement to enjoy life though. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. You need a balance. Nothing wrong with playing videos games, going out drinking or whatever. The guys on here who act like they are saints are more than likely playing a part but all have their vices themselves.

Hell, my last post on here was how I can't stop buying escorts because I find the sex better than regular girls off tinder. I tend to buy Russian escorts too. That's my terrible coping mechanism. Let's hope you don't fall down that bad. Trust me though, most people are struggling and life's not easy so don't be too hard on yourself and try to make the most of how you're doing.

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You are likely improving for nothing in the end because the problems most people are facing in our society are simply outside of our control. Improving yourself doesn't improve the quality of women out there because the issue is systematic. You might get hotter women but the women all have the underlying same problems that are cultural in nature.

Still though, improving yourself is the only thing in your control that you can do so you should still do it. It's better than doing nothing. If you're not committing suicide, then you need to be doing something with your time.

Learning languages, getting shape, getting good grades etc... all give you better opportunities in life to find what you're looking for. If a civil war breaks out in 5 years, you'll be prepared physically for it. Perhaps you leverage your Russian+English to get a job in Russia and find a better quality woman than a western woman.

But self-improvement has its limits IMO. Nature and nurture have a role as well. When you're a guy in your 20s, you should definitely spend all your 20s improving. I think men are better suited for it mentally and physically in their 20s. It's your 30s you really want to start focusing on relationships, especially since mentally you likely won't be ready until then and you could easily be led astray by another manipulate western whore which just ends bad for you anyway.

Don't get too caught up in the "everyone seems better than me" because a lot of them are not. I cried myself to sleep many times over the last few years. I know guys contemplating suicide or taking anti-depressants, some already on them. Two of my friends have committed suicide. If you saw these guys out and about you'd think they were super happy normal guys. Most people are suffering in this society which is why I say the problem is systematic so chances are you are improving for nothing because the changes required to fix this society are outside of your control. Men try all sorts of different things to cope and some are successful doing so while many others are not.

All you can really do is improve yourself and try your best to get what you want. If it's any consolation, lots of men over history got thrown into wars early and never lived past their young adult years. You always have that out if you want. Life is likely going to be a struggle though I can't tell you anything otherwise because my whole life has been a constant struggle. I'm off the self-improvement trains and my thoughts on it are self-improvement is just a temporary delay in accepting reality for what it truly is in a lot of cases. Still though, while you're in your twenties, do as much as you can because how well you do for the rest of your life often is determined by how well you do in your twenties, for most people.

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Ancient Greece is right about women...

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In 18 B.C., the Emperor Augustus turned his attention to social problems at Rome. Extravagance and adultery were widespread. Among the upper classes, marriage was increasingly infrequent and, many couples who did marry failed to produce offspring. Augustus, who hoped thereby to elevate both the morals and the numbers of the upper classes in Rome, and to increase the population of native Italians in Italy, enacted laws to encourage marriage and having children (lex Julia de maritandis ordinibus), including provisions establishing adultery as a crime.

The law against adultery made the offence a crime punishable by exile and confiscation of property. Fathers were permitted to kill daughters and their partners in adultery. Husbands could kill the partners under certain circumstances and were required to divorce adulterous wives. Augustus himself was obliged to invoke the law against his own daughter, Julia, and relegated her to the island of Pandateria. [15]

The Augustan social laws were badly received and were modified in A.D. 9 by the lex Papia Poppaea, named for the two bachelor consuls of that year. The earlier and later laws are often referred to in juristic sources as the lex Julia et Papia.

The first three of the texts that follow do not come from the Roman jurists but give background for the passing of the laws. The remaining texts in this section are from legal works interpreting the provisions of this legislation by a number of jurists. The juristic sources are also our best source for the actual provisions of the laws.

  1. Prizes for marriage and having children. Rome, 1st cent. A.D. (Dio Cassius, History of Rome 54.16.1-1. Early 3rd cent. A.D. G)

[Augustus] assessed heavier taxes on unmarried men and women without husbands, and by contrast offered awards for marriage and childbearing. And since there were more males than females among the nobility, he permitted anyone who wished (except for senators) to marry freedwomen, and decreed that children of such marriages be legitimate.

  1. The consequences of adultery (Paul, Opinions 2.26.1-8, 10-12, 14-17. L)
2.26 (1) In the second chapter of the lex Julia concerning adultery, either an adoptive or a natural father is permitted to kill with his own hands an adulterer caught in the act with his daughter in his own house or in that of his son-in-law, no matter what his rank may be.
(3) Again, it is provided in the fifth chapter of the lex Julia that it is permitted to detain an adulterer who has been caught in the act for twenty hours, calling neighbours to witness.
(4) A husband cannot kill anyone taken in adultery except persons who are infamous, and those who sell their bodies for gain, as well as slaves. His wife, however, is excepted, and he is forbidden to kill her.
(5) It has been decided that a husband who kills his wife when caught with an adulterer should be punished more leniently, for the reason that he committed the act through impatience caused by just suffering.
(6) After having killed the adulterer, the husband should at once dismiss his wife, and publicly declare within the next three days with what adulterer, and in what place he found his wife.
(7) A husband who surprises his wife in adultery can only kill the adulterer when he catches him in his own house.
(8) It has been decided that a husband who does not at once dismiss his wife whom he has taken in adultery can be prosecuted as a pimp.
(10) It should be noted that two adulterers can be accused at the same time with the wife, but more than that number cannot be.
(11) It has been decided that adultery cannot be committed with women who have charge of any business or shop. [20]
(12) Anyone who has sexual relations with a free male without his consent shall be punished with death.
(14) It has been held that women convicted of adultery shall be punished with the loss of half of their dowry and the third of their goods, and by relegation to an island. The adulterer, however, shall be deprived of half his property, and shall also be punished by relegation to an island; provided the parties are exiled to different islands.
(16) Sexual intercourse with female slaves is not considered an injury.


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Seems odd that there isn't much explanation why they were disliked by everyone else.

Mentions that the Cagots burned records. I wonder how much else they hid.

There's definitely a bit of an overlap to Jews but also perhaps Gypsies or perhaps they were just another group that just were pure evil.

An appeal by the Cagots to Pope Leo X in 1514 was successful, and he published a bull instructing that the Cagots be treated "with kindness, in the same way as the other believers." Still, little changed, as most local authorities ignored the bull.

Good to see the Catholic Church was still cucked back in the 1500s.

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That hasn't been my experience at all. A lot of practicing Catholics are quite leftist. IMO the only decent Catholics one can group together would be SSPX Catholics who reject Vatican II or FSSP Catholics who closely follow Fr. Ripperger. You'll get pockets of decent Catholics here or there elsewhere but the vast majority of them don't seem based at all, including the practicing ones.

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That sounds like something a Roman would say. Christianity is based when it takes the strength of the Romans to impact the moral values the religion prescribes on society. Unfortunately, Christianity has turned weak. I just say Romans seemed more based because they had the strength we need today. The issue with the Romans was their moral values were subverted and degraded over time much the same way that is happening to the west through immorality because Romans didn't use their strength enough to enforce good moral values. The Christians did for centuries killing heretics and what not but now Christianity could use some Roman strength.

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Augustus literally banished his daughter to an island for committing adultery. A lot of what you are told is lies.

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This is like any country for the most part. What you're seeing in the west right now are the out-groups are trying to replace the in-group and we're in a transitional period.

This is why I am quite against globalism because it seeks to create a unified in-group so if you're an out-group you're fucked. At least presumably, you have options. Unfortunately, the west is slowly destroying any options the white men and that's going to be a huge problem in the future.

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The better question is whether Christianity was invented by Jews.

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Men typically cheat for 2 reasons.

  1. The girl is not attractive enough for him
  2. The girl stops being devoted to him.

In both cases, it's around 4 months. 4 months for the guy to realize after all the sex, she's actually not attractive enough for him or if she is hot enough for him it'll be 4 months until the girl decides she can stop the act.

by antifem
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I know what you're trying to get at. Both views are ultimately a form of control on society that leads to certain outcomes. That's where I'm going to disagree with you in their similarities. The mechanism of control, motivations for control, and form of control may seem somewhat similar but the outcomes are going to be quite different.

At a basic level, the globalist order's outcome is going to leave people spiritually frustrated with lives whose purpose amounts to simply submission to what the rulers want. Autonomy is gone. Purpose is gone. Liberty is gone. These outcomes don't lead to happiness and turns humans into nothing more than cattle for the elite.

What we want is the complete opposite of that.

One way to put it is like this. A lion in captivity will have all the food he needs to survive, he'll have shelter from the elements and he'll have female lions added to his cage to sleep with. All the handlers of the zoo ask the Lion is that he doesn't try to escape his captivity. A lion in the wild potentially has all those things as well but he needs to work towards improving himself to get those things and he also has the potential to get none of those things if he isn't capable. Now which of the two would you rather be? The issue is that when you're a captive, the food doesn't taste as good, you don't care for your shelter and the women don't actually like you because you're weak, emasculated and the women want the lions in the wild but they can't get them because the women are caged also.

While both Lions appears to have everything they need, the Lion is the wild is the happier lion, who has purpose, who feels spiritually alive and in control of his destiny.

The globalists want to cage humans for their own good. We want to free humanity from their cages even if that means some lions don't get food, shelter or women and life ends up being harder.

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It won't be that bad. It'll suck if you live in the immediate vicinity but overall, it's going to be way less of a deal than people are expecting.

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Dang, I posted this article to TDW and it was removed in like 5 seconds by mods.

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Run by feds? Probably not. Do the feds have the place watched, potentially hacked and maybe blackmailed the people who do run the site? Likely.

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Operation Trust was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU's predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, "Monarchist Union of Central Russia", MUCR, in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks.


If you read more into the Operation Trust, you'll see a lot of it was about believing the Monarchists had people inside the USSR and it was all going according to plan and people just needed to wait etc... It's pretty much an exact mirror of Q.

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I actually didn't mind this. Decent production quality and could be wayyyyy more cringe but wasn't.

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I agree with everything he said. He is quite right. The only solution is to kill our enemies and conquer them. Also, I love his jab about human rights. They are indeed a deception conservatives fall for.

I'm not as anti-technology as him though nor necessarily as attributing a rural existence as a must to be traditional. I think tech can be fine, the big issue is just the lack of society in which good moral values are enforced. You don't get there through words, you get there through action including killing people. Most "conservatives" refuse to do what needs to be done.

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I'm hoping for a full acquittal so we can get this race war going.

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Have some evidence of this happening? I'm sure it's happened but is it actually a common occurrence?

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Anime is just another form of entertainment. Some of it is bad, some if it is fine, none of it is truly "good" but it isn't all necessarily evil.

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