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she was a nig?

she used to be a nig, she still is, but she used to be one too.

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racism was literally a made up word by commie kike Lev bronstein to subvert the west, whites were the first to get duped into the 'I'm not racist' mentality.

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of course, this is the faggot jew that decriminalized intentional spreading aids to unaware partners

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what's with your obsession defending Betty huwite? who cares if she died?

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should flip the two Natalie Portman pics

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the only one who wasn't a kike in that show

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self hypnosis and visualization, your body can influence how you feel mentally, it's not a big stretch that your mind can influence your body to some degree

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China doesn't care, they just bribe officials and extract the resources using their own labor and equipments in their walled off compounds. local niggers are left alone to their own devices

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I also can't watch any movies/shows with Cia/fbi agents as the good guys

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probably their version of the woke virtue signalers, Romanian orphanages have excessive gypsie kids because nobody wants to adopt them

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don't care, everything is already pirated there, few that want to use steam will just use the VPN they are already using for something else

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