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Pretty sure the dude just wants to fuck his sister and/or her friends.

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I took like a week off and suddenly these fags are everywhere sucking each other off.

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The Secret Relationship generated a controversy that centered more on its intentions than its scholarship.

Ah yes, the books “intentions”. Because surely anything critical of Jews is just another Shoah waiting to happen.

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I know rite?

Like, what’s the fucking conspiracy? They’re an international banking cabal?

Well they ARE an international banking cabal for fucks sake.

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I’ll also add that, for example Zoe Buhler (the pregnant woman arrested for incitement) was released on bail the very same day as the arrest got streamed and the police did have a warrant.

Not a good thing, no, but such things have happened in many countries long before covid hit.

I think people comparing it to the Soviet Union or something are exagerating things a bit.

I’ve heard much more horrifying stories of poilice from America for instance, like people getting shot and killed for example.

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It’s a poor excuse, and doesn’t absolve us of our failings, but just as California isn’t America, Victoria isn’t Australia.

Southern big-city Australians have been voting this kind of government for a while, long before covid hit, while mocking us in rural areas.

Trust me this issue isn’t entirely covid, covid has just exacerbated a long-simmering problem in this country and in a twisted way I think its a good thing, provided the Melbournites and Sydneytards wake the fuck up in time.

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Typical Linux user

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and nowadays we can't even make a decent brick anymore

Do you guys even listen to yourselves?

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Be polite

I can’t handle all this opression.

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Very true.

Most women didn’t give two fucks about voting until the suffragettes convinced them it was “important”.

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I guess I forgot about Georgia.

Funnily enough, Russia had a war with them too, not so long ago…

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Russia is not going to allow NATO missiles on its borders

NATO deployed missiles in Turkey back in 2015.

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Literally wasting millions to make something shittier.

Keynesian economics

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The majority of New Yorkers wanted to keep it of course, but the “enlightened elites” decided against it.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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More ethnic Russians probably live in London than the Don Bass.

Seems that such ethnic considerations are a poor casus belli in the modern era.

So what’s Russia’s real objetive?

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Face to face I'd beat him within an inch of his life right now.

Lol, and here I thought you were supposed to be the intellectual type.

You’re a funny guy.

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Ethnic Russians live in eastern Ukraine

Ethnic Russians live in Finland too.

Make of that what you will…

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