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Yes, you're right.

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There's a difference between fucking kids and fucking teens

There's also a big difference between a life-long monogamous marriage and hedonistic sex outside of marriage.

Yes, people did marry young in the past. But they married, and legally they could only have 1 partner, no divorce, and no sex outside of marriage. That prevents a ton of abuses and problems.

In addition, the father got to decide who his daughter would marry, so he could say no if he thought she was marrying an abusive creep.

So if somebody wanted to advocate for lowering the age of consent below 16, they'd also have to argue for extremely strict lifelong monogamy, and the father deciding who his daughter gets to marry.

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I just eat lots of low carb foods: meat, eggs, cheese, cream, low-carb vegetables like broccoli. Of course spices and herbs for taste. Low carb sauces like tomato sauce. Homemade mayonnaise is great too.

My local grocery store sells keto ice cream, keto crackers, keto bread, and keto tortillas. So that helps out a lot.

But you can really just do a Google search for "keto recipe" and you'll find hundreds of results. It's not hard to stay under 30g of carbs per day, you just have to do some research.

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Which you need. What does your body use for energy? Carbs.

That's incorrect. Your body does not need carbohydrates, you can survive completely fine with 0 carbohydrates. But your body does need fat, and your body will very gladly burn fat for calories (as long as your insulin is low).

In fact, fat is a more efficient fuel than carbohydrates, which is why your body stores fat in your belly (not carbohydrates). Carbohydrates provide a short burst of power, but it is less efficient than fat. That's why all animals store excess energy as fat.

You don't seem to understand the reason why your body prioritizes carbohydrates over fat. It isn't because carbohydrates are better. When you eat carbohydrates, this causes a huge spike in your blood sugar (because carbohydrates are sugar, including complex carbohydrates). High blood sugar is very dangerous, it will make you sick, it will kill you.

So in order to get rid of the high blood sugar ASAP, your body produces insulin, which causes your body to stop burning fat and exclusively burn carbohydrates, because your body is desperately trying to lower your blood sugar to stop you from dying.

If you eat too many carbohydrates, then your body will resort to its final last ditch attempt at saving your life: it will convert the carbohydrates into fat and will then store that fat in your belly. Your body doesn't like doing this, because it costs a lot of energy to do the conversion, but your body will do it in order to lower your blood sugar to normal levels.

None of that happens when you eat keto, you don't get the blood sugar spike (or crash), your body doesn't start to panic, your body doesn't stop burning fat, it doesn't convert carbohydrates into fat, you just feel very calm and with steady energy throughout the day, while burning fat non-stop.

Complex carbohydrates don't cause the insulin spike which is generally blamed for fat gains.

Yes they do cause insulin spikes. Not as much as simple sugars, but still much more than fat. Whole grain breads, potatoes, brown rice, etc. all cause huge insulin spikes.

People eating cake and sugary drink etc. had the same fat changes as people eating "healthy" as long as the total calories were the same.

I'm not surprised, because all of the "healthy" diets (except for keto) are high carb. All carbs are sugar, even if it doesn't taste sweet, it's still sugar, and your body will still convert it into glucose.

So it doesn't matter if you're eating bread, or pasta, or sugar, it's all digested the same way by your body. A "healthy" diet with potatoes, corn, bread, fruit, milk, etc. will make you fat, because all of those things are sugar. This is well established science: all carbohydrates (except for fiber and sugar alcohols) are immediately converted by the digestion system into glucose.

People have been told that certain foods are healthy and other foods aren't, but it was a lie. Most foods that people think are "healthy" are actually very unhealthy. And many foods which people consider "unhealthy" (like cheese, bacon, etc.) are actually very healthy.

It is true that keto makes you not feel hungry, but that's not a sign that the diet is better. It's simply because your hormones are balanced differently.

Yeah, no shit, because my body's insulin levels are low, which means my body is able to burn fat very easily, so I don't run out of energy. That's my entire point. Your body will not burn fat if your insulin levels are too high. That is a scientific fact. So if you want to lose fat, you must lower your insulin levels.

If a diet is easier to do because you feel less hungry, then it's an objectively better diet. Most people try dieting and fail, they go back to their old diet because their healthy diet was too hard. So making a diet easier is better.

It's ridiculous that you're trying to argue that a diet which is more sustainable in the long term and easier to do is somehow equal to a diet which is harder to do. A diet that causes people to give up and go back to their old eating habits is not helping anybody, no matter how much you claim it's "equivalent".

Do you actually care about helping people to become healthier or not? Do you want to make it easier for people to burn fat, or harder?

The goal is to lose the existing fat in your body. Your assumption is that "if my body needs 2,000 calories and I eat 1,500 calories, then my body must burn 500 calories of fat in order to make up the difference".

But that's false for three major reasons:

  1. Your body's calorie needs are not set in stone. When you eat less calories, your body will reduce its metabolism in order to keep pace with the food you eat. In other words, if you eat less, then your body will use less calories.

    So instead of burning 500 calories of fat, your body just reduces its metabolism down to 1,500 calories. This is why many people on calorie-restricted diets "plateau" and stop losing weight after a while, because their body's metabolism shifted.

    The laws of thermodynamics only apply to a closed system. The human body is not a closed system. Stop bringing up the laws of physics, they do not apply to digestion. The body is not a simple machine, it has many different responses to a calorie deficit. It is not a mechanical process, the body thinks and chooses.

    You are taking physical laws which are designed to apply to very simple forces in a closed system, and then misapplying it to an unbelievably complex and nuanced open system which is actually thinking and reacting.

    You do realize that heat pumps can get 500% efficiency, right? But they don't violate the laws of thermodynamics, because heat pumps are not a closed system. Stop misapplying things.

  2. If your insulin levels are too high then your body will not burn the 500 calories of fat to "make up the difference", instead your body will just start to starve to death, and you'll feel incredibly hungry.

  3. When your body is in a calorie deficit, instead of burning fat it can scavenge for extra calories through autophagy and tearing down muscles. This will happen if your insulin levels are too high.

Since the goal is to lose existing fat, you want to make it as easy and as efficient as possible for your body to burn fat, and the way to do that is to keep your insulin levels low. This is true regardless of how much (or how little) calories you eat.

There's no comprehensive, peer reviewed science around keto.

There are numerous:






But it actually doesn't matter, because "keto" is not a new thing, it's just based around the already well established and accepted science of insulin. And there are tons of peer reviewed scientific studies on insulin, and have been for many decades.

So you're not actually arguing against "keto", you're arguing against the existence of insulin. Are you denying the existence of insulin? Are you denying that high insulin causes your body to stop burning fat? Are you denying that high insulin causes your body to create more fat? Are you denying that digestion is controlled by many complex hormones and systems, and not just a simple "calories in calories out"?

And that's not even getting into the complex topic of bacteria and fungi in the gut, which is also affected by your diet (regardless of calories).

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Jews are very weak and effeminate.

They slice off half of their son's penis immediately after he is born, permanently mutilating him. They only do this to their sons, not their daughters.

They have overbearing mothers. Most Jews are feminist.

They literally have a requirement by God to be Social Justice Warriors.

Their entire culture is matriarchial and anti-male.

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The Holocaust never happened. Literally every single "Holocaust story" is just made up by Jews. So he chose to invent a story about being cucked.

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The OP is implying that Jews have complete control over the USA, and are using that control to benefit Jewish interests. Hence the "giving tons of foreign aid to Israel" and "helping to combat anti-Semitism". Everything fits perfectly.

by mu23
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People seem to misunderstand that I don’t post opinion.

Yeah, that's right, you just post bullshit lies and then screech more lies when I prove you wrong.

"Oy vey, everything is doomed, there's no point in trying anymore, White people just need to give up!" Yeah, right.

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Considering how big his schnoz is... yes, yes it is.

by mu23
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Woah woah woah, too much whitepill there buddy, you need to go back to doom and gloom.

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That's right goy, even if the Jews actually did commit real crimes, you're still not allowed to talk about it. Jews are above the law, now get back in your wagie cagie, eat the bugs, and stop questioning things.

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And uh... why should the American people support such a thing? Even assuming that Americans love Jews and want to help Jews, isn't that the European's problem to solve? Seriously, America needs to stop being the world police.

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We need to bring back men-only clubs, so men have a place that they can let loose and vent. It also makes it a lot easier to spread redpills.

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Yes, that's the point. They're all cucked. That's why you can't find a single based church.

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"I see your lineage is doing very well!" also works.

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Jews always project. Everything evil they do, they blame on the goyim.

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My point was just that we don't need to speculate, we have hard proof.

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Colleges are subsidized by the government, with our taxpayer money. What do?

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Why do you think there are so many elites who are into pedophilia, they get women easily, doing something forbidden is what gives you the kick.

The reason ALL of the elites are into pedophilia is because they get coerced into doing it by Mossad agents like Epstein, so that way Israel can use it as blackmail material against them.

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Also IQ is primarily a result of a culture that values education vs a culture that hates education

Oh boy more lies from Geralt_of_Israel. I guess I'll have to start going nuclear on you now.

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The Jews never did listen to God. The Old Testament is full of stories of the Jews disobeying God's commandments and then being brutally murdered by God as punishment.

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Funny you mention that... before 1913 there were ZERO taxes in the United States. Zero. How did the government pay for things? Tariffs. Only 2.4% of the government budget goes toward infrastructure like roads. You can easily pay for that without taxes.

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