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What Minecraft server is this?

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Be white = go to jail

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Move to a rural area so they can drone strike you without anybody knowing

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Jews… hard work… yeah right buddy

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Inb4 that one guy says MLP is actually based because they had that one episode with anti-communist message.

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I care because it means there will be one more mutt around, and that will negatively affect the entire society.

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And fuck jannies.

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On the bright side, he got ratiod hard.

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All those rational thoughts were just getting in the way of TROOSTING the plan

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The irony is that the 70’s kids are parents of the modern ones, so it’s their fault they ended up like that. Could be they became overprotective because they didn’t want their kids to go through the same hardships as they did?

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Imagine praying to a fucking tree

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When I was younger I used to suffer from sleep paralysis quite regularly. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my eyes open, unable to move my body or even breath. As if that wasn’t bad enough I would also have other unpleasant sensations, that I can only describe as being tortured. Shit was so bad I would be scared to go to sleep, thinking I would not make it one night. One time it got so bad I felt like I’m about to die, so out of desperation I started calling Jesus for help. When I did, things just stopped, as if I said a magic spell. I only remember having one more attack after that, this time I called Jesus right after it began, and again it ended right away. I’ve never had this happen to me ever since, and it was many years ago. Whatever was causing this knows I’m protected now.

That’s the closest thing I have to evidence that Jesus is real and his name has power. And if you think I’m just crazy, you can find similar stories online. I’m not the only one who went through this. Sleep paralysis demons are real, and they fear the name of Christ.

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Truck of peace

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Nooooo!! You’re supposed to consoom junk food and bibeo games!!

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Only leftists believe in the social construct nonsense. Nobody else in the world thinks that way.

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Are we sure that’s the father? Kid is a blue eyed blonde. Are black genes not as dominant as i thought?

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KFC stands for Kill Fucking Niggers

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Dude has manlier jawline than me 😂

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I just realized that a “racist caricature” for blacks (and jews for that matter) is to draw them accurately to how they really look. The only way to have a PC depiction of a black is to draw it with caucasian features.

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They think we just make shit up to push our agenda, because that’s what they are doing.

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