by Lean
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"Shut up nigger", is the correct response.

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People use alcohol as a physiological crutch to help them avoid dealing with reality and help them feel relaxed. People start drinking every night and before long, it's part of their nightly routine like having a hobby.

Most unhappy people don't commit suicide but they do find other ways to self sabotage and self destruct. Drinking is one of these ways for many people.

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The President and the Chairman are both Jews so it's guaranteed the entire staff are either infested with Jews or shabbos goyim.

The Jew is a cancer. Once the host is contaminated, the cancer spreads until the host is consumed from within and the skin is worn as costume.

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Somalis: the nigger equivalent of niggers.

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"There are two early "Holocaust" tales from the Jewish Talmud. Gittin 57b claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gitting 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans." - Judaism's Strange Gods (Michael A. Hoffman II) page 51

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I have an easier and legal solution:

  1. Bribe Liberia to create an Israel-style "Law of Return" where all niggers are dual citizens of Liberia.

  2. All African-Americans who commit crimes will be deported back to their "home" country of Liberia.

We'd be nigger-free within 12 hours.

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Cooking frozen pizza taught me that some problems can be solved by popping [them] in the oven.

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I've been antisemitic stormfagging all day and you never even noticed my efforts.

I'm feeling left out. :-(

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The source is a quote from me when discussing this webpage and specifically this video.

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The boxes of horse-paste I bought contained plastic syringes with notched measurements based on horse weight.

It's just a matter of using the correct amount of notches based on your body weight.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully because you may need to keep the medicine refrigerated if you live in a warmer climate.

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The COVID holocaust hoax must be maintained at all times.

This photo was likely staged just to include the mask.

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No. You accused me of being a slanderous liar for being honest about RightSideFunding's views on Christianity and the New Testament. I was correct. This discussion is over without the need for you to change the subject.

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I didn't ask what you liked.

From your dancing around the question, it's clear you are not Christian.

/u/thaicooking , here is your answer.

I respect that you were honest even though you were attempting to promote your brand rather than be 100% dedicated to fighting in the war.

Your brand now means less than nothing to me.

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Almost all of the claims in your video are taken from either Russian wartime propaganda or the Nuremberg trials where Germans who literally had guns to their heads, spun stories and confessed to crimes that were later proven to be fiction.

FYI, that's where the "six million" holocausted Jews number came from: baseless Russian claims that the Jewish Nuremberg judges never questioned.

The Russian claims of "four million" executed Jews at Auschwitz that were increased to six million to accommodate other death camp gas showers like the ones at Dachau... were later officially corrected to 1.1 million by the Polish government and later proven to be ZERO when no residue trace of Zyklon B were detected in the walls, frames or soil of the "gas chamber showers" at either "death camp".

That's how ZERO dead Jews became 1.1 million dead Jews and then four million dead Jews and was finally rounded up to six million...

...and that's how every living Jew had grandparents who were "gassed" during the war.

by Lean
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What good is your definition of human when dogs show more human emotion in their eyes than the Congoid which have the cold, dead, black eyes of a shark?

Your definitions become worthless because Somalis.

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Nice Bolshevik fan fiction... based on zero facts and only wartime propaganda.

Yes, Jews did fund both sides of WW2, but (((they've))) done that for every war since Napoleon to ensure they profit no matter what. That way, even if (((they))) lose then (((they))) $$$ win $$$.

This video and it's soyboy are Jewing at 100%.

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You just asked for a thesis on 195 of the world's central banks.

This will take at least a generation of research.

Can you please let us know in advance, before we spend decades fulfilling your request... if you're just planning on calling us Nazis after the dissertation is complete?

by Lean
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Not with those TEETH!!!!!

by Lean
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Only one of those skulls are human!!!

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Where did the six million Jewish holocaust figure come from?

I'm glad you asked:

It was a product of unchallenged Russian wartime propaganda presented during the Nuremberg trials when Russians baselessly claimed four million Jews were executed in gas chamber showers at Auschwitz. This number was officially later revised down by the Polish government to 1.1 million, however the four million number stuck.

Jewish mainstream news media preferred the four million estimate so they increased it to six million to accommodate other sites like the deadly gas showers at the Dachau death camp.

Several teams later forensically proved the Auschwitz and Dachau "gas chambers" has zero residual chemical traces of Zyklon B gas in the walls, frame or soil and therefore were never used to gas anyone.

That's how the real Jewish Holocaust death toll of zero became 1.1 million and then four million and was rounded up to six million.

The only "real" evidence of the Jewish Holocaust are those photos of starved prisoners and German prison guards filling mass graves with starved prisoners. Most of those photos are real, however they were taken two years after the war ended in 1947 during "Eisenhower's Holocaust" when ten million German civilians and a million prisoners starved to death (mostly) because of allied sanctions. Haven't you ever wondered why German prison guards would be digging burial pits when they allegedly had massive crematorium infrastructure onsite?

That's why you're told to "remember the six million" every 30 seconds but no Bolshevik academic or (((Hollywood))) film or (((History Channel))) "documentary" has ever mentioned the irrefutable historic event of Eisenhower's Holocaust or asked you to remember those one million Jews. They are terrified you'll learn the truth.

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