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I have no idea... but if you do, you'll need to also find a REAL Hebrew copy too so you can cross reference them to see what is missing.

I've done this in the past when arguing with kikes, but it's a time consuming process and a sniveling Jew will still claim you're referring to the "wrong version" or the "Babylonian version".

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Beware reading translations of the Talmud online because EVERYTHING relating to the promotion of lying and stealing and enslaving the human race and raping children will be removed.

You'll find a single disclaimer somewhere on the website stating, "For the sake of harmony, certain passages have been removed". This means you are reading pure Jewish horseshit.

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The Jew infiltrated the Vatican (Jesuits) to disrespect Jesus Christ in the same way the Jew infiltrated and perverted our mainstream media and social media and government and baking and medical institutions.

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Don't underestimate the role boombers played: sure they didn't attempt what Hitler did but they did move many chess pieces to help us in the endgame. It's not always easy to see the forest through the trees.

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The most inbred fucked-up nigger we've ever seen.

This is why zoo animals are kept in cages.

Even monkeys look more human!

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Yes, I do believe the traditional Christian values of the white race will prevail just as it's been the shining beacon for the human race for two millennia and has reshaped every culture with our divine gifts of science, art, philosophy and Christianity.

Yes I do believe we will stop kicking the Jewish Question can down the road and answer it with a Final Solution.

We were born at the right place and at the right time. We are on the front line and at the end of the line to save the human race from a thousand years of (((slavery))) to the (((anti-Christ filth)))... which means our every action is 1000 times more consequential than anything our ancestors achieved.

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That was beautiful.

Thank you 50_stars_for_freedom for making this post.

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CHE: winner of 112 Shekelberg awards with a Rotten Tomatoes (((critics))) rating of six gorrilion.

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Imagine how naive and disarmed we would be now if Hitler hadn't done everything he did and allowed us to learn from his success and failures.

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The most definitive test is the color of the nipples. Only white people have pink nips.

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FYI: In case you haven't already realized, the "get woke go broke" movement is only designed to rape white male role models to death.

When franchises that have inspired generations of white youth to be brave and strong are replaces with degenerates, shitskins and sarcastic bitches, (((their))) mission is successful.

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Fuck you RightSideFunding for misrepresenting the scripture of hope for doomer bullshit!

Only the Jew deliberately misrepresents scripture.

Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are not ATMs that dispense wishes WHEN you want and HOW you want because often the best answer to our prayers require us to learn and grow.

Your attacks against the spirituality of this community and Jesus Christ has earned you the title of rabbi.

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FYFY: All ((((((((((((((((((((they)))))))))))))))))))))) do is attack Christianity and Christians

by Taliban
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( The Government )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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It's common for early pioneer wooden cabins to have a tiny indoor "stove" mainly for heating and cooking in extreme winter conditions and making breakfast and an outdoor oven for cooking so as not to overheat your home in summer and not to kill your family with ash. Perhaps that's a better solution?

EDIT: Here's an interesting Shawn James video from his YouTube channel which shows how he uses his outdoor cooking area during the warmer seasons (start at the 6:00 minute mark and jump ahead to 9:20).

Shawn James tends to construct most things to be as basic and possible, but there's no reason why an outdoor cooking auditorium couldn't be constructed with fly-screens, indulgently long countertops, electrical power and running water... an environment that every home owner would envy during summer.

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Here's my parable:

I cooked a frozen pizza and it was pleasing. Most problems are solved by popping [THEM] in the oven.

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Hate is an emotion like any other that needs to be expressed and managed in the same way as love and fear.

For example, embracing a healthy hatred for child rapists, communism, Funko-Pops, arsonists and shekelniggers can result in only positive outcomes.

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Consume the medicine goyim!

Oops, every COVID-19 (((medicine))) and (((vaccine))) is deadly. It's lucky the goyim all signed a legal waver so goyim can't sue! No refunds!

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Imagine being so privileged that you have nothing real to worry about.

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Dying needlessly unemployable of preventable illness is exactly what the Jew wants: they want your economy destroyed and they want you dead.

George Soros would squeal with delight at your plan to needlessly suffer and die destitute.

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